Top 3 Best Baby Carriers According to Customer Reviews and Ratings

Are you looking for the best baby carrier you can buy that is safe as well as comfortable for both you and your baby to use? With all the options available out there, we hope to help you make a selection by presenting you with the highest-rated products according to baby carrier reviewers written by consumers like yourself. We’ll also be sharing some tips about things to keep in mind when shopping for baby carriers.

Advantages of Using a Baby Carrier

Using the right kind of baby carrier allows you to have your baby very close to your body whether you’re shopping for groceries or walking around at home. There’s no need to worry about tiring your arms from carrying your baby even for long periods of time, and your arms are left free to do other stuff.

Baby strollers are also good to use for transporting a baby, but kind of inconvenient to use inside the house. Baby carriers that you can wear are much more suitable in such cases.

Types of Wearable Carriers for Babies

There are several basic types of carriers; some of them are suitable for infants while some others are recommended for older babies and toddlers.

Front strap-on carrier: You position this type of carrier with your baby sitting upright in front of your body. An infant is seated facing inward so he can rest his head on your chest, while an older infant may be seated facing either inward or outward.

Hip carrier: If you’ve ever supported an infant on your hip with your arms, you already have an idea how this one works. Instead of your arms, your baby is supported on your hip by a padded pouch with adjustable straps. Similar to a strap-on carrier, a baby also sits upright in a hip carrier.

Sling or wrap carrier: Like a hip or strap-on carrier, a sling is a convenient way for an adult to carry a baby around, especially in narrow spaces. A sling is made up of a length of cloth that an adult wears over one shoulder and around the waist. It should be noted, though, that slings or wraps aren’t recommended by child safety experts since concerns have been raised about how they can potentially suffocate babies.

Framed baby carrier backpack: This is suitable for an older infant of at least six months old who can already hold her head up without assistance. Like a backpack, it’s worn by an adult on his or her back. A baby backpack carrier can usually bear a weight of up to forty pounds.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Baby Carriers

Durability and comfort are two of the main things to keep in mind when looking for a well-made infant carrier. Make sure the model you are considering has a padded waist strap as this is vital for distributing your infant’s weight from your shoulders to your back and hips.

The carrier’s padding and fabrics should not irritate your baby’s skin. Ease of cleaning and washing is a prime consideration for many parents.

Buckles, straps and fasteners should be firm and sturdy. Fasteners and buckles should be easy enough for an adult to unfasten, but difficult for babies to open. A carrier’s straps should be wide for a more even distribution of weight and so that they don’t dig in and cause you discomfort. Adjustable straps are helpful if either you or your partner will be wearing the carrier.

Some infant carriers have vents in the side that facilitate the flow of air to keep your baby cool. Front strap-on carriers that have dual-side entry buckles are useful if your baby falls asleep while in the carrier and you want to move her to the crib without waking her.

Finally, it’s wise to check the web site of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to see if the model you are considering has been recalled due to safety issues. It’s also a good idea to see if the carrier you are considering has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

3 Best Infant Carriers According to Baby Carriers Reviews

There are numerous models offered by various manufacturers such as Infantino, Snugli, Beco, Boba, Evenflo and many more. However, the following have some of the highest number of five-star ratings in baby carrier reviews written by consumers.

1. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original

This front strap-on carrier currently enjoys more than 230 five-star reviews on alone. It’s suitable even for very young infants, as long as the infant weighs at least eight pounds and measures at least 21 inches long. As the baby grows older, he or she can also be seated facing outward. The carrier’s buckle can be adjusted to accommodate the infant as time goes by. Here are some things that consumers have said about this product in their baby carrier reviews.


– It is remarkably easy and comfortable to use.
– It can convert to accommodate both a tall and a short wearer.
– It has intuitive connectors and clips.
– It can be easily fastened and unfastened to turn the baby around without having to put her down or passing her off to someone else.
– It’s durable; several reviewers have said the quality remained top-notch even after several years of use by different children.


– Some say it becomes uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time with a heavier baby seated inside.
– Becoming familiar with how the straps work can take some effort.
– It doesn’t have pockets for storing things like a wallet or keys.

2. Ergo Baby Carrier

This infant carrier can be worn in front of the body or on the back — like a backpack — and also on the hip. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable for both the adult wearing it and the baby inside. The carrier’s body has 100 percent cotton batting while the lining and hood are made of cotton poplin. High-density foam is found within the shoulder traps and the waist belt.


– Using it with a baby weighing more than 15 pounds does not place undue strain on the wearer’s back.
– A reviewer said she had no trouble nursing her daughter discreetly in the Ergo carrier.
– It’s simple to adjust the straps to fit two different wearers.
– The design is attractive and gender-neutral enough for any baby.
– It has a pocket where things like baby wipes and diapers can be stored.


– Some reviewers do not like the fact that a baby cannot sit facing outward in this carrier.
– It’s pricy.
– It can take some practice to use the side-carry and rear-carry positions.

3. Boba Classic Baby Carrier

This Boba baby carrier is a soft-structured product designed for babies weighing from 15 pounds to 45 pounds (7-20 kilos). The adjustable waist belt is attached to patent-pending foot straps, on which your baby can rest his feet. The shoulder straps are 19 inches long and may be extended an additional 19 inches.


– It can be worn in the front or the back.
– Great padding and support are offered by the adjustable straps in the shoulders and around the waist.
– There’s a sleeping hood that unrolls from the top of the carrier to shield the baby from sunlight or rain, and to provide privacy for the baby.
– The material feels very durable and the stitching is of high quality.
– It is designed to put less strain on the wearer’s neck and to balance the weight on the shoulders.


– It’s expensive, although many say it’s worth the investment.
– The baby cannot sit facing out if the carrier is worn in front.
– Some say they wished the Boba carrier had some pockets.

While there is really no one-size-fits-all solution to satisfy every parent, it’s also true that there are many who have found great satisfaction with the infant carrier of their choice. We recommend you check out the products above to see if one of them is the best baby carrier for you and your little one.