Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Sale Based on Consumer Reviews

nose hair trimmerHaving a problem with excessive or over grown hair sticking out of your nose? Don’t worry, you are not alone but it can be a rather unpleasant sight.  If you like having a well-tended appearance, you do want to think about purchasing a nose hair trimmer.
Like a consumer wrote in his review on I never dared using a nose hair trimmer before but in the end got tired of hairs growing out of my nose. Since then I bought one, it’s an unmissable item for my grooming tools.

How do you know which is the best nose hair trimmer you can buy?

Before purchasing a nose hair clipper, you should read customers reviews on different brands, compare them and find out how they rated these nose hair cutters. Since there are so many reviews online we’ve tried to help you by researching different resources and put together a top 3 of best selling nose hair clippers, based on consumers reviews and ratings. You can find them at the end of this article.

How does a nose hair trimmer work?

Before you start cutting your nose hair, it’s important to know that, like all your body hair, nose hair is also natures tool to protect your nose from dirt getting in. Kind of like eyelashes protect your eyes from dust. So grooming your nose hair doesn’t mean removing all of the hair but only trimming the excessive ones that grow out of your nose due to hormonal changes in your body as you grow older.

The nose hair shavers are designed with a rotary blade system that spins in one or two directions, depending on which model you chose. The motor works on batteries and the blades have tiny combs for protection of the nose skin as well as putting the nose hairs in the right direction for the trimming.

The good quality nose hair groomers are designed to protect you from pain or injuries so don’t use scissors, this can cause serious damage to your nose while they have not been designed to do a delicate job as cutting nose hair.

Benefits of using a nose hair clipper

It’s not a secret that over grown nose hair isn’t a pleasant sight for those surrounding you. Neatly trimmed nose hair will not only make you look more well-tended but can also make you look younger.

While excessive nose hair is mostly a male problem, women also can experience this. There is a thing such as nose hair clippers for women but frankly, they all work the same, for women and men so there’s really no point in buying a more expensive hair nose trimmer for women.

There are many types of ear nose hair trimmers to be found, like Wahl nose hair trimmers, Panasonic nose hair trimmers and Oanasonic nose hair trimmers to name just a few brands.

Important features to consider and things to be aware of when purchasing a nose hair clipper

What’s important is you want to buy a nose hair cutter which does the job painless, you don’t want a device that plucks your nose hair which can be very painful. Some customers prefer the rotary blades that move from left to right in order to do the job faster and more painless.

It’s also important to look for a trimmer with sharp blades made of stainless steel or chrome. This material can be easily cleaned with running water and do not rust. A head that can be removed is a big pro while it helps you to clean your trimmer more easily than the ones that don’t come with a removal head.

The batteries should have a long lifespan, you don’t want to end up in the middle of your trimming session without power! Favorable the rechargeable once for going green and saving money on batteries

There are waterproof and led lit clippers on the market which according to some reviews are very helpful while trimming your nose.

The top 3 selling nose hair trimmers on the market

So while doing your research, also read the pros and cons and important features the nose hair clippers should have as listed above. Below are the best recommended and top rated nose hair clippers according to consumer reviews.

1 Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose/Facial Hair Trimmer, Gray

This clipper was highly recommended by a lot of consumers for its fast and save use, long battery life and extra features.

– This powerful nose/ear trimmer comes with a great features consumers are raving about, the vacuum built in the trimmer. It works very efficient and sucks up all the hair you are trimming, so no more sneezing because of lose hair!
– consumers like the clipper also because it is easy to clean. Because it is waterproof, you can just simply clean it under running water and bring it in the shower if you want to
– the blades are made of stainless steel and have a long lifespan
– the ER430K is completely safe to use because of the safety cone which prevent the blades from coming into contact with the skin of your nose or ears.
– finally, consumers liked this product because it was ergonomically designed and therefor felt good in the hand, not causing any hand fatigue or wrist pain

– some consumers find the clipper too big and prefer the device to be smaller
– the mirror cap, one of the other features of this trimmer, wasn’t reflective consumers say. This is because of plastic layers on the mirror that protect it. You should get them off first but that wasn’t really made clear in the description.

2 Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

This nose and ear hair trimmer comes with a lifetime warranty which should say something about the quality of this clipper. Groom Mate promises actually you’ll never have to buy another nose trimmer again in your life!
The Platinum XL is the most reviewed and top rated trimmer by consumers on so we can really recommend this product, based on these reviews.

– the lifetime warranty is a big pro according to consumers
– the trimmer is totally mechanical and battery free which means it doesn’t break down easily and no more buying or recharging batteries anymore
– in many reviews we red the device is easy to clean, just keep it under running water to remove the hairs
– consumers are happy about the material the trimmer is made of, stainless steel, which means the trimmer doesn’t rust
– it does the job quietly
– they guarantee the blades never cut the sensitive skin of your nose or ears and in a lot of reviews, consumers agree and say it’s just impossible to cut your skin with the blades because of the way it was designed
– it does the job painless and it’s not pulling hairs

– you have to get used to the way to hold the trimmer with both hands, consumers say in the beginning it’s awkward and took a couple of tries before they got used to it and some consumers just prefer once they can use single handed
– it’s a bit slower than the battery operated trimmers
– some consumers say the blades do not cut the shorter nose or ear hairs

3 MANGROOMER Essential Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

This affordable nose and ear trimmer was designed with an new blade cutting process to get close results without the possibility of ingrowing hair. Most consumer reviewed and rated it highly, especially because the device is much cheaper than most other brands but still performs well.

– the nose clipper is cheaper than most others but still does the job well so great value for money
– the motor which works on batteries is powerful and silent
– the batteries have a long lifespan
– it’s a small trimmer so easy to carry while traveling
– consumers like the wet dry feature which enables them to rinse the trimmer under running water
– the man groomers trims the nose hair on a low level unlike some other more expensive brands

– some consumers say it pulls hair instead of cutting the nose and ear hair
– some consumers say it’s cheaply designed and the material it is made of, breaks down easily

These reviews were most reviewed and top rated between the nose trimmers. You can research them more detailed by clicking on them and we hope it will help you to make a choice.