Finding the Best Hot Glue Gun to Buy 2017

glue gunDo you want to save time and money when it comes to crafting projects, home decorations, or home renovation or repair activities? One good way to achieve this would be to buy a glue gun. A lot of you probably already have glue guns at home, but is it giving you value for your money?

There are several important things you need to consider when shopping for hot melt glue guns. One excellent way to learn about them is to read glue gun reviews of consumers that have used the product. Later in this article we’ll show you what reviewers think are among the best hot glue guns for sale out there.

What Are Glue Guns Used For?

For many handicraft enthusiasts, a hot glue gun is an indispensable element in their arsenal of crafting tools. It’s also handy for school art projects.

Apart from using hot glue guns to create home decoration items, some people also use the glue itself to make décor. Colored glue can be used to make designs on pieces of glass, and also as a texturing agent on leather.

Of course, it’s also a useful tool to have when you need to make some minor repairs. It can be used to glue together broken toys, ceramic items such as vases, torn upholstery, and small wooden pieces of furniture. Some homeowners also use glue from the gun to make stoppers and caps and to fill in gaps around doors or windows.

Professional grade, industrial glue guns are also available for more heavy-duty requiring a greater amount of glue in a shorter period of time. They are usually more expensive than hobby glue guns.

Why Choosing the Right Hot Melt Glue Gun Matters

Glue guns can cost as little as just a couple of dollars, so it doesn’t seem like it’s such a big deal to go out and buy another one when your cheap glue gun breaks or becomes defective. But in the long run, those dollars will add up, not to mention the wasted time resulting from a broken glue gun and getting it replaced – time that could have been spent on accomplishing the project at hand.

Or maybe you find your projects not turning out the way you want them to because you’ve been using an inappropriate type of hot melt adhesive device. That certainly sounds like a lot of wasted time and effort.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Glue Gun

If you are going to be doing small crafting or other similar jobs, a smaller mini gun might be appropriate for your needs since it is designed for small detail work.

You also need to consider the kind of glue gun sticks to use. If you will be gluing glass, for example, experts recommend you use a low-temperature glue stick to prevent the glass from cracking, which it will tend to do if you use a high-temperature glue. Some guns come with a multi-temperature feature, which lets you melt glue at several temperatures.

You can also choose from hot glue guns that have a trigger or manual feed. With a trigger-fed gun, you place the glue into the space at the rear of the gun and release a certain amount of glue every time you pull the trigger. To use the manual model, you just need to push the glue stick with your finger.

You can also opt to use a cordless glue gun that runs on batteries or the more conventional ones the plug into power outlets.

Top 3 Glue Guns with the Best Reviews and Ratings

Because there are numerous reviews online about hot melt adhesive devices such as glue guns, you might find the following information helpful in narrowing down your choices. Here are three of the top-rated hot melt glue guns according to customer reviews on

1. 3M Scotch-Weld AE II Hot Melt Applicator

This is a trigger-operated glue gun from 3M that boasts of a lightweight design. It weighs 1.9 pounds and dispenses Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Adhesive AE sticks measuring ½ inch by twelve inches. The trigger grip is contoured for comfort and better control. It also comes with two removable bench stands. Here are what some of the reviewers say about it:


– It gets up to temperature faster and holds more melted glue
– The large trigger gives more control over the amount of glue applied
– You can add another glue stick earlier and not run out of glue in the middle of an application
– The 3M glue sticks do not have an odor
– The long and thin snout fits into tight spaces
– It works well on both small and big jobs
– The silicone gasket at the back of the heating chamber prevents melted glue from leaking into the feed area
– Some reviewers say that when it’s idle, it doesn’t drip hot glue or only drips a small amount


– It’s more expensive than several other brands
– Some customers complained about dripping glue
– One reviewer said the glue gets extremely hot
– No glue sticks are included
– There is no on/off switch

2. Surebonder PRO4000A 80-Watt Professional Lightweight Glue Gun

This is a lightweight glue gun that weighs only 12 ounces, but has a heating power of 80 watts. It’s capable of delivering 2.5 pounds of glue per hour. It features industrial solid state positive temperature control (PTC) heaters and a double insulated ground cord. It also comes with a wire stand.


– It connects plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal perfectly
– Controlling the amount of glue being dispensed is easy with the trigger
– The glue is dispensed smoothly and uniformly
– The glue does not drip and make a mess
– It is inexpensive


– One reviewer said it isn’t really suitable for small, detail-oriented jobs
– It is always heating when plugged in since there is no on/off switch

3. Surebonder DT-280 Dual Temperature Full Size Glue Gun

Another one from Surebonder, this model is even less expensive than the one described above. It’s a dual-temperature glue gun that has a high and low switch that lets you choose between high and low temperature settings to suit the job’s needs. It includes a flip down stand, and the no-drip tip feature prevents melted glue from dripping even when the tool is laid on its side.


– It heats to maximum temperature in about five minutes
– The glue gun’s hot parts are well-covered
– The controls are simple
– It has a good handle and feels sturdy
– It keeps a good flow of hot glue
– It’s inexpensive


– Some reviewers say that this hot glue gun does drip when it’s idle
– The built-n kick stand seems to be unsteady
– There is no on/off button
– The power cord contains lead

Visiting the pages of the glue guns described above will let you read the reviews and ratings for yourself. We hope that doing so will help you find the best hot glue gun for your particular needs.