Best and Top Rated Forehead Thermometer 2017

forhead thermometerIf you are looking for a thermometer to diagnose a fever, but would prefer something that does not need to be used under the arm, in the ear, or orally or rectally, then you might want to buy a forehead thermometer.

Gone are the days when you had to place a mercury thermometer in your child’s mouth or under her armpit to diagnose a fever. Health experts say you shouldn’t be using mercury thermometers anyway because mercury is toxic and it can pose health hazards if the thermometer breaks.

There are many reasons why forehead thermometers or temporal artery thermometers are popular among consumers. One forehead thermometer review said that it is non-invasive and easy to use. Others say they bought a digital forehead thermometer because it was recommended by their doctors.

Here let’s take a look at the bestselling forehead thermometers on based on consumer ratings and reviews.

3 Top-Rated Forehead Thermometers by Customer Reviews

There are many brands of thermometers available online and in physical stores. There’s the Vicks forehead thermometer as well as thermometers from companies such as MOBI and American Diagnostic. But the brand with the highest number of positive reviews by far when it comes to digital infrared forehead thermometers is Exergen.

We have gathered the best-selling Exergen forehead thermometer products to help you narrow down your search. Consider what reviewers are saying about them, both their positive and negative points, to find out which one suits your needs the best.

1. Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer 1 ea

This Exergen forehead thermometer has among the best and most positive reviews and ratings on Using it is as simple as scanning the thermometer gently across your own or your child’s forehead. Two studies show that it is more accurate than an ear or tympanic thermometer and at least as accurate as a rectal thermometer. It features the patented Arterial Heat Balance technology that captures heat that is naturally emitted by the skin over the temporal artery. It gives you the most accurate reading from the 1,000 readings it takes per second. A beeping sound alerts you if you are using the thermometer correctly.


– It is recommended by many health care providers such as pediatricians, nurses and midwives
– It gives accurate and reliable readings
– It calculates temperatures quickly
– It is non-invasive, thus gentle and easier to use than other types of thermometers
– It is child-friendly. Many parents love using it because they can use it on their sleeping babies or young children without waking them up.


– It’s a bit pricier compared to other brands
– Some have complained that its readings are inconsistent or inaccurate. However, some have also said that readings became more accurate after they had practiced using the product a few times. Not removing the cover of the thermometer was also shown to be a reason for inaccurate readings.

2. Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer MODEL# TAT-2000C

Like the Exergen thermometer above, this model also uses Arterial Heat Balance technology to measure the heat of the skin coming from the temporal artery. Red LED lights and a soft beep indicate that proper scanning has been done. It includes software and can be used for newborn infants, children and adults.


– One mother said in her review that it is much easier to use especially when her children have earaches or ear infections
– An emergency room nurse said in her review that the thermometer is quick and easy to use, and that it’s accurate if you follow the usage directions
– Disposable covers are not needed
– It uses just a 9-volt battery as its power source
– It is strong and durable


– It can be difficult to read the results in a dim room as the thermometer does not have a backlight
– It can take a bit of time to learn how to use the thermometer properly
– The thermometer’s cap can be easily misplaced and may pose a choking hazard for children

3. Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer

Forehead thermometer accuracy is one of this product’s biggest selling points. Like the other temporal artery thermometers in Exergen’s product line, it does not require probe covers and using it is as simple as sliding the tip over the eyebrow to the hairline. The embedded silver in the product also acts as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent.

– It takes quick and accurate temperature readings
– Children find it fun to use
– The unit feels and looks well-made
– Readings can be done in Celsius and Fahrenheit
– It’s sanitary to use


– It can give inaccurate readings due to factors such as the presence of sweat on the forehead of the person whose temperature is being taken or if you use it in different rooms with different temperatures
– Some customers complained that it gives inconsistent temperature readings
– The absence of a backlit display makes it difficult to read the results in a dim room

Some More Information on Baby Forehead Thermometers

The thermometers described above are also known as temporal artery thermometers. You use one by scanning it over the temple or forehead of a person who has a fever. The device’s infrared light measures the skin’s temperature over an artery in the patient’s temple area. Several users — some of them medical professionals — recommend making several readings and calculating the average of those readings.

Another method of diagnosing fever is through the use of forehead strip thermometers. These are disposable plastic strips that have liquid crystals embedded in them. You place a forehead strip thermometer over the patient’s forehead and the crystals will react with the skin temperature by changing color after a few minutes. A number line on the strip indicates the patient’s temperature based on the resulting colors.

Price and of course, forehead thermometer accuracy, are major considerations when shopping for this home health care device. Learn about these products advantages and disadvantages by reading forehead thermometer reviews and ratings to buy the best one for your needs and budget.