The 3 Best Rated Hair Clippers 2017

Professional Hair ClipperInterested in buying a (professional) hair clipper for home use because you don’t want to spent $25 on a barber shop every few weeks ?

It’s not only convenient cutting your own hair at home but in the end it also saves you a lot of money. So the question is, what is the best electric hair clipper for you. What features should the clipper have and what makes it the top hair trimmer for your needs? What you should do before puchasing a hair clipper is read consumers reviews and see how they rate different brands of hair clippers.

It’s easy to find useful reviews on mens hair clippers because there are good brands on the market such as the Wahl hair clippers, Andis hair clippers, Philips hair clippers and Oster hair clippers and many consumers wrote their reviews and gave their ratings for example on the biggest online shop,

What we have done to help you on your search is researching these reviews and narrowing them down to the top 3 best selling hair clippers according to the most reviewed, top rated clippers on the market (see below).

How do hair clippers work

Electric men hair clippers, either cordless hair clippers or with power cord, are a simple and therefor great invention: behind a comb a sharp razorblade is placed. With the branded hair clippers, you get combs in different sizes so you can adjust how much blade you need by changing the comb. A shorter comb meens more blade, shorter cut. And there are so called balding clippers, they are designed to cut as much hair as possible, making the head as bald as possible.

Advantages of using home hair clippers

There are hair clippers for professional and home use, they can be corded or cordless. For personal use we recomment the cordless hairclippers because you don’t want to get entangled into the cord while using it. If you use them professionaly, it’s better to use a corded hair trimmer because you might not have time to recharge the batteries when using it all day long. There are many different men hairclippers on the market today, all degigned to do the same job and you can find a lot of hairclippers reviews online, espacially on the branded once which is a good thing because consumers are enthousiastic about these brands. We would like to warn you not to buy unbranded clippers because the reviews and ratings on them are very poor. They may be cheaper but leave you with a bad haircut and you end up spending money on the barber again.

No more spending money on the barber shop after buying you own hair clipper but before purchasing one, there are some things we red in the consumer reviews on mens hair clippers you should take into consideration:

– some say their hair clipper rusts after a while

– not all models come with a blade guard, look for one with blade guards, it will help extend the life of the blade.

– some clippers only come with a few different length of combs, look for models with more different length of combs to be more creative on your haircu

– people who bought their hair clipper from the barber shop, payed much more money than online and also the quality was not always high. It seems that buying online saves you a lot of money and you can do a lot of research in order to buy the best hair clipper for you. Also sites like often have discounts and free shipping and many customer reviews for you to read before making a decision.

– some people complained their hairclipper broke down after a year. Find out about the lifespan of the device, which is determined by the motor, read the reviews carefully.

Top 3 of The Best Hair Clippers by Consumer Reviews and Ratings

In general customers were raving about the following best selling top 3 Hair clippers in their reviews and ratings:

1. OSTER Classic 76 Hair Clipper Blades All Sizes by Oster

This is one of the best reviewed and top rated professional hair clippers on the market and often used by barbers and hairstylers but also popular with consumers for use at home.


– it’s heavy duty, so no plastick but high quality metal, built to last for a long time
– people with thick hair say the clipper is very powerful, the motor of the device is much stronger than the cheap hair clippers which help to get an even haircut – the blades are high quality
– the clipper comes with a long cord so you don’t get entangled with it
– if something breaks down, you don’t have to throw it away like some of the cheaper hair clippers. Most parts, like the power cord or main power switch, can be replaced easily


– it’s loud
– more expensive than others
– it gets warm when using it

2. Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper by Philips Norelco

The Philips Norelco Power Hair Clipper gets very good customer reviews especially since it is affordable. It’s a powerfull device which comes with 3 hair clipper combs and up to 15 lenghth options. You can use it with or without the power cord.


– great value for money
– Consumers with thick curly hair liked the turbo power option because with this option the blades run smoothly through the hair
– you can use the hair clipper for 40 minutes or more without the power cord which gives you enough time to finish your haircut
– the hairclipper is easy to clean, the attachments with some running water and since the blades are self sharpening, they don’t need a lot of maintenance or oil to keep them clean
– many consumers find this hair clipper also useful for trimming their facial hair


– the blades do not cut as good as the more expensive once
– the attachement is flimsy and some consumers complained they cut (parts of) their hair too short because of this

3. Wahl 79524 24-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit by Wahl

The wahl Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit got almost the most 5 and 4 star rated reviews on Some of the features are the high-speed motor which cuts through thick hair very smooth. The high-carbon steel blades are always aligned so you never have to adjust them and there are many axtra’s included in the hair clipper kit such as scissors, a neck duster and a barber’s cape.


– the many extra’s (24 pieces kit) for an affordable price
– consumers like the 5 year warranty
– for a high-speed motor it’s very quiet
– the clipper does not get too warm
– the video instruction on DVD is very helpfull according to a lot of customers
– the motor ha a long lifespan, some consumers allready use the hair clipper for more than 6 years without any problems
– it’s very easy to use


– some consumers say after 15 minutes the device gets warmer and feels a bit uncomfortable
– some consumers don’t know how to use some of the extra’s