Best Laser Distance Measurer 2017

laser distance measurerIf you are looking for something that’s more accurate and easier to use than a tape measure to calculate distances, you might want to buy a laser distance measurer. These devices are available for sale at various price points and they offer various features. To find the best distance laser meter to suit your needs and budget, we researched product reviews written by consumers who have purchased and used them. A little later on in this article, we’ll show you some of the laser distance measurers that have the best ratings and reviews.

How Does a Laser Distance Measurer Work?

This device is known by many different names such as distance laser, distance meter laser and laser rangefinder, but the operating principle is the same: it uses a laser beam to measure the distance to an object. More specifically, it calculates the time it takes a pulse of laser light to be reflected off the targeted object and returned to the sending device. The pulse light, which is very focused, travels at a high speed and makes calculations over short distances very accurate.

Laser Distance Measuring Device Applications

If there’s something for which you can use a tape measure, a laser distance measurer can usually be even faster and more accurate. There is a whole diversity of applications for it, from home renovation projects to making maps to constructing three-dimensional models of objects to improving one’s performance at golf.

Benefits of Using a Digital Distance Meter

Because it’s so accurate, you don’t have to put any more guesswork into your measurement of distances that are important to whatever you are trying to accomplish. There’s no more need to walk hundreds of feet or yards to mark the points of the distance you need to measure; from where you are standing, just point the laser at your target distance, and with a press of a button you get an accurate measurement.

It also makes work more efficient by saving on manpower; using a tape measure to gauge long distances usually involves two people: one to anchor one end of the tape and the other to bring the other end to the destination point. A distance laser device, on the other hand, can be used by just one person.

Another hassle that gets done away with when using a laser distance measurer is having to scribble down figures on a piece of paper and doing calculations manually. Even if you use a calculator, it can still be a tedious job. But with a laser measurer, the measurements are stored and calculations are accomplished automatically. Many models even convert measurements from metric to imperial units and vice-versa.

In addition to its ability to measure long distances, a distance laser can also measure heights. So you don’t have to climb a ladder anymore to bring your tape measure to go to the height you want to calculate.

Finally, many laser measuring devices have large displays that make readings easy to interpret. Plenty of models also have backlit screens, so you can use them even in a dark room or at night.

What to Consider When Buying a Distance Laser Meter

There are various laser distance measurers for sale in both online stores and physical retail establishments. Some devices cost below a hundred dollars and perform the basic measurement functions. Some other higher-end models have more sophisticated features that make them more expensive. Keep in mind that a higher-priced unit does not necessarily make it better than a lower-priced model. For many people, the basic model is sufficient for their needs and they have no need to spend more money for a more sophisticated model.

You might also consider investing in a few other accessories to use with your laser meter. A good carrying case will help protect the device when it isn’t being used and when bringing it from place to place. Some users also advise using a pair of laser safety goggles as a precautionary measure in case one inadvertently looks into the beam.

Top 3 Laser Distance Measurers According to the Best Reviews and Ratings by Consumers

Our research shows that several distance meter lasers have high numbers of positive ratings by consumers on sites such as Here are three of the top products.

1. Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measurer

This Leica laser distance measurer is a bit pricier than some, but it has a number of very positive reviews. It weighs 8 ounces and is compact enough to fit into your shirt pocket. Its Pythagorean functions perform indirect width and height measurement, and frequently used functions can be accessed via shortcut keys. The unit’s housing is also splash- and dust-proof.


– One reviewer said the unit’s timer puts it in a class by itself, and that he would not take a reading without it.
– The laser dot on the target is motionless.
– It gives accurate and consistent readings.
– A light helps illuminate the screen.
– It accurately measures distance to a sixteenth of an inch
– It automatically stores the last ten measurements
– The buttons are obvious and intuitive


– It’s more expensive than some other simple laser distance measurers
– Opening the battery compartment can be tricky
– One reviewer didn’t like the delay before a reading is taken
– Some say it doesn’t work as well outdoors as indoors

2. Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit

This Bosch digital distance meter is a rugged-looking unit that weighs about 13 ounces. At only four inches high, it’s also handy and easy to carry along and use almost anywhere. It takes measurements in four seconds or less and offers readings in inches, feet and inches, decimal feet, and metric. It also has a continuous-length mode that automatically adjusts measurements when the user is moving.


– The laser is strong and visible
– The unit is solidly built but still lightweight
– One reviewer said the product provides measurements off surfaces such as wood, drywall, paper, nylon and even mirrors
– It is easy and intuitive to use
– It can keep a running dimension or perform a single measurement


– Saved measurements are converted into decimal feet or decimal meters
– The rubberized grips on the site means you can’t lay the unit flat on its side
– Some say the add/deduct functionality can be cumbersome
– Small numbers on the display screen

3. CST/Berger TLM100 Laser Distance Measurer

This laser distance measuring device is less expensive than the two models described above, and it has among the greatest number of five-star reviews. It weighs 8 ounces and is five inches long. It has a measurement range of two to 100 feet and features a large LCD screen. Here are some of the other things reviewers like about this product.


– Some reviewers say the accuracy was better than promoted
– It can calculate areas and volumes and also add or subtract multiple measurements
– It has a solid battery life
– The laser is not fooled by high-gloss brick finishes
– It has an intuitive interface
– The included carrying case is very handy


– The display is not backlit
– Spotting the red dot in bright light outdoors can be difficult
– A user said his unit started giving inaccurate readings in cold weather

As you can see, people give both positive and negative feedback about the devices they have purchased. We hope that reading reviews of the laser distance measurers above will help you make an informed decision and that the laser meter you decide on will be the best buy for you.