Choosing the best electric wok for sale to complete your kitchen

Electric wokThe best piece of cookware for stir frying food is without a doubt the wok. Chefs around the world can’t do without them in their kitchen and you shouldn’t have to.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages about using a traditional wok, especially if you are not as experienced as chefs are and don’t have a big enough stove like professional kitchens do. As you know, woks take a lot of space on a stove leaving almost no room for other pots and pans to prepare food in. Nowadays there is an alternative wok on the market which avoids taking space on your stove and is convenient to use. The electric wok.

Not only can you use the electric woks for stir frying food, they are also suitable for other cooking techniques like sauteing, boiling, steaming and deep frying food so purchasing an electric frying pan will be the best thing to do to complete your kitchen cooking pans.

But before purchasing one, it is important to do some research and read consumer reviews about the electric wok and the different brands like the Breville and Faberware. It’s easy to find online electric gourmet reviews but it can also be confusing since there are so many online resources. What we have done to help you make a well informed decision, is researching various online resources and selected the 3 best electric woks.

The top 3 best electric woks for sale

1. Breville EW30XL Electric Gourmet Wok

This Gourmet wok with its butterfly element of 1500 watt is many times reviewed and top rated by consumers. This wok is very easy to clean since all cooking parts can be put in the dishwasher and with its 15 settings, it cooks to perfection.

– consumers say it can get very hot and the heat is spread evenly, unlike some other electric wok brands they have used.
– the non-stick layer stays in tact and because the quality of this coating is so good, you only have to use very little oil for healthy cooking
– the top and bottom are easily separated and within minutes cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand
– people say the design is beautiful and just leave the wok standing on the counter
– the sturdy glass lid with stainless steel rim and steam hole is very convenient according to consumers
– the bowl is big enough to prepare large quantities of food
– not only great for stir frying food but also for sauteing food, making soups, stews and slow cooking
– the instruction guide and recipe book that comes with this electric wok is very useful for most consumers
– good customer service, high quality brand

– few people say it scratches easy
– some people say they found it difficult to detach the bottom from the top

2. Presto 5900 1500-Watt Stainless-Steel Electric Wok

Another 1500 watt electric wok. Consumers purchased this wok because it is not coated with non stick chemicals unlike others electric woks. It has a flat bottom and different heat control settings. This is the most light weighted wok of our top 3 choices which for some consumers is convenient, others like a more sturdy one.

– it heats up very quickly, high temperatures can be reached and the heat is evenly spread.
– it’s easy to clean
– the wok is made of stainless steel which has a long life span according to consumers
– the wok is light weighted which is convenient for a lot of consumers
– the outside of the wok stay cool even though the temperature is set on high
– it has a nice design
– good value for money, it is the cheapest electric wok of our choices

– it is not coated with non stick chemicals unlike our number one and three choice. Consumers who are raving about this wok, especially bought this stainless steel electric wok for that reason but some consumers complain about food sticking to the cooking surface.
– the power cord is very short which is a problem for some consumers
– the glass lid does not have a steam vent which can be a problem according to consumers reports
– just a few consumers say they experience unstable temperature, it cools down too quickly

3. Breville BEW600XL Hot Wok

Another Breville electric wok, a little bit more expensive as our number one choice and a little bit heavier, otherwise, it has the same features as the Breville EW 30XL gourmet wok. Also 1500 watt heated power and 15 different heat settings.

– the round bottom makes it perfect for stir frying food
– it heats up very quickly and the heat is evenly spread
– the wok has a sturdy feeling which is convenient according to most consumers
– the bottom part is easy to detach and the cooking parts easy to clean
– there are many cooking techniques you can apply, like sauteing, stir frying, boiling and slow cooking
– high quality non stick coating and you need very little oil
– beautiful design
– you can cook large quantities with this wok, great for a big family
– the user guide and recipes book is very convenient for users

– this electric wok, like most of them, does not lend itself for flipping food
– this wok is a bit heavy according to some of the consumer reviews

Advantages of the Electric Wok Compared to a Traditional Wok

There are many advantages about using a traditional or an electric wok. They heat up very quickly and the heat is spread evenly so stir frying vegetables for example is done in no time, leaving the veggies crisp with almost no vitamins lost. Woks don’t need as much oil as regular frying pans which makes cooking with a wok healthier.

The disadvantage of a normal wok on your stove is that it doesn’t get as hot because the flame is just too small. With an electric wok the wok itself gets very hot which is exactly what you want for stir frying food for example. Also, the rounded bowl shape of the wok makes it easy to stir and flip the ingredients without spilling and making a mess out of your kitchen.

Benefits of Using an Electric Wok.

The electric fry pan doesn’t need to be seasoned like traditional woks need to be. With a traditional wok you need to season it first by heating oil to a high heat in order to create a protective layer. This can be a bit of a challenge and if you are not experienced, it might go wrong and the food will stick to the cooking surface of the wok which can be very frustrating. Electric woks already have this protective coating so they are ready for use immediately.

Another benefit of electric woks is that they are easy to clean. You can wash them with dish washing soap whereas if you try this with a traditional one, the  protective coating will be affected and food will stick on the cooking surface of the wok.

Since the electric wok is portable, you don’t have to leave home without it when going on vacation. You can still prepare all kinds of food in your holiday house which often only have a small stove to cook on or none at all. All you need is an electric source to plug it in.

It’s also nice to use the electric wok as a gourmet wok or fondue set for a nice diner with friends and family gathered around the table. Just plug it in and enjoy preparing food together.

We hope this article has helped you on your way to chose the best electric wok for your needs. We advise you to read more detailed feedback from other wok enthusiasts clicking on the links to the products.