What Would be The Best Orthopedic dog bed for Your Dog?

orthopedic dog beds

Do you have an old dog? Or a dog with joint pain or arthritis?

A therapeutic dog bed is a great choice  if your dog is older or has some form of arthritis, joint pain or hip dysplasia. The inside of therapeutic beds are mostly made of memory foam and it will give a balanced support to your dogs body. Your dog will love it.

Some things to pay attention to when looking for a therapeutic dog bed

When you are thinking of buying a therapeutic dog bed there are some things to pay attention to when buying one. Here’s a list of things that might will help you make a good decision for the long term:
– The inside should be memory foam.
– Waterproof
– Washable cover
– Sturdy material like micro fiber but soft at the outside like micro fleece.
– Include a bolster or not
– Stickiness to hairs
– The size of the bed that would be best for your dog.
– The look and design of the bed
– Weight of the bed as you need to replace it once in a while for cleaning or other reasons.
– price

Orthopedic and Therapeutic Memory Foam

Memory foam in dog beds has been proven to work. Dogs love it and makes them feel better. In recent years these kind of dog beds have become increasingly popular and that alone should give you a hint that it would be a good choice for your pet also.
Most of the manufacturers use memory foam in one way or the other. There are some that also uses foam bubbles (mostly the cheaper versions). But the best would be to use real memory foam.
There is real memory foam and some other brands use a mix of it. Like they have cut the memory foam into peaces and then added gel to it that result in a comfortable bed for your dog. Some are using different layers of different foam and material. It’s all good and it depends on the specific wish what the customer wants. And not every dog is the same. However it won’t be impossible to let your dog test out the many variations there are in dog bed land. Therefor, we can only help you out what our experiences are and that of many other customers.

Waterproof Design

This would be important as your would be dirty quite often after walking in the rain or playing outside. If he’s wet and lay down on his bed you will be sure the water will go deep down into the foam if your bed is not waterproof. And that will take along time to dry and besides that there’s the chance that it will be forming fungus inside after a while.

Washable cover

How handy it will be to wash the cover of the bed? Just zip it off, put it in the wash machine and it come out clean again. This is mostly a handy feature if the dog bed had a soft outer cover, like that of some kind artificial fur or micro fleece fiber. That will be dirty quickly but very easy to wash off in the wash machine. If the bed is of sturdy material then it won’t be needed so badly to wash it in the wash machine. It will be good enough to clean it and let it dry.

Material of the bed

The best option will be a waterproof cover that has a soft outer edge. Not all dogs like it dough, some like a harder material (which can be cooler) and other dogs like soft material. So you should already know what your dog likes best.

Include a bolster or not

This would be a nice option because your dog can put his head on it and at the same time the body is in a relaxed position. But this is also a preference for some dogs and other not. There are however beds with on one side a bolster and other side not. So, that would also be a favourable option to go for.

Stickiness to hairs.

Most manufacturers won’t mention this but it’s quit important in my view. It’s really quit frustrating when all your dog hairs go stick in the bed and with a normal vacuum cleaner you won’t get it out easily. Therefor it will give you a peace of mind if it’s none sticky to dog hairs. So pay attention to this point.

Large therapeutic dog beds

It seems many people are asking questions where to find a large dog bed for my dog that has joint pains and arthritis. In recent years there have been quite some new models on the market for this in demand requests and in turn many familiar pet bed manufacturers gave included larger sized beds in their assortiment. Pay close attention to the dimensions to see if the bed would fit your dog.


I don’t think you will ignore the design of the bed? The bed will likely be somewhere in the house that is visible for everyone to see. So a cute dog bed design and colours will be quite important when making a decision. Luckily many brands have now come up with great designs and cool colour combinations.


This won’t be a topic to skip. Imagine how often you have to remove your dog bed for cleaning the floor? Or to clean it itself outside, or to vacuum clean it? As memory foam can be real heavy to handle there are some beds available that have come up with solutions to make it easier handball for cleaning and handling. Pay attention to the weight.


Of course, the price always matters. But going cheap could mean it will be more costly in the long run. If you pay a bit more for a sturdy, quality dog bed it can last many many years. So, choose wisely is my recommendation.

Ok, now we have come to the top picks that I personally recommend. But as said before, it’s not only about the quality and the eye wants something good too. So if you don’t see anything you like here below have a look at Amazon as they feature all the popular brands and most of the time the best prices you can find.
Here are a few of the most popular products 

The Big Barker Therapeutic Dog Bed

orthopedic dog bedThis orthopedic bed is by far the most popular dog bed on Amazon. This bed has a bolster on one side and is made of the best American foam of the highest quality. Hand made in the USA. This bed is especially manufactured for large, heavy dogs. This bed is not mad for small dogs as the foam is too hard. The cover is washable in a machine and you can take of the cover which is made of 100% microfiber with a soft touch to it. It comes in three different colours, khaki and burgundy. It comes with a ten year guarantee. If the foam looses more then 90% of it’s original form they give you your money back. It doesn’t seem to be waterproof but by reading the reviews it doesn’t seem to be a problem. The disadvantage might be the price which is quite high.

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed – Large Size – 48 X 30 X 7 – Khaki – For Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs (Headrest Edition)

PetFusion Waterproof Durable Orthopedic Dog Bed

PetFusion Orthopedic dog bed
PetFusion has come with a highly popular dog bed which is made of high quality premium memory foam. It comes in two different colours, slate grey and brown. The design looks great with a bolster around it. They come in two different sizes, a large one and smaller one. The outside fabric is of durable polyester mixed with cotton. It has a removal cover that you can zip off and put in the wash machine. It is water resistant and is easy to clean. Dog hair can be removed quite easily with a stick roller.
PetFusion Ultimate Dog / Pet Bed & Lounge. (Slate Gray, 36 x 28 x 9.5″ + add’l sizes/colors). Premium Edition w/ Solid 4″ Memory Foam

Serta Orthopedic Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed

Serta Orthopedic Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed
Serta is familiar name if it comes down to dog beds. They are known for premium quality beds for affordable prices. This is a simple bed that is made of orthopedic foam and comes with a removable cover that you can zip off easily. The size is 36 inches by 27. So for larger dogs this would be optimal. If you check the link you can see some other variations of this bed also.

Serta Orthopedic Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed, Large, Brown

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