Find the Best Stationary Bike Stand by Consumer Reviews and Ratings

If you want to continue using your bike for training or for working out even during bad-weather days, but aren’t willing to invest in an indoor stationary bike, then you might want to buy a stationary bike stand. There are many stationary bike stands for sale in stores and on Internet shopping sites, and the range of selections can be overwhelming for some.

Here we’ll share some tips about things to keep in mind when shopping for a bike training stand. We’ll also show some of the bestselling and highest-rated exercise bike stands according to reviews written by consumers.

How a Bike Trainer Stand Works

Bike trainer stands features a heavy-duty frame which holds your bicycle. It grips the back wheel of the bike and raises it about an inch above the ground. Using the right kind of indoor bike stand will let you experience resistance that is similar to that of biking outdoors.

Types of Exercise Bike Stands

Indoor bike stands are available in three basic types: wind or fan, fluid and magnetic. They differ in terms of the resistance they provide, but there is one thing they have in common: a roller located behind the bike’s rear wheel. Resistance is created by this roller via the movement from the back wheel.

Wind resistance is created through the use of a fan in fan-type bike exercise stands. A good workout can be had with this type of stationary bike stand, which is generally the most affordable type, although using it can generate quite a bit of noise.

A fluid-type bike training stand features a magnetic flywheel that has fluid chambers. The power of the roller spins the flywheel. This type of floor bike stand is very popular because of its quiet operation and the great amount of resistance it offers.

A magnetic bike stand for indoor riding has rollers, which power the stand’s magnetic flywheel. The resistance provided is greater than that of a fan-type trainer’s; it also runs more silently.

Benefits of Using Stationary Bike Stands

One of the great things about an exercise bike stand is that you can continue biking even if the weather outside is bad or if it’s too dark to go cycling outdoors. To prevent a feeling of monotony, you can watch a TV program or a movie while using your bike trainer stand, or prop a book in front of you while you cycle.

As mentioned above, it can also be a cost-effective move since it’s in many cases cheaper than buying a good-quality indoor exercise bike. Using the right type of bike training stand for your bike allows you to burn calories, get a good cardiovascular workout indoors, and exercise your lower body’s muscles.

Another great thing about exercise bike stands is that they are lightweight, so they’re easy to move to another room. Many of the latest models can be folded for easy and convenient storage after using them.

Things to Remember When Buying a Bike Stand for Indoor Training

It’s vital to choose the right kind of indoor bike stand because the wrong one may not provide adequate amounts of resistance and may even cause damage to your bike. You need a stand that supports the weight and size of your bike — as well as your body’s weight.

Look at the bike trainer stand’s features. Does it come with a floor mat to protect your floor from scratches? Are the tire grips cushioned in order to protect your bike’s wheels? Does it have a pedometer that shows you the distance you ride for each workout session?

Price is another factor that comes into play when choosing bike stands for exercise. High-end models can cost upwards of $1,000, but there are numerous lower-priced models that can help you achieve a good workout or training session indoors. It’s a good idea to read reviews by people who have purchased a bike trainer stand of their own, to gain insight from others’ perspectives about the pros and cons of particular exercise bike stand brands and makes.

3 Best Stationary Bike Stand Models by User Reviews and Ratings

Do you want to know which bike trainer stands get the highest number of approvals from consumer? Our research shows that the following are among the top-rated, with the best reviews from customers.

1. CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer
This CycleOps Fluid bike trainer enjoys plenty of five-star ratings and tremendous support from both casual and more athletic cyclists. It can give a very tough workout with its infinite resistance curve and power-band technology and provides a realistic outdoor riding experience. Its quiet operation and self-cooling system are two of the things that consumers love about this product. Here are some more of what they have to say about it.


– It runs quietly.
– You get more of a workout in 45 minutes using the trainer than you would in twice that amount of time out on the road.
– A fan blows air on you to help you keep cool while you’re using the trainer.
– Assembly is easy.
– It’s sturdy and does not move around when in use.
– It’s easy to get one’s bike in and out of it.
– The resistance is easy to change.


– The trainer may get very warm if used vigorously for a long period of time.
– It’s pricy.
– Some say the instruction manual is poorly written.

2. Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer
This exercise bike stand from Bell has an impressive total of 140 five-star reviews as of the time of this writing. It has a magnetic resistance system that provides a smooth and quiet ride. When you pedal faster, the magnetic resistance increases. Your bike is centered and secured through the double adjustment feature.


– There is no assembly required, and it is easy to set up.
– It’s easy to put a bike in and out of the trainer.
– The build quality is solid.
– It’s inexpensive.
– The wheel at the trainer’s rear provides an adjustable resistance level for a more intense workout.


– It can be noisy, though some customers said they resolved this problem by changing their bikes’ tires.
– Some found the setup instructions confusing.
– Tension adjustment is done manually.

3. Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer
When it comes to bicycles, Schwinn is probably the brand that first comes to mind. This Schwinn magnetic bike training stand gets a lot of positive reviews for its solid, all-steel frame, the smooth ride it provides through its magnetic resistance system, and its silent operation. Here are a few other things that people have said about this product.


– It feels durable and sturdy.
– It attaches to and detaches from the bike easily.
– It can be folded for easy transport and storage.
– It’s easy to assemble.
– It gives great value for money.


– One reviewer said that this Schwinn trainer is designed only for bicycles with a quick release rear wheel.
– A customer said the highest resistance setting could be higher.
– There is no digital readout for speed, time and distance.

Don’t let bad weather or other outdoor conditions prevent you from getting a good workout from your bike. The stationary bike stand models described above have received rave reviews from numerous consumers. We recommend you check them out further to see if one of them could also be the best buy for you.