Best Double Strollers for 2017

best double strollerIf you have infant or toddler twins or young children whose ages are close to each other, then you might want to buy the best double stroller for them. It’s an indispensable device for many parents with more than one young child who need to get around many places.

But choosing just the right type can be confusing since there are so many models available for sale. We hope to help you narrow down your choices by presenting you with some shopping tips when you are evaluating your options. Later on in this article, we’ll also show you a few of the highest-rated double strollers and those with the best double stroller reviews.

Types of Double Baby Strollers

By “baby,” we are referring to kids who are in their first year and toddlers, though there are quite a few double strollers that can accommodate children beyond the toddler age. Here are several of the most common types of double strollers designed for these young children:

Tandem Double Strollers: With this type of stroller, one seat is located directly behind the other seat. At least one model even allows an older child to stand on a platform behind the front seat, and then when he gets tired, he can sit on a padded seat. The seats in some other tandems can be adjusted to allow its occupants to face each other. There are also those that have stadium-style seats where the child in the back seat can see over the child in front. A tandem double stroller is approximately as wide as a traditional single-passenger stroller and fits through standard doors.

Side-by-side double strollers: These look like two traditional strollers that have been fastened together. Although they are wide, they generally fit through elevator doors and in “handicapped-friendly” doors; some manufacturers claim their models can go through standard doorways. They are easier to push up on curbs than a tandem stroller. Keep in mind, though that a side-by-side stroller might veer to one side if its occupants are of different weights.

Double jogging strollers: This is a great product to have if you’re a jogger or runner and you want to take two young children with you on your runs. A double jogging stroller has three air-filled tires that make them suitable for use even on dirt paths. Those with 16-inch wheels are the most popular since they can be used easily off-road and walking around town. Some models allow the front wheel to swivel while others have a fixed front wheel. The wheels may be made of steel or aluminium alloy. Some models also have shock absorbers and are great for use on rugged terrain.

Double umbrella strollers: These strollers get their name from how their curved handles resemble those of an umbrella’s. The seats of a double umbrella stroller usually cannot be reclined fully, though there are some that offer this feature.

All-terrain double strollers: These are similar in appearance to jogging strollers because they also have three air-filled tires. They can also be used on rugged terrain. However, they should not be used for jogging or running, unless indicated in the product’s user manual.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Double Stroller

Consider buying a model that has been certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This means that the baby stroller complies with strict standards established by the industry.

It’s also a good idea to check out the web site of the Consumer Product Safety Commission for product recalls. Some stroller models have been recalled because of safety issues such as babies risking strangulation if they are left unharnessed, or that infants could fall if stroller buckles are released too easily. Problems with brakes on strollers can also cause them to be recalled.

If you are thinking of getting jogging strollers for your babies, keep in mind that they aren’t suitable for very young infants. Experts recommend that babies be at least eight months old — some recommend at least they be one year old — before they can safely be placed in a jogging stroller.

Double strollers are available in various colors, which not only add to their visual appeal, but function as a safety feature too. If you live in an area with poor lighting or if you like taking your children out for a stroll in the early evening, a light- or brightly-colored double stroller will make it more visible to bicycle riders and motor vehicles. A light-colored canopy will help repel heat, so that’s a nice thing to have in warm weather. Dark-colored double strollers, on the other hand, are great for cold weather. They also disguise dirt marks more easily.

Price is another important consideration. It may be tempting to buy cheap double strollers if money is tight, but remember that a lot of inexpensive strollers skimp on quality and features. We aren’t saying that only the most expensive and high-end stroller models are worth buying. But those who think that they can get a sturdy, high-quality and safe double stroller for something like less than $100 need to think again. A good double stroller, while not cheap generally, will pay for itself by keeping your child safe, and with proper care, it will last for many years.

 Double Strollers – 3 best selling

Finding the best double stroller review sites online can be quite time-consuming, so here we’ve taken three that have very high ratings and a lot of five-star reviews.

1. Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

The front seat of this Joovy Caboose double stroller can hold an infant from six months to a young child weighing up to 45 pounds. The back seat and platform is designed for children 2.5 years old and up, with a maximum weight of 45 pounds. It is compatible with several infant car seats, and comes with a storage basket as well as a child tray with 2-cup holders. Here are highlights of some reviews about it:


– It is easier to maneuver than other tandem strollers because of its shorter wheelbase or footprint.
– It is more convenient than another double stroller because a three-year-old might want to sit or stand at different times.
– It has deluxe foam handles.
– It has a big canopy that locks on each side.
– It has light reflective straps and a reflective harness.
– It works well on both bumpy and smooth surfaces.
– It folds fairly compactly.
– The tall push bar makes it easier for adults to handle comfortably.
– Assembly was easy.


– A reviewer complained about the square tubing, although another review found the square tubing to be stronger than oval or round tubing.
– There is no cup holder or tray for parents.
– The front seat does not fully recline.
– It is heavy.


2. InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger

Made by Pacific Cycle, a lot parents seem to consider this one of the best double jogging stroller models around. The recommended maximum weight for this stroller is 100 pounds. The 12-inch front tire and the 16-inch rear tires are pneumatic with molded rims. It has a molded parent tray and molded child trays, both of which have two cup holders each. It has a rubberized handle grip.


– It has separate seats and separate shades that can be positioned independently.
– The swivel wheel can be locked to make jogging with the stroller easier.
– The seats recline far.
– It’s easy to push because it rolls very well.
– It’s easy to fold.


– Getting to the underside basket can be hard because of the bar at the bottom.
– The latch on the parent console can be difficult to open or close.
– Assembling the footrest can be tricky.


3. Baby Jogger 2015 City Mini Double Stroller

This City Mini Double Stroller is another popular choice among parents with young children. It features a patented quick-fold technology that makes it simple to raise and fold. It weighs 21 pounds and can accommodate 100 pounds. The 3-panel bubble canopies have clear view windows and can be adjusted individually. The 8-inch wheels have steel ball bearings for a smoother ride. There are also shoulder pads and a padded buckle cover on the adjustable 5-point harness.


– It can be folded flat when the wheels are removed, which is easy to do.
– It can be pushed and steered with one hand, even with two children of even or uneven weight sitting in the stroller.
– The pockets behind the seats offer added convenience.
– It fits well in store aisles and through the doors of malls and convenience stores.
– One reviewer said it fits in the back of their Chevy Cruze with room to spare.


– The storage under the seat is difficult to access.
– It does not come with a cup/phone/key holder.
– It is not suitable for jogging or running despite its name.
– It is pricier than many other models, though plenty of reviewers have said it has been worth its price.


There is probably no single best double stroller that will meet every family’s needs. But for many parents, the products above are just perfect for them. We recommend you check them out further, read the reviews, and see if one of them would be the best one for your children.