Best Dry Dog Food – What to Avoid And what to Buy

Which One Is The Best and Highly Recommended for Your dog?

If you care a little for your dog you want him/her to have the best food your money can buy. The best food for your dog will be one that includes natural ingredients that are healthy and make him live for along time without any diseases.

So what are your choices and how do we know what food is the best for your dog?

There are a few important things you have to take in consideration when buying dry food (kibble). A dog is build to eat meat, his whole digestive system is made for it and here lies the problem also and that is that meat is expensive. The dog food manufacturers are doing their best to find substitutes to fill their bags with, so it is very important to find the best quality dog food products to give your dog a healthy meal.

We have done our research and you can read below which ones have made it in our top 3. You can be assured that these are the best on the market and recommended by the top specialists and dog trainers.

What are we looking for in a good dog food product?

The best thing for your dog is meat, we talked about that before. You want also good quality meat and not meat waste products, so that is exactly what we are looking for. The disadvantage is the price of quality kibble is more expensive so we made the top 3 also include a cheaper alternative but still good quality that you are looking for.

Top 3 Dry Dog Food 

1) Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food

Orijen is a Canadese company that uses real natural and organic meat. This product is problaly the best in it’s kind. It includes 80% of boneless and free run chicken, turkey, wild caught fish and whole eggs. The quality of the meat is outstanding and delivered fresh to their farm without it being frozen. The other 20% includes kelp, juniper berries and marigold flowers.

It’s a top rated product but the disadvantage is it’s price, around hundred dollars for a bag.

If you want the best of the best for your dog take this one.

2) Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

The brand “Taste of the Wild” is immensely popular by dog lovers. It’s a high quality food product and it has a high number of 5 star ratings on Amazon. We have listed this number two because of the quality versus the price. It’s a good bang for your buck. The quality is less than that of the Orijen Kibbles but it is also a lot cheaper and still contain natural and good ingredients.

The product bag contains real roasted meat and the rest is supplemented with fruits and veggies. It contains no grains and it is suitable for all type of dogs. It has bison and venison meat and both are roasted for great taste.

Some people noticed their dog being more active and loosing weight because the quality of the food.

- Your dogs stool will be notable better as is reported by many reviewers

- Your dogs skin will improve and give less smell than cheap dog food.

- Your dogs health is important and therefor you need to feed him good.

3) WELLNESS CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This quality product contains no grains and you it’s available at most retailers in the country. It contains a large portion of meat and for the rest no added meat alternatives like soy, corn, wheat, artificial flavours and preservatives. It also has no history of callbacks which has been quite common for dry dog food processors.

If you want to compare Wellness core with Taste of the Wild then it’s a hard choice, we will opt for the Taste of the Wild as is has a lower price and still offers great quality. However if you go to check out Amazon’s website you will see there is a big range of different products from the same manufactories. You can choose for yourself which one will be best for your dog.

What are the best Brands for Dry Dog Food (Kibble)?

There are literally more than 300 manufacturers on the market that sell dog food. It would be nearly impossible to try them all out. Here are some of the most popular brands: Orijen, Wellness core, taste of the wild and others like: Evo,

Dogs with Allergies

If your dog has allergies then you have to watch out what you feed him. The best of course will be natural high quality dog food. Fresh meat will be best but if you can’t afford it there are some quality kibble on the market. Check the top 3 best quality here above. Not every dog is the same, so testing out what food will be best for him is to check his coat (is it shiny?) or check his stool.

Dog with skin Allergies

Some dog food can make your dog itchy all over, usually it will give a strong smell to your dog too. With good quality food you mostly can overcome this problem, but if your dog has a real skin problem or allergy then it’s best to visit a vetierean

Overweight Dogs

If your dog is overweight it could mean he’s getting the wrong type of food. It all depends what you give him, do you feed him snacks, or you only give him proper food? What about exercise? Does he walk a lot? One fact is true and that is that if you give him cheap food that contains a lot of wheat, grain, fillers etc. Your dog can’t digest that properly and become fat and he also could get diabetics. So, it all start with good quality food.

Dry Dog Food vs Meat

Fresh quality organic meat will be absolutely best for him, but it will be very expensive for you. Your option is to choose a dry food product that contains a lot of meat, your dog will be ok with it and once in a while feed him fresh meat as a bonus.

Dry Dog Food Versus Wet

It all depends of the brand and quality. A good quality dry food product can be better than a wet one. Most of the times they add a lot of add ons, oil, gluten and other things in to a wet meat can. If you want real quality wet food you have to pay a lot. We advice a proper dry food product with additional fresh meat for your dog.

Without Additives

Yes, this will be best for your dog. Check our top rated products here. They have hundreds of good reviews on Amazon and you can’t go wrong with them.


What they put inside your kibble really depends on the product and quality. Mostly with a higher price comes a higher quality of the food. Here we going to list some of the best ingredients your dog food can contain. It’s also good to know that when you are reading your label on the ag that the ingredients are listed descending, from most to less. You want meat to be there on top as meat is the best food for your dog.

Best Ingredients

As we said before meat is best for your dog and fish will be good too. There are all kinds of meat like, bison, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, venison. In a lesser degree you can feed your dog veggies and eggs which is included also in most kibble packages. But you want the meat content to be the highest in your pet food. There are also different ways that meat is prepared. The best meat is organic and not any waste meat products which they also call meat by-products. These contains of skin, bones and organs, we normally throw away are used for dog food, so pay attention to this.

Worst Ingredients:

Grains, corn, wheat, soy beans,

Additives Binders, Carbohydrate Sources, Coloring Agents, Fat Sources, Fiber Sources, Flavoring Agents, Fruits & Vegetables, Protein Sources, Supplements, Sweeteners, Vitamins.

Signs your dog gets bad food

There are some ways to notice your dog is getting the wrong food. Not every dog is the same and for some dogs that won’t have a problem with a certain type of kibble another dog could have problems with it, so always check for the following signs that could mean a bad food consumption for your dog.

Your dog’s coat is fluffy and could contain dandruff, bad stool and gasses, itchy feet and licking, his face is itchy and he tries to get rid of it by going over your carpet or something else. these are all signs that could be the cause of not proper dog food, so keep an eye on that. Check our top 3 here above for quality products you can trust.

Some other tips

- Look for first and meat, highest percentage as posible. Our top brand has 80% meat which is one of the highest, with real quality meat.

- Where does the meat come from? America, canada and is it tested USDA / CFIA. Avoid meat from China or other parts where there is no control on it.

- By-products - some say it’s not bad for a dog, and some say it’s better to avoid it. Necks, bones, intestines, feet, beaks and leftover are all used in some products, but not in our top 3 we recommend you to buy.

- The amount of veggies and fruits. Some veggies wouldn’t be bad for your dog, but you want meat as the number one ingredient.

- preservatives. preferable you don’t want this.

- Fillers - mostly used to produce for less cost by the manufacturers, so you want to avoid this.

By now you have learned how to choose the best kibble for your dog. I hope this article was helpful and if you have any questions leave a comment or contact us.