Best and Top-Rated Recumbent Exercise Bike Models 2017 by Customer Reviews

If you’re looking to exercise regularly at home with a piece of equipment that will give you an effective workout without being hard on your joints, you might want to buy a recumbent exercise bike.

But which one to purchase? Knowing how to find the best recumbent stationary bike depends on your own needs. But finding out what other consumers think about the model that you are perhaps considering is also helpful. Later in this article, we’ll share which ones rank highly among consumers according to their recumbent bike ratings and reviews.

Stationary Recumbent Bike & Upright Exercise Bike Comparisons

Both an upright bike and a recumbent bike offer cardiovascular and physical fitness benefits. Both have their pros and cons, depending on the user’s needs and desires. The most obvious difference between the two kinds of stationary bicycles is their seating configuration for the user.

An upright exercise bike looks like a traditional bike, with the seat located right above the pedals. With a recumbent bike, the user sits in a semi-reclined position, with his or her legs extended to reach the pedals located near the front of the bike. This position provides a degree of comfort missing in the traditional upright exercise bike. Because of this, coupled with the bike’s large seat and back support, people with back problems and neck pain issues find it more comfortable to use a recumbent exercise machine.

There are also some differences when it comes to muscle groups worked by the two bikes. Upright exercise bicycles concentrate mainly on the quadriceps while recumbents focus more on the glutes and hamstrings. They generally don’t provide much in the way of an upper body workout, though some models come with moving handles to help tone the user’s arms, back and chest.

Types of Resistance

There are four main types of resistance you can find in various recumbant bikes. The ones with a magnetic resistance, which can be adjusted with just one push of a button, are probably the most popular. These types are commonly used in gyms. Although they tend to cost more than bikes with other resistance types, they are very popular because of their smooth and quiet ride.

A flywheel resistance-type recumbent exercise bicycle features a weighted wheel that spins through the kinetic energy generated by the user when he or she pedals.

A bike with direct tension resistance involves manually adjusting a lever or knob that fastens on the spinning wheel. One with air resistance comes with a fan that blows air onto the wheel, which cools the rider at the same time.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Recumbent Exercise Bikes

First of all, it’s advisable to buy a recumbent stationary bike only after your doctor says you are fit to use it. Also, remember that you can’t stand on the pedals as you would be able to do on an upright stationary bike, so take this into consideration if you’re the type who wants to be able to alternatively sit and stand while using a stationary bike.

Recumbent bikes for sale are available at various price points. There are decent ones that can be had for below $500. The higher-end and more expensive models are usually gym-quality and have additional features. A bike with many resistance levels is ideal since it will give you a tougher, more rigorous workout as time goes by. Also, consider those that have several workout programs built in the bike, which could help you to meet or even expand your fitness goals.

Finally, it’s a good idea to look at recumbent bike ratings and reviews to discover users’ positive and negative experiences with recumbent exercise bikes. Plenty of the large shopping web sites like Amazon have numerous reviews written by customers, and their feedback can help you make a more informed decision.

Top 3 Recumbent Exercise Bike Models by Reviews and Ratings

There are many recumbent stationary bike models from companies like Schwinn, Weslo, and Trek, but which ones get the highest approval ratings from consumers? Here are three of them as evidenced by recumbent bike ratings by those who have purchased them.

1. Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike
Schwinn has long enjoyed a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality stationary and outdoor bikes, and this Schwinn recumbent bike is one of its more popular stationary bicycles. Its recumbent seat can be adjusted with a slider to fit various body types and sizes. The bike comes with six preset programs and ten profile courses, while the adjustable LCD instrument panel displays your workout statistics. Your heart rate is measured by the integrated monitor that is built into the grip. Here are some of what consumers have said about the Schwinn 230.


– The bike operates very quietly.
– Assembly is uncomplicated.
– The seat is really comfortable.
– It has a water bottle holder and reading rack.
– It’s priced affordably for its features.
– It feels durable and solidly built.


– The minimum distance setting between the pedals and the seat may be too large for shorter people.
– The electronic display screen does not have a backlight.
– A customer said the flywheel bearings started going out after about 150 hours of use.


2. Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike
Yet another Schwinn recumbent bike has garnered plenty of five-star reviews from consumers. Even though it’s priced lower than the Schwinn model above, it still comes with plenty of features that customers approve of. The flywheel weighs 20 pounds while the console and seat are adjustable. It includes 17 workout programs, a backlit display system, and a telemetry-enabled heart rate measurement system built into the handlebars.


– It is reasonably priced.
– It has a high number of exercise programs.
– It is able to remember a particular user’s information.
– The cup holder is located on the console and not under the seat.
– It has magazine storage rack under the seat.
– It runs very quietly.


– The written instructions for assembly and usage lack detail.
– Learning how to program a user can be difficult.
– One user said the seatback’s incline is too vertical to support one’s back.


3. Stamina 15-0200 InTone Folding Recumbent Bike
This recumbant exercise bike from Stamina Products features a multi-function LCD screen that shows information such as calories burned and workout time. You can heighten or lessen the intensity of your workout with the adjustable resistance system. It comes with slide-resistant footpads and grips with padded foam. The cushioned seat is fully adjustable. Its folding design and wheels make it more convenient to move and store.


– It is economically priced.
– It takes up very little room.
– Assembly is easy.
– The mechanism is quiet.
– The distance/calorie/time monitor is cumulative, making it easier to keep track of total exercise times for the day.


– Some say the seat post adjustment is unsatisfactory for taller people.
– A customer said the pedals did not come with straps.
– It has a user weight limit of 250 pounds.

We recommend you take a closer look at these recumbent bike ratings to gain more insight about the products from the perspective of other consumers. In doing so, we hope you find the best recumbent exercise bike that will help you achieve your fitness and exercise goals at home.