Best Galileo Thermometer Choices by Reviews and Top Ratings

Galileo ThermometerIf you are looking for an eye-catching piece of home décor that is not only attractive but functional as well, you might want to buy a Galileo thermometer. As many consumers have said in their reviews of Galileo thermometers on sites such as, the device functions very well as a conversation piece and can also help you make a fairly good approximation of the day’s temperature. They recommend it as the perfect gift for a loved one who enjoys scientific gadgets and for teaching kids about some of the fun aspects of science.

Top 3 Galileo Thermometer Selections by Customer Reviews

There are many types of feedback about these product offerings on To help make your search easier, we have gathered three of the Galilean thermometers there with the best ratings and reviews.

1. Chaney Instrument Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

As of this writing, this Galileo liquid thermometer from Chaney Instruments has the highest number of positive reviews on Amazon’s web site. It’s actually a two-in-one offering, featuring both a thermometer and a barometer. Liquid-filled spheres inside the tube rise or sink depending on the temperature. On the other hand, a globe is etched on the barometer. The product measures about eight inches long and eight inches high and is mounted on a wood base.


– A great many reviewers praise this thermometer for its pleasing appearance and design
– The weather glass responds to changes in air pressure and does a good job of predicting the weather
– The thermometer is easy to read
– A meteorologist said in his review that the temperature could be read within a degree once the liquid inside the thermometer has been stabilized
– The storm glass is easy to fill


– Most of the complaints seem to center around the inability of the product’s packaging to supply enough protection, with some buyers saying they received the glass thermometer broken
– One customer said in her review that the device is too small for its price

2. River City Clocks 21 Inch Liquid Galileo Thermometer with Ten Multi-Color Floats and Gold Tags – Model # L3751G

This glass Galileo thermometer from River City Cuckoo Clocks measures 21 inches high. It features colored spheres inside the tube that indicate temperature. It is made from high quality glass that can be etched or pad printed.


– Excellent workmanship
– Measures temperature in 2-degree Fahrenheit increments
– It doesn’t tip over because the bottom is made of thick, weighted glass
– The quality of the glass is comparable to crystal
– The design is stylish and elegant


– There is a time lag between when the air’s temperature changes and when the thermometer reflects those changes
– One reviewer said the floats inside the tube all seem to stick together at the top or the bottom
– Packaging may fail to protect it from breakage during transportation

3. Thermometer with Multi-Color Balls and Gold Tags

This is another one from River City Cuckoo Clocks, and like the previous one described, has a number of positive reviews. It’s a bit smaller though, measuring only 17 inches high. The multi-colored spheres inside the crystal-clear glass tube indicate temperature in Fahrenheit. The gold tags hanging from each ball make the whole thing even more colorful.


– Like the bigger River City Galileo thermometer, customers say this model looks even better in person than it does in pictures
– The excellent workmanship makes it look like a work of art
– Suitable as a present
– It gives fairly accurate temperature readings

– The description says there are ten floats inside the tube when there are actually only seven
– One buyer said the bottom of the glass thermometer broke easily

Galileo Thermometer and How It Works

They aren’t as high-tech as most other modern thermometers, but that hasn’t stopped the popularity of Galileo thermometers. Named after the 16th century Italian scientist Galileo Galilei, it is also known as the Galilean thermometer or the Galilei thermometer.

The design usually features a sealed glass tube that contains weights suspended in liquid. The weights themselves also contain a liquid mixture. A Galileo liquid thermometer works on the principle of buoyancy and density. Buoyancy dictates whether something will sink or float in a liquid. The density of liquids is affected by variations in temperature. Specifically, a liquid’s density decreases when temperature increases, and this is the major factor that influences the floating or sinking of the calibrated floats in a Galilean thermometer, which in turn gives you an approximate idea of the temperature in the room where the thermometer is located.

You can use an outdoor Galileo thermometer or an indoor version. You can also opt for a hanging Galileo thermometer or one that has a weighted bottom that you can place securely on a flat surface.

Galilei Thermometer Benefits

There are many designs available out there in the marketplace today. Some of them have modern designs that give no indication of the thermometers’ historic origins. A few other models, on the other hand, give off an aura of antiquity, or a blend of both new and old.

And while some of them may not give you the temperature to the exact tenth of a degree, many of those who have purchased them are satisfied with the approximations they offer. As they have said in their reviews, these Galileo liquid thermometers make for such terrific gift items, or even as educational devices for children.

They are just one example of how science can be both fun and attractive. We recommend you find out more about the Galileo thermometers mentioned above by reading about what consumers like and dislike about them in their reviews.