Top 3 Best Infant & Baby Formula Products According to Reviews and Ratings

baby instant formulaFor mothers who cannot breastfeed or prefer to bottle-feed their babies, choosing the best baby formula to buy is of paramount importance in making sure that their infants get the nutrition they need. If you are one such mother, you should first ask your pediatrician about the choices that are available to you.

That said, later in this article we’ll be sharing with you the best formula for babies based on baby formula reviews written by consumers. You might want to use the list below to ask your pediatrician which baby formula is best for your little angel.

Main Types of Baby Formula

It’s important to note that regular milk will not provide all the nutrients that a baby needs. Commercial infant formulas, on the other hand, are produced in compliance with regulations and standards that require they contain at least the minimum recommended amount of nutrients.

There are specific formulas that are designed for consumption by babies who are premature and those who have particular health issues. However, here are the main kinds of baby formula that can be found in the market.

Formulas based on cow’s milk: This type of formula uses cow’s milk that has been modified to approximate human breast milk. It’s generally suited for most babies and is easy to digest. For babies who are allergic to proteins that are found in cow’s milk, other types of formula are recommended.

Soy-based baby formulas: This type of milk is usually chosen by parents of lactose-intolerant infants or by those who do not want their babies to ingest animal proteins.

Protein hydrolysate infant formulas: Also known as hypoallergenic formulas, these are suitable for infants who are allergic to milk or soy. This type of formula is also gentler to a baby’s digestive system.

Formulations of Baby Milk

You can choose from among several milk formulations that would work best for your budget and lifestyle.

Powdered formulas are generally the most affordable formulations available on the market. They have a lengthy shelf life. However, they can be time-consuming since you’ll need to mix the right amount of powder and water before each feeding.

Concentrated liquid formulas, also known as ready-to-pour formulas, are available in cans. Water must be added to this formula in order to dilute it. Pediatricians generally recommend that any unused portion be discarded within a day of opening the can.

Ready-to-use baby formulas are the most convenient of all the formulations. As the name implies, a ready-to-use formula doesn’t require any mixing or diluting with water. All you need to do is to attach a sterilized nipple to it. However, it is also the most expensive option.

Things to Remember When Choosing the Best Formula for Babies

Of course, you will need to buy a formula that is appropriate for your baby’s age. There are formulas for newborn babies and others that are more suited to older infants and toddlers. And, as mentioned earlier, there are specific formulas for premature infants and those with particular health problems.

It’s vital to choose a baby formula that is fortified with iron, as this nutrient is necessary for the growth and development of your infant. You might also want to ask your pediatrician about infant formulas that include omega-3 fatty acids such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA), as well as prebiotics and probiotics, which are reputed to emulate breast milk’s immune benefits.

Finally, read up on what others have to say about particular formulas. Ask friends or family members about their recommendations, and read reviews. But again, remember that you should always consult your baby’s pediatrician when it comes to your infant’s health and nutrition.

Top 3 Best Infant Formula Products by Baby Formula Reviews and Ratings

Sites like have hundreds of reviews for the best formula for babies. We have gathered those with the highest ratings in the hope that they will help you narrow down your choices.

1. Similac Expert Care Alimentum Hypoallergenic Nutrition Formula, Powder, With Iron, 1-Pound

This infant formula from Similac is targeted toward babies who are sensitive to protein and who suffer from food allergies and colic. Alimentum, one of the main ingredients, is composed of protein that is broken down into minuscule pieces to prevent allergic reactions in babies who are sensitive to protein. The pack includes six one-pound cans of iron-fortified protein-hydrolysate-based powdered formula.


– A number of reviewers said the milk stopped their babies’ colic due to acid reflux.
– A customer said the formula solved her baby’s projectile-vomiting problem.
– It is a hypoallergenic formula, the cost of which is completely covered by many insurance companies.


– It is expensive compared to some other brands, but as mentioned above, it can be covered by health insurance.
– The smell isn’t pleasant, but it doesn’t taste bad.
– A reviewer said that the formula failed to clear up her baby’s eczema.

2. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron, DHA, 25.75-Ounce Canister

For many consumers, this product is the best organic baby formula, garnering more than 100 five-star reviews on It contains no artificial colors or preservatives but has DHA and ARA which may contribute to the development of your baby’s brain and eyes. This package contains four canisters weighing 25.75 ounces each. Here are the highlights of some baby formula reviews for this product.


– A number of reviewers say their babies do not get gas from drinking it.
– It works well with breastfeeding.
– The formula seems to be easier to digest for sensitive babies.
– It mixes well even with water from a filtered tap.
– It is certified as organic by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


– Clumps may form when mixing the formula.
– A number of customers complained about how the DHA/ARA are made with hexane.
– One reviewer said it caused constipation in her baby daughter.

3. Babys Only Organic Toddler Formula, Dairy Iron Fortified, 12.7-Ounce Canisters

This milk also has quite a number of positive organic baby formula reviews. It is described as naturally containing carbohydrates and amino acids that greatly resemble human breast milk. It is also said to be the first organic baby formula on the U.S. market.


– It does not have to be refrigerated.
– The formula has a pleasant taste.
– It can be mixed with breast milk.
– It’s cheaper than many other well-known brands.
– Many reviewers say it’s a great supplement to breast milk or for transitioning infants from breast milk to formula.


– Some reviewers complain that it becomes too foamy when being mixed.
– It is not readily available in many stores.
– Some customers say they wish the cans were bigger.

There is no one perfect formula for all babies. But depending on factors such as your baby’s needs, your budget, and your pediatrician’s advice, you might just find one of the above to be the best baby formula for your little one’s needs. Visit their product pages today to learn more about them and how they could contribute to your baby’s growth and development.