Best Digital Luggage Scales to Buy According to Reviews

Digital Luggage ScaleDo you want to avoid excess luggage fees whenever you travel by airplane? Then you should really consider investing in digital luggage scales. As one customer on said, it’s an invaluable cost-saving device. So how do you choose which best digital luggage scale to buy?

We have researched various online resources to present to you the best digital luggage weighing scales according to consumer reports and reviews that we hope you will find helpful in your purchasing decision.

How Does a Digital Luggage Scale Work?

It is a small, portable electronic device that you can usually clip onto your luggage. Just attach it, lift your bag or suitcase, and it gives you a reading of what your luggage weighs. Now, doesn’t that sound easier and a lot more convenient than the traditional method of placing a big piece of luggage on your bathroom scale and bending over and trying to peer at the scale’s reading?
Using luggage scales with digital features is certainly also better than measuring your own weight first on your bathroom scale, then weighing yourself again holding your bags, and then calculating how much your luggage weighs!

Packing too many things is one of the most common mistakes made by both frequent and intermittent travelers. As you probably know, bringing luggage that goes over the weight allowed by airlines per passenger can result in hefty fees.  This is where a digital scale can be a tremendous help.

Benefits of Using a Digital Luggage Scale

Another great thing about such a device is that since it is usually small and portable, you can bring it along on your travels, and not have to worry about whether the souvenirs you buy to take back home will make you exceed your airline’s luggage weight limit.

There is no shortage of choices for you out there: you can choose from brands such as Balanzza, Taylor, Travelon, and many others.

Important Points When Buying a Digital Luggage Scale

Reading up on other consumers’ experiences with them can help you see the bigger picture and make a more informed buying decision. You should consider not only the positives, but also some feedback about negatives such as:

* possible calibration problems
* strength and durability issues
* possible difficulties when weighing bags that weigh 25 kilos or more

So look at both the pros and cons of a digital baggage scale and find out which one will most likely work the best for you. These devices are usually cheap, and you will find that the right one will pay for itself many times over in terms of excess luggage fees avoided and saved. The following are the highest recommended products according to consumer ratings.

Top 3 Digital Luggage Scales by Consumer Reviews and Ratings

1. Lewis N. Clark Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

This Balanzza digital luggage scale has one of the highest number of positive reviews on sites like It weighs about two pounds and at the time of this writing is available in grey or green. Here are some of the things many consumers love about this digital scale:

* It is highly accurate, with an error rate of less than one percent
* It is very easy to operate
* There is no hook to get caught on or snagged on any items while it is in your luggage
* You can look at your bag’s weight on the scale’s display even after you put your luggage down
* It resets easily

2. Taylor #8120 Digital Luggage Scale

This Taylor digital luggage scale is considered a best buy among numerous consumers. It weighs only half a pound, yet is capable of weighing luggage up to 88 pounds or 40 kilos. It also has an easy-to-read 1.3-inch LCD screen. Here are some of its other features that give it a thumbs-up from customers:

* Its small size and weight makes it easy for you to include it in your hand-carried bags or even in your pocket
* It is powered by a standard and long-lasting user-replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
* Readings are easy to change between pounds and kilograms
* It is very accurate
* It is easy to use and the readings lock in

3. Heys USA eScale Luggage Scale

This digital weighing scale also has quite a few five-star ratings from customers who have been reviewing it. It weighs just one pound but can weigh luggage up to 110 pounds. Like the others, it is small enough to bring along conveniently on your travels. Here are a few of the good things that consumers have said about it in their feedback:

* Its ergonomic design allows you to use either one or both hands when lifting and weighing your bag
* The on/off switch saves battery life
* It is durable and works with any bag
* It gives accurate weight readings

As you can see, these products have features that have helped take the headache out of the problem of overpacking for many people. We recommend you take a closer look at these digital luggage scales  before you go off on a trip to avoid the embarrassment, inconvenience and costs of overweight luggage at the airport.