Buy the Best Burr Grinder for That Perfect Cup of Coffee

burr coffee grinderDoes the idea of enjoying a fresh cup of coffee from freshly-ground coffee beans make you want to buy a burr grinder that you can use at home? Then join the ranks of discerning and savvy consumers. Many people are purchasing burr coffee grinders not only to experience coffee that’s almost the freshest it can get, but to save money too.

Some reports show that an increasing number of consumers are choosing to brew their own coffee at home instead of spending money for a cup at the popular coffeeshops. It’s true; you can save money by grinding your own coffee beans and making your own coffee at home. However, you should make sure that the equipment you use deliver on its promise and give you a satisfying coffee experience.

Advantages of a Conical Burr Grinder Over a Wheel Burr Grinder

Many coffee connoisseurs believe that burr grinders are superior to blade grinders, since the heat generated by the latter can overheat the coffee beans and result in coffee that tastes burnt. That being said, many of them also feel that a conical burr grinder offers more benefits than a wheel  burr grinder.

If there’s one thing that can be said in favor of wheel burr grinders is that they are more affordable than the conical version. However, the rapidly-spinning wheels also generate more noise and more mess.

The conical grinders, on the other hand, may cost a bit more, but many consumers are willing to pay the higher price for the benefits they afford. Since the burrs spin slower, you get less noise and less mess. The problem of clogging with coffee grounds is also said to be less severe than in wheel burr grinders.

If you’re tired of paying too much money buying coffee from coffee franchises when you could be making your own coffee at home that tastes just as good or even better, remember to read burr grinder reviews such as those we referenced in this article. Drinking great coffee at home by yourself or with your loved ones and friends is something you can do with the best burr grinder — the one that’s right for your needs.

So Which Coffee Burr Grinder Should I Buy?

There are many brands of burr coffee grinders out there, such as Capresso, Kitchenaid, Krups, and Cuisinart, and they are available at various price ranges. Keep in mind, though, that more expensive does not necessarily mean better. One of the best things you can do to discover the right burr coffee grinder for you is to read burr grinder reviews. People who have actually bought and used burr grinders describe the best and worst things (if any) about the product they bought, and reading these ratings and reviews will help you make a more informed decision about which one to buy.

There are thousands of reviews of burr coffee grinders on alone, and here we present three items that are among the most highly rated and with the best reviews.

Top 3 Burr Grinders According to Consumer Reports, Ratings and Reviews

Take a look at the following and see why they have hundreds of burr coffee grinder reviews. You just might find one of them to be the right one and the best buy for your needs.

1. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

This practical yet attractive electric burr grinder from Bodum gets the thumbs-up from many buyers because of its versatility. Users can choose from among the 14 settings to get the level of fineness they desire. The borosilicate glass container for catching the coffee grounds reduces static and makes it far less likely for your coffee powder to scatter all over the place. Also, its compact size means space savings on your countertop.


– A customer posted a video review of this Bodum burr grinder in which he describes the machine’s grind consistency. He says the grounds seem to be of equal size, resulting in less sediment in his French press.
– It runs more silently compared to other coffee bean grinders.
– The burrs are sturdy and well-built.
– Clean up is easy and convenient.
– The conical burr grinder makes it easy to adjust for coffee preferences.
– It grinds even new and oily coffee beans very well.


– Some consumers don’t like the 20-second time limit to each grind time and the recommended wait of five minutes between each grind.
– The finest grind may be a little too fine for the liking of espresso enthusiasts.
– New burr grinder users may find the instruction manual unclear.

2. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinders

As of this writing, this Capresso burr grinder has more than 400 5-star reviews and more than 200 4-star reviews on It has 16 settings and features commercial-grade conical burrs plus a built-in timer. The heavy-duty, zinc die-cast housing is sturdy and easy to clean.


– Customers say their coffee tastes amazing because of the even grinds that maximize the extraction of flavor from coffee beans.
– There is a greater tendency for coffee grounds to settle rather than scatter in the brewhead.
– The operation is not too noisy.
– Removable parts can be replaced.
– It’s capable of grinding larger amounts of coffee beans to serve more people.
– It has an attractive and elegant appearance.
– It is more affordable compared to some other brands.


– A reviewer said that his Capresso burr grinder left a substantial quantity of loose coffee in the grinding chamber.
– The ground coffee container may not hold as tightly in the grinder’s body over time.
– Some feel that the unit’s design make it more difficult to clean properly.

3. Breville BCG450XL Conical Burr Grinder

This Breville burr coffee grinder has adjustable settings that can give you the level of grind you want, from ultra-fine to coarse. It’s equipped with a variable timer that can let you set from 10 to 30 seconds of grind time. The bean hopper is removable and can hold up to half a pound of coffee beans.


– One customer said it generates a lot less noise than comparable burr coffee grinders.
– It is cost-efficient; as described by another user, the excellent grind can result in the use of a smaller amount of beans.
– The design looks classy and the unit feels durable.
– The receptacle is easily maneuvered to dump pre-measured grind amounts into a portafilter.
– It is more affordable compared to some other higher-end burr grinders.


– Some customers feel the grinder does not achieve the level of fineness they need for a light roast.
– The capacity of the hopper is relatively small.
– Removing coffee grounds that fall into the bin compartment can be tricky.