Top 3 Best Epilator Models for 2017

If you are tired of constantly having to shave unwanted hair, you might be asking yourself what is the best epilator available for you out there. There are numerous brands and models, and later on in this article we’ll be presenting you with three of those that have the top rated epilator.

What Is an Epilator?

An epilator is a handheld electric device that is a bit similar in appearance to men’s electric shavers. But unlike a shaver, an epilator removes not only the surface hair but also its roots. It does this by tweezing the hair between metal plates, pulling them out by the roots, and then discarding them.

It may vary from person to person, but it generally takes a month or so before hair grows back long enough to require another epilation session.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Epilation

First of all, it can’t be denied that using an epilator involves some degree of discomfort, especially if you’re a new user. Much like waxing, epilators pull the hair out by the roots, so that’s bound to cause some pain. However, it has been the general observation of many people that the pain and discomfort lessen in severity as time passes.

But unlike waxing, an epilator does not peel off your skin cells. And unlike laser hair removal systems, epilation is suitable for any skin type or color. According to the Mayo Clinic, laser hair removal is most suited for those with dark hair and light skin, since the laser beam may affect the melanin in the skin. Besides, many experts do not recommend self-performance of hair laser removal. They recommend that the procedure be done by a qualified and licensed medical professional.

Kinds of Epilation Devices

Electric epilators may be battery operated or may be plugged into an electric socket. Some models come with interchangeable heads, making them more versatile to use. A number of them also have a cooling head, which soothes and cools the skin.

Some people prefer using an epilator that has a gentler pulling action. It may take a bit longer for such a device to completely remove hair from one area of the body compared to regular epilators. But many consumers don’t really mind the extra time it takes since the level of discomfort is more tolerable.

What to Consider When Shopping for Electric Epilators

Keep in mind that a more expensive epilating device is not necessarily the best device for you. Conversely, you also shouldn’t choose just any cheap epilator model to eliminate unwanted hair. An inferior-quality epilator will not give an effective performance and may break down or become defective within a short period of time.

And as mentioned earlier, consider buying a gentle epilator if you have sensitive skin, since this will remove hair at the roots more gently than a more powerful epilator.

Some epilators come in small sizes and are designed for use in sensitive areas. However, a number of consumers find that this type of device causes a lot more pain since its tweezers spin faster.

When looking for the best epilator, it’s also important to consider how durable the product is, whether or not it’s easy to clean, and whether or not it makes a lot of noise during operation.

Finally, it’s also a wise move to read epilator reviews for women by people who have bought epilators. Learning about an electric epilating device’s good and bad points from the perspective of somebody else who has already used it may help guide you to the device that’s right for your needs and budget.

Top 3 Devices According to the Best Epilator Reviews

We searched for the bestselling epilation devices according to epilators for women reviews that can be found on that site. Here are three epilators having the highest number of reviews and ratings by consumers.

1. Braun 5270 X’elle Body System Epilator

The number of Braun epilator reviews in the five-star category for this product on is impressive — more than 700 positive reviews. The system features 40 tweezers that remove a greater amount of hair in one stroke. It also has massage rollers to reduce the discomfort of hair removal as well as a built-in SmartLight to help ensure that you don’t miss any strands of hair. Here are some highlights of the reviews for this product.


– It works well even in the underarm and bikini areas.
– It doesn’t leave a prickly or stubbly feeling.
– It can be used every day.
– One reviewer said the device’s high speed enables her to finish removing the hair from both legs in 25 to 30 minutes.
– The noise is mild.
– The roller bars help minimize discomfort.
– A number of reviewers said the SmartLight is indispensable for finding fine hairs or hairs that are hiding.


– Some reviewers complained that the hairs got cut instead of being pulled out.
– Ingrown hairs may occur.
– The cord is too short.

2. Braun SE3170 Silk-épil SoftPerfection Epilator

As of the time of this writing, around 150 consumers feel that this Braun device is the best epilator out there on the market. It’s smaller and less pricy than the Braun epilator described above, but it packs quite a few features. It has two active massage rollers that stimulate the skin prior to and after hair is removed to minimize discomfort. The device’s epilation head raises the hairs so that even short ones that are lying flat are eliminated efficiently at the root. The matte-finish grips make for secure handling. The package includes a cleaning brush and an AC adapter.


– One reviewer said her Braun epilator was still running perfectly six years after she purchased it.
– It can be used on the legs, underarms and bikini area with equal success.
– Its price makes it more affordable than both self-waxing and salon waxing.
– Hair seems to grow in finer and much less noticeable.
– It can work on hair as short as 0.5 millimeters.


– The sound it makes tends to be louder than an electric toothbrush.
– Some reviewers complained about having ingrown hair, although several also said this can be avoided by exfoliating regularly.
– It is not cord-free.


3. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

This Emjoi epilator also enjoys plenty of high reviews and ratings. It features 72 tweezer heads that remove more hair with fewer passes over the skin. It minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs through technology that raises flat and short hairs for easier removal. This epilator also boasts of Silver Ion Technology to protect against microbial infection, for a safe and sanitary hair removal operation.


– It provides plenty of power in two power settings.
– It works fast.
– Some reviewers said it seems to be less painful than other epilators.
– It’s durable.
– Hair regrowth is not prickly.
– It’s ergonomic to hold and to handle.
– The detachable head makes it easier to clean.


– It’s only operable when plugged into an outlet.
– Some reviewers say there’s a challenging learning curve involved.
– A few customers don’t recommend using it on sensitive areas like the face, underarms and bikini area.

It should be mentioned that not all of the best epilator reviews for the above products were written by women; quite a number of satisfied male consumers also weighed in on the products’ pros and cons. We recommend that you check out these devices further since one of them just might be the best epilator for you.