Find the Best Heat Gun Fast with Reviews and Ratings

bosh heat gunAre you looking to buy a heat gun but aren’t sure precisely which one to get? Trying to make a choice from all the available heat guns for sale out there can be quite a task for many. To help you out, we did some research on what the best heat gun choices are, based on heat gun reviews posted online. We hope it will be a great help to you in your search for the right type of heat gun for your needs.

What Is a Heat Gun?

A heat gun is a device that looks a lot like a hair dryer, and like a hair dryer, it emits a certain amount of hot air. It’s different from a hair dryer, though, in that the heat it generates is of a much igher temperature. The air that comes from heat guns can go as high as 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit (760° Celsius), although those designed for home use do not usually get quite as hot, about 200-1000°F or 100-550°C.

Heat Gun Paint Removal and Other Applications

Electric heat guns are very handy tools to have if you plan on doing a bit of home repainting or renovation. The heat greatly softens the paint or wallpaper that you want to remove or replace, making it easier to scrape or peel off.

They are useful for drying out damp wood and for thawing out frozen pipes during very cold weather. They are also often used to apply shrink film and heat shrink tubing, and to heat the shrink wrap on packaging. Many people also use them to bend and weld plastic and to make adhesives softer and more pliable.

Benefits of Using a Heat Gun

Many people say in their heat gun reviews that one of the best things the tool does is to save them time on any given application. Softening things like paint, adhesives on stickers or caulking makes it faster and easier to scrape or peel them off. It also cuts down on the need to use chemical solvents that could damage the surface of walls, furniture, and the like.

Also, did you know that you can also use a heat gun to roast coffee beans? Take about a pound of green coffee beans, set your heat gun to its lowest setting, wait about a minute for it to heat up, and then point it about an inch away from the beans. Just make sure you stir the beans continuously while you’re heating them for a uniform roast.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Heat Gun

It’s important to buy a high-quality heat gun because getting a substandard device will most likely result in hot spots that will scorch or burn whatever it is you are heating. Some heat guns use gas to produce an open flame, but this type of device is not recommended for those without adequate training or those who don’t have much experience with heat guns.

You might also want to consider buying an speed-heater infrared heat gun. Instead of hot air or an open flame, it emits infrared rays that give off heat at certain temperatures.

Many heat gun models come with a built-in rest that lets you put it on a workbench or table and leaves both your hands free for other work. There are also those with special nozzles that concentrate or deflect hot air for specific purposes.

Where to Buy a Heat Gun

You can find heat guns for sale almost anywhere, both in bricks-and-mortar retail stores and online on Internet shopping sites such as Home Depot and Amazon. There’s no shortage of them so whether you are thinking about buying a Steinel heat gun, a Milwaukee heat gun, or heat guns of other brands, you’ll find plenty of places that sell them.

As we mentioned earlier, we want to help you find the best heat gun for your needs, so we read the reviews and gathered three of those that have some of the best consumer reports and ratings on Learn more about them below.

Top 3 Heat Guns Based on Consumer Reviews and Ratings

1. Kawasaki 840015 Black 10-Piece Heat Gun Kit

This Kawasaki heat gun kit is powered by a 12.5-amp motor and features dual-speed settings as well as a dual-temperature range. It comes with accessories such as a heat gun cradle, a scraper handle, three scraper heads and plain and wide jets. Here are some of what people have said they like about it in their heat gun reviews:


– Several reviewers say that it is strong, reliable and effective
– It is fairly priced
– It’s capable of doing large jobs like stripping and brazing
– It heats up quickly
– It comes with many accessories for different uses
– The unit feels robust and sturdy


– One user said the ceramic pieces inside the unit became detached with use
– It can get hot enough to scorch wood
– Another reviewer said the unit and its accessories seem crammed in the carrying case

2. Milwaukee 8975-6 11.6 Amp 570/1000-Degree Fahrenheit Dual Temperature Heat Gun

This Milwaukee heat gun has quite a number of 4- and 5-star reviews. It is a dual-temperature device that is powered by an 11.6-amp motor. It has a three-position rocker switch that you can set to off, low and high. The rear housing rotates to select the temperature and comes with an impact-resistant carrying case.


– It has an ergonomic design
– A customer said he had no trouble using the device to strip off paint that was more than a quarter inch thick
– The fan blows out heat effectively
– It operates quietly
– It heats up quickly
– It is well-built and durable


– A customer said the cord gets in the way sometimes because it is short and stiff
– Some say it doesn’t provide the level of heat they needed
– One user said his Milwaukee heat gun lasted only ten months

3. Bosch 1942 14.3 Amp Heat Gun

This Bosch heat gun weighs 3.5 pounds and has a 14.3-amp motor. It’s powerful enough for industrial applications and has air intake regulators that let you adjust the temperature according to your requirements. The insulated nozzle is a safety feature that protects the operator. The tool’s cool air setting also makes it suitable for no-heat and cooling applications.


– Reviewers say it’s a commercial-quality product
– It’s sturdy and durable, lasting for years
– It handles multiple layers of paint very well
– The stand makes it more convenient to use


– One reviewer said the cord is not long enough
– Accessories can be challenging to find
– It can’t be used for extended periods on the high setting

Reading these and other heat gun reviews can go a long way toward helping you make a better purchasing decision. Find out more about them by visiting the review pages and see for yourself whether or not these heat guns would be the best buy for you.