Best White Noise Machine Reviews – White Noise Generator 2017

White noise machine

If you are like a lot of people who find it hard to get a good night’s sleep, you might want to look into buying a white noise machine. If you read consumer reports and ratings, you will see that many of them say it is the best buy they have ever made.

What Is a White Noise Machine?

Also known as a sound machine, a sleep machine or a white noise generator, the white noise machine is a small, compact electronic device that produces so-called white noise in the background. This sound overpowers other noises that could potentially disturb your sleep, such as loud partying by your neighbours, the blare of traffic outside your room, even loud airplanes taking off and landing if you live near an airport.

You might be wondering how something that creates noise itself could actually help you sleep better, but it’s true. The white noise sound produced by the machine is constant and ambient; your brain registers it and becomes used to it. After a while, it becomes a soothing sound that covers other noises you may hear.


Another thing that might be helpful to know about sound machines is that they can be used to help treat a condition called tinnitus. This is when you hear a ringing, buzzing or whistling sound in one or both ears even when there is nothing around that would produce those noises. Machines that play natural sounds have been shown to cover the noise of tinnitus and help people with the condition to fall asleep easier.

Those machines aren’t just for adults either. The ambient sound that a sleep machine produces is also effective in getting a baby to sleep more soundly. You might wonder sometimes why your baby can’t get to sleep even if his or her room is quiet. The simple reason for this is because a baby is used to sound and finds some types of noises to be actually comforting. Remember that a baby spent a lot of time in his or mother’s womb, which is a noisy place to be: sounds of the mother’s stomach rumbling, muffled noises from outside the mother’s body, the steady beat of the mother’s heartbeat.

A white noise generator is also helpful in other places, not just in the bedroom. If you find it hard to concentrate at work because you are in a noisy environment, you can actually use white noise sound to block or filter the distracting sounds around you at home or in your office and focus better on the task at hand.

Important points

There are several brands of white noise machines you can buy online and offline, such as Marpac, HoMedics, and Adaptive Sound Technologies. While feedback is mostly positive for these and other brands, you will also find some complaints about them.

For example:
* the white sound produced by the machine is either too loud or too soft
* some don’t find the sound to be relaxing
* some find certain brands to be overpriced for what they offer.

Some people think that something like a box fan is sufficient for their needs and feel that a sound machine is an unnecessary expense. But for many others, such a sleep aid is a worthwhile investment and something they do not regret buying at all.

Top  White Noise Generators by Customer Ratings

1. Marpac Sleepmate Dual Sound Sleeping Machine

This is the single best Marpac product on the market today. It’s a very simple product but it does it’s work 100%. Looking at the customer reviews it’s the leading white noise machine you can buy for your money. It has no audio but produces it’s sound with a fan and wind, makes it very durable and robust. It’s been a long time favorite for people looking to buy a sleep mate. If you are looking for a machine that plays audio then check out the other review, number 2. Otherwise this would be your best option you can find.

* reliable mechanical operation
* adjustable volume and tone that can accommodate a large room
* its small size makes it easy to fit into any luggage
* the plastic housing is durable
* the price is inexpensive for the benefits it offers

2. Sound + Sleep (Ecotones Duet) Adaptive Sound Machine

This white noise machine from Adaptive Sound Technologies is admittedly higher priced than the Marpac model described above, but for many people, the price is well worth it. It includes manual and adaptive operating modes, ten natural sound recordings, and three richness settings. It also features Adaptive Sound Technology, which listens and reacts to the environment.

Here are some of the things consumers report about why they appreciate it so much:

* it has an elegant design and is well built
* the volume control and pitch can be adjusted to establish a soothing sound
* a wide variety of sounds to choose from, such as waterfalls, brooks, and plain white noise
* you can choose from among the “sound stories” that has the frequencies most appropriate to mask the noises in your particular environment

These two are among those with the best reviews of  noise machines by customers and consumers. We recommend  you to learn more about these products and find out if one of them is the right one for you to get that will help you – and even your babies – sleep like, well, a baby.