What Are the Best Digital Bathroom Scales to Buy?

Digital Bathroom ScaleFinding the best digital bathroom scale to buy if you are planning to go on a weight loss diet or undertake a physical fitness regimen can sometimes be a confusing task because of the variety of brands and models out there.

Fortunately, there are resources available such as bathroom scale reviews and ratings that can help make it easier for you to purchase what you need. We researched the top 3 best selling digital bathroom scales on the market today by consumer reviews and ratings (See below).

Benefits of the Electronic Bathroom Scale

First of all, why go digital? After all, the dial-type bathroom scales are cheaper and they get the job done, right? If that’s what you think, you better think again. According to tests conducted by the folks at Consumer Reports, the ones with dials were not nearly as accurate as digital scales. In fact, the dial bathroom scales were off the mark by seven to eleven pounds. If you are trying to shed or gain pounds for health and fitness, accurate bathroom scales are a necessity. Why? Because studies show that performing a daily weigh-in is vital for weight loss or weight maintenance. Your best bet then is to go with electronic bathroom scales.

Pay Attention to the Following Things When Buying A Digital Bathroom Scale

It should be mentioned, though, that some consumers have found flaws in digital weighing scales. Here are some of their complaints:

* Some models become hard to turn on after a few months of use
* Weight readings can be inconsistent
* Batteries have to be changed frequently in some models

However, there are also many positive digital bathroom scales reviews. You should make it a point to read both types in order to weigh the pros and cons of a certain make or model.

There are several types of scales that can further assist you in your goals, since a number of them have features such as the ability to calculate body fat and internal memory systems that can wirelessly upload your weight to a computer to help you monitor your progress. Solar-powered bathroom scales are an eco-friendly choice, since they use no batteries.There are even talking bathroom scales available for sale, very helpful for people who find it difficult to make out the numbers on the screen.

There are many brands from which to choose, including the EatSmart digital bathroom scale, Salter bathroom scales, and the Tanita bathroom scale. Here we will look at the most popular electronic weighing scales that make them the best buy for many people.

Top 3 Digital Bathroom Scales by Reviews

1. EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Backlit 3.5″ Display and “Step-On” Technology

This EatSmart digital bathroom scale has more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon.com. It features the company’s Step-On technology, which means you don’t have to tap it as you would have to do with some other digital scale models in order to turn it on. The LCD panel measures 3.5 inches, making the numbers easy to read. Here are its other advantages according to buyers:

* The scale reads out to the nearest .2 pounds
* Consistent weight readings
* Reasonable price compared to other digital scales with similar features
* The back-lit display is easy to read
* It has a simple but elegant appearance

2. Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale

Omron is a respected brand in the health devices industry, with products that include blood pressure monitors and fat loss monitors. When it comes to its body fat monitor and scale, many people say it is a product that gives them value for their money. They highly recommend it for its consistent and accurate readings, the high-contrast and easy to read information display and the informative user’s manual. Here are some other reasons why customers recommend this Omron scale:

* It displays your weight history for 1, 7, 30 and 90 days
* It adapts to surfaces that may be slightly uneven
* It has memories for four people and a guest reading
* You can use just your feet to turn the scale on and off and to select the weight or body fat index function
* A bar graph accompanies the BMI reading

3. Tanita HD351 Digital Scale with Memory Function

This Tanita bathroom scale may be a bit pricier than the models mentioned above, but it has many excellent reviews as well. One buyer said he appreciated that it has an extra-large weight capacity of up to a maximum of 440 pounds, and that it doesn’t feel like it’s cheap or going to crack when he uses it. In addition to this digital scale’s sturdiness, other features that make it a best buy for many people include:

* It has a large surface to stand on, yet thin enough to make it look sleek and elegant
* It shows current and previous weights for up to five different users
* The digital display is large and easy to read
* It has a three-year warranty
* It is economical in terms of battery use
* It gives accurate and dependable readings

There are several other digital weighing scales available on the market, but we recommend you consider the three mentioned above if you are shopping for a new electronic scale. They have among the highest bathroom scales ratings given by people who have actually bought and used them.