Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

If you want to measure your blood pressure regularly then you need a blood pressure monitor. A wrist blood pressure monitor is a good alternative for measuring your blood pressure 24 hours a day.

Why You Need A Blood Pressure Monitor?

The advantage of having your own home automatic blood pressure monitor is that you will have the ability to keep track of your blood pressure anytime you want 24 hours a day and to avoid going to the hospital or doctor every time. So, if you’re working or mowing the lawn it doesn’t matter, you will be acquiring more knowledge how and when your blood pressure rises or not. This is very important to be able to control your blood pressure. Also emotions play a big role in raising your blood pressure.

Things To Pay Attention to When Buying a Wrist Blood Monitor Device

When looking to buy the best wrist pressure monitor you have to pay attention to a few things that you find is important your blood pressure cuff must have.

By looking at the reviews online for blood pressure monitors we find that most consumer reports are talking about the importance of a regular and accurate ability to measure the blood pressure. You don’t want a device that is incapable of measuring the right blood pressure.

Also, if you have irregular heart beat rates at times and you want to be able that this machine measures it accurately. From our findings by reading the reviews and consumer reports we noticed that the best and most reliable blood pressure monitors are from the well known brands like Omron. There are more brands that sell blood pressure monitors and also blood pressure monitors for the wrist like Samsung, Panasonic, Mabis, HoMedics. Although these are good brands we don’t think you should choose any of these brands to be your wrist pressure monitor. The best ratings we see are the products that Omron sells. They are a class apart and if you buy a wrist blood pressure monitor from Omron then you can not go wrong.

The top 3 Best rated Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors by Consumer Reviews

We have decided that we going to list 3 products of Omron because you cannot go wrong with their blood pressure monitors. They are the top selling brand concerning blood pressure measuring. They have also 3 wrist blood pressure monitors listed in their product line. Omron list the different features these devices have, and we will list them here below for you so you can make an easy buying decision by comparing the 3 products. Just check the features of the products and the positives and negatives we found from the reviews of Omron’s blood pressure monitors.

1. Omron HEM 629 Auto Inflate Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM 629Pros : very accurate little device that doesn’t pressure your arm at all when you pump it up, people say in the reviews. It’s very quick and correct in reading the blood pressure. The little blood pressure cuffs are a must have and everyone should have one a nurse says.

Cons: Some reviewers claim it to be inaccurate.

* 60 memory

* Advanced averaging

* Date and time

Read more about the Omron HEM 629 at Amazon

2. Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor)

Omron HEM-650Most people love this product very much. Even one person claims it worked wonderful on his 88 year old mother with irregular heartbeat. Most positive points are the same as the other Omron products reviews here.


* Detects irregular heartbeat

* 90 memory

* Advanced averaging

* Date and time

Read the reviews of the Omron 650

3. Omron HEM-670IT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor)

Omron HEM 670ITPros

Overall people are very satisfied with this device. It reads accurate (what most users say) it’s easy to attach to the wrist, the software is very handy as some find it very useful. All in all users find this wrist pressure monitor well worth the money and is highly recommended.


– Instructions could be clearer says one user and some users claim it to be inaccurate also. But even with the best brands of blood pressure monitors you have some people claim it to be inaccurate. We find all in all Omron has the best rated products and reviews.


* Detects A.M. hypertension

* Detects irregular heartbeat

* Hypertension indicator

* 100 total memory

* TruRead

* Advanced averaging

* Includes software to keep track of your blood pressure over time.

Read more of the reviews and ratings of the Omron HEM 670IT

All in all we recommend these top 3 selling wrist blood pressure monitors. If you view the reviews and ratings yourself on Amazon then we’re sure you make the right choice of buying an Omron blood pressure monitor device. Most people love the products that are listed here and we are sure you cannot go wrong by making the decision to buy one of these.