The Best And Top Rated Digital Food Scale With Consumer Reviews

Digital Food ScalesIf you want to buy the best digital food scale that you can use in your kitchen, you should check out food scale reviews and ratings.

They can help you find the right food weight scale for your budget, give you tips on how other consumers creatively utilize the features of a food scale, and give you an idea which digital scale you can purchase that is appropriate for your needs.

What Is A Digital Food Scale?

A digital food scale is a handy thing to have in your kitchen. Several types are available from various manufacturers that come in attractive designs, making your kitchen more attractive. But more than that, they measure food more accurately than the old-fashioned spring-type of scales.

Some devices are known as perfect portions digital food scales because they are able to give accurate measurements of food items weighing up to 55 pounds or as as low as a few grams. This is especially helpful if you or members of your family are on special nutritional diets or weight loss diets, as you can be assured of getting the exact food measurements that you need for the recipes that you will be using or cooking.

Another handy feature of some digital food weighing scales is their ability to calculate the nutritional content of food items. This feature is essential for those who are looking to create a nutritionally balanced diet. Some electronic food scales can also store information, such as previous food measurements made or the nutritional value of common food items.

As mentioned above, there are various food digital scales with different types of designs. Some of the more common ones have a flat surface that lets you just place food on it to be measured. Several others include a bowl that you can use if you are measuring something liquid to prevent spills and mess.

Things to Pay Attention To When Buying a Digital Food Scale

Not all products are perfect, though, and if you read customer reviews about them, you might find complaints such as:

* the platform sometimes get stuck and doesn’t give a readout
* some digital readouts lack brightness
* readings can sometimes be inaccurate

When you read consumer reports and reviews of digital food scales, keep in mind that some ratings are falsely high or low in order to attract purchases or malign a company the reviewer does not like. To minimize this risk, you should consider digital kitchen scales that has a high number of ratings and reviews so that false highs and lows are negated.

Reading up on consumer reports and reviews of digital food scales is also important because people are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with the particular brand or model that they bought. Products that have been on the market for quite some time tend to get a larger amount of feedback. You might be taking a bit of a risk with newer products that do not have much reviews yet, so it’s probably best to stick with those that people found to be tried and true.

Digital scale reviews abound on sites like, and here we will take a look at the three most highly-rated electronic scales among people who have bought and used the device.

Top 3 Digital Food Scales by Consumer Reviews and Ratings

1. EatSmart Precision Pro – Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale w/ Extra Large LCD and 11 Lb. Capacity

When it comes to the number of positive reviews, this is possibly the best digital food scale on the market. For one thing, the price is low compared to several other models. It has more than 1,400 5-star reviews on, for reasons that include the following:

* It can hold up to 11 pounds
* The tare feature disregards the weight of a plate
* It has an automatic shut-off feature to help maintain battery life
* The platform is stable for vessels
* It can switch between English and metric weights
* The numbers on the readout are large and easy to read

2. Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale

One of the most notable functions of this electronic food scale is that it weighs only one pound, but it can hold up to 11 pounds of food. It is even cheaper than the EatSmart Precision Pro scale mentioned above, and it has hundreds of positive consumer reviews. These are several features of the product that the reviewers like the most about it:

* It has three weight modes
* It waits for four minutes before shutting off automatically
* It can weight small amounts of ingredients accurately because it is very sensitive
* Its small size makes it the perfect space-saver in the kitchen
* It works fine even if it is placed near a microwave oven

3. EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale – Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator

This digital food scale is more expensive than the two previously described, yet it still has quite a large number of positive reviews. It also has the tare and automatic shut-off features, and is likewise capable of holding up to 11 pounds. Its memory mode that saves up to 99 entries for daily or weekly tracking is one of the product’s features. Here are some of the other features that consumers like the best about this digital scale:

* It provides extensive nutritional information that is not available from any other scale
* It has a database that is tailored specifically to whole foods
* The interface is easy to use
* The glass top is easy to wipe down
* It doesn’t take much space on the kitchen countertop

We recommend you take a look at these products and learn more about why many consumers feel they are the best digital food scales model out there today. If you have diabetes, or are trying to lose weight, or simply have made the decision to go on a healthier diet, then you will find that having the best digital food scale for you is something that will help you achieve your goal.