Best Rated Basal Thermometers to Buy According to User Reviews

basal thermometerIf you’re a woman who wants to avoid getting pregnant and you can’t or don’t want to use contraceptives like the pill, then you might want to buy a basal thermometer. This handy device lets you know when you are most fertile and thus most likely to become pregnant.

It also works the other way, of course: if you are trying to get pregnant, you will find that a basal thermometer will help you determine the best time of the month when your chances of getting pregnant are the highest.

To find the best basal temperature thermometer for you, it would be a good idea to read consumer reports and reviews about several brands before you make your purchase. We have compiled the top three best selling basal thermometers according to consumer reviews on, which you will discover below.

Top 3 Basal Thermometers by the Best Reviews and Ratings

Here are the top-rated basal digital thermometers according to buyer reviews on To help you in your purchasing decision, we’re including what they have said they like and dislike about the products in their reviews.

1. BD Basal Digital Thermometer

This BD basal thermometer has a high number of positive reviews by customers. It is also one of the most affordable, coming in at a price of lower than $10. It has a large, easy to read display even in dim lighting. It has an auto memory feature that shows the last reading, and it can be used under the armpit, orally or rectally.

– A beeping sound tells you if you have positioned the thermometer properly
– The backlight makes it easy to read and record your temperature
– It’s great for beginners because it’s simple and easy to use
– It gives accurate readings
– It is durable

– Some feel the beeping is a bit too loud
– Several customers say it isn’t as accurate as it should be

2. Fairhaven Digital Basal Thermometer

Like the product above, this BBT thermometer also has plenty of good reviews. It is a sensitive device that provides readings to 1/100th of a degree and is also inexpensively priced.

– The recall feature shows the last temperature reading
– The directions are simple and easy to read
– It gives accurate and consistent readings
– It does its job well for its price

– It can take a few minutes to read your temperature
– Some say the battery life needs improvement
– It lacks a backlit display

3. Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor – Fahrenheit

Made by VE Valley-Electronics GmbH Germany, this device is a lot more expensive than the two basal thermometers shown above. But as many of the reviewers have said in their feedback, the price is well worth it. It has a 99.3 percent accuracy rate, and it’s so simple and easy to use. If it shows a red light, it means you are fertile while a green light indicates you are infertile at the moment. It is also able to retain data for each day of the previous nine months.

– It is very durable. One reviewer said she has had hers for about five years already.
– It gives very accurate readings
– Several women say it is a better alternative to hormonal birth control because it does not add anything unnatural to the body
– It provides a forecast for fertility
– A male reviewer said the device is effective in helping him and his girlfriend avoid an unwanted pregnancy
– One reviewer said it also helps her predict food cravings and mood swings

– The cord may have a design flaw
– It is very expensive

There are several other basal thermometer models and brands available, but it is the three products above that have the greatest number of positive reviews on Amazon. We recommend that you take a closer look at them, and what consumers are saying about them. Doing so may help you find the best basal thermometer for your needs and budget.


What Is a Basal Thermometer?

A basal thermometer is a very sensitive thermometer that measures even the smallest changes in your body’s temperature. Many models of this type of thermometer come with a basal body temperature chart, so you can keep track of your temperature measurements on a daily basis and determine over time your fertility or ovulation period.

A woman’s basal temperature is usually higher during or just after ovulation, caused by an increase in the levels of the hormone progesterone in the body. Charting your basal temperature will help you determine a pattern and let you see when conception is likeliest to take place.

It’s important to remember to take your temperature at the same time every day, preferably first thing in the morning before doing anything else. Any activity may raise your body’s resting temperature, so experts recommend you keep your basal temperature thermometer in a handy place, such as your bedside table, for easy and convenient access when you wake up. Remember, too, that you need to have enough hours of sleep (at least five hours) and that the presence of alcohol in your body can affect readings.

Basal Thermometer vs. Regular Thermometer

Fertility experts recommend using a basal digital thermometer over the kind of thermometer that’s usually used to diagnose fever. This is because basal thermometers are more highly sensitive than regular thermometers. They measure temperatures by tenths of a degree compared to the two-tenth degree increments of regular glass thermometers.

Another thing to consider is that a glass basal thermometer usually does not contain mercury, which is a potential health hazard. The glass is also more durable and less susceptible to breakage. One more advantage that digital basal thermometers have over regular fever thermometers is that it takes a more accurate measurement in a shorter period of time – about 30 to 60 seconds.

There are several kinds of ovulation thermometers available that enable you to take your basal body temperature orally, rectally or vaginally. Just make sure you use the same method all throughout your cycle to maximize accuracy.