Choosing the Best SAD Light – Updated 2017

Last updated 17 November 2017

Sad lights

If you want to buy SAD lights to treat the so-called winter blues, also known as seasonal affective disorder, then one of the things you should do is to find out which ones have the best reviews and ratings from both health experts and consumers.

We researched the top 3 selling sad lights on the market that have the highest ratings and consumer reviews (see below).

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What Is SAD and How Can Bright Light Therapy Help?

If you find your mood becoming worse during the winter months, you might be a bit reassured to learn that you are not the only one. Many other people experience the same thing, leading to feelings of depression or unusual lethargy. This is called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

For some people, medication such as anti-depressants may bring relief. For others, bright light therapy – also called SAD lighting – is an effective treatment. In fact, according to health experts, sad lighting can also relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, sleep disturbances, schizo affective disorder ad bipolar disorder.

Benefits of Using a Sad Light / Lamp

Using a SAD lamp to treat the winter blues typically involves sitting in front of the device for approximately thirty minutes, usually in the morning, though treatment times can depend on how severe your symptoms are and the strength of your SAD light bulb. Now, though these devices are all designed to do the same thing, not all light boxes are created equal. There are several brands available on the market, such as Philips, Verilux, and NatureBright, with some  more expensive than others, and having different additional features or options. It must be said, though, that not all SAD lighting products please all customers.

Pay Attention to the Following When Buying a Sad Light

Some of the complaints that users mention in their reviews of SAD lights include:

* product defectiveness
* eye strain
* headaches
* some SAD lamps are not covered by health insurance
* symptoms relapse if treatment is stopped

However, the vast majority of feedback about SAD light devices is positive. Several health authority Web sites, such as the Mayo Clinic, recommend their use in the treatment of SAD and many, many consumers give several SAD light devices five-star reviews on sites like They find them easy and convenient to use, and a lot of them say they respond very quickly to treatment, often seeing positive and impressive results even after just a day or two of using a SAD lamp.

To help you find the right kind of SAD light therapy for you, we will take a look at the seasonal affective disorder lights for sale on the market today, according to user reviews and ratings.

Top 3 Best Sad Light Products by Reviews

Finding reviews of SAD lamps online is not difficult; in fact, you can find hundreds of them on alone. But remember: consult your medical provider first and get his or her reassurance that this type of treatment is appropriate for you.

1. NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

NatureBright SunTouch PlusThis has one of the highest customer ratings for SAD lights. In addition to a 10,000-lux SAD light bulb, it also includes negative ion therapy – meaning, it releases negative ions into your room to improve your mood and help you feel more refreshed. Moreover, it has passed a health safety test which shows that it is unlikely to cause eye damage if used according to instructions.

Here are some of this product’s other features that make it a hit with consumers:

*it is small and portable, making it ideal for small rooms or to take along when traveling
*its automatic timer enables it to shut off automatically after a session
*having both the ionizer and the lamp turned on makes it seem like the user is sitting outside on a clear, fresh day
*it is sturdy and durable; several users have reported dropping the product with no negative after-effects
*many find the negative ion feature to smell like a spring day or clean air right after a thunderstorm

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2. Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device

Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy DeviceThis bright light therapy device is a bit higher-priced than NatureBright’s offering, but it has quite a lot of positive customer reviews too. It provides a blue light, which studies show to be more effective than other types of light when it comes to managing the human body clock. It is also endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation.

What do customers say they appreciate the most about this product?

*the intensity of the light bulb is adjustable in increments of 25 percent
*the touch LCD panel makes it easy to set the device’s timer, clock, alarm and light intensity
*its small size makes it easy to carry around; you can bring it to your office or use it in various rooms in your home
*several therapy sessions can be accomplished before the battery needs to be recharged
*since the Philips SAD light uses all LEDs, it is unlikely that the bulbs will burn out

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3. Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy LampThis one costs more than the two SAD lamps discussed above, but for many people, it is well worth the price. It features three-compact fluorescent light tubes that offer 10,000 lux; but it also has a two-way switch that permits the use of a two-bulb setting of 7,000 lux.

Among the other features that make SAD lamp a best buy for many consumers are:

* there are no UVA or UVB rays coming from the white light it provides
* improvements in SAD symptoms are felt as quickly as within one or two days
* it fits on a desk and can be hung on a wall
* it is lightweight and fairly portable
* several users say it has provided several unexpected benefits, such as helping plant seedlings to sprout. One customer even said she finds it easier to apply makeup when she uses the light.

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So why put up with winter blues or depression when something as simple and convenient as a light box can help you feel better? Read other consumers’ reviews and ratings about light therapy devices and see which one among the various brands available is the best SAD light you can buy for your own use.