Best Bike Storage Rack 2017 – Consumer reviews & Ratings

Are you looking for the best bike storage option to help keep your bicycle safe and secure when it’s not in use? There are several kinds of bike storage solutions available, and here we’ll share some tips that we hope you’ll find useful in your search for the right product for you needs. A bit further on, you’ll also find some of the top-rated and bestselling bike storage systems according to various customer reviews and ratings on big shopping sites like

Why Indoor Bike Storage May Be Better Than Outdoor Bike Storage

Storing your bike indoors protects it from damage that may be caused by outdoor elements such as rain, snow, and direct sunlight. Sure, you may have a rugged, sturdy bike that can withstand rough roads; it might even perform well in bad weather conditions. But limiting its exposure to harsh outdoor elements will help protect it from damage in the long run.

Keeping your bike indoors is also important in preventing it from getting stolen. Many a bike owner, especially those who have expensive bikes, sleep more peacefully at night, knowing their bike is safe and secure inside their property.

Whether you are planning to store your bike in a spare room, your garage or shed, or your apartment’s balcony, you can be sure to find the right type of bike storage system for your needs and budget.

Types of Indoor Bike Storage Solutions

There are several space-saving bike storage products that are designed to be used indoors. Some can carry just a single bicycle while there are others that are capable of accommodating two or more bikes.

Floor-level bicycle storage racks or stands are ideal for storing one or two bikes, whether or not the bikes are used frequently. They don’t take up a lot of space and it’s easy to put or remove your bikes from them. Some free-standing racks will let you store bikes one on top of the other, and this is a great space saver if you have adequate vertical space for it. Some models, on the other hand, allow you to place three or more bikes side by side on them, but they can take up a lot more space in such cases.

If you have multiple bicycles in your household and not all of them are used frequently, you might want to consider a bicycle storage rack that you can mount on a wall. The bike that is used most often is placed on the lower part of the rack for easier access while the ones used more rarely are placed on the higher part of the rack.

Another type of garage bike storage is known as the ceiling hoist. This is an ideal system for you if your garage has a high ceiling and if you also have bikes that you do not use every day. The hoist is operated by a pulley, which pulls your bike up to the storage space and down when you want to use it. If you don’t have much floor space or wall space in your garage to store your bikes, this is a very helpful solution.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Bike Storage Rack

Keeping your bike’s wheels off the ground is important in avoiding problems such as flat rubber tires. The good news is that most bike racks for garage, even floor-level ones, are able to suspend your bike in such a way that it’s tires do not come into contact with the floor.

If you opt for bike storage hooks that you can attach to a wall, make sure that the system holds your bicycle at no fewer than two points on its frame in order to ensure even distribution of the bike’s weight. You may also want to consider avoiding hanging your bike on a hook by one of its wheels since this may result in harmful pressure on the rim.

To help you choose from among the wide selection of bike racks available for sale, it’s a good idea to read reviews written by consumers just like you and me. You can learn from their experiences and feedback, and know more about certain storage bike rack models before buying.

3 Best Bike Storage Systems According to Consumer Reviews and Ratings

Garage bike storage options come at various price points, from about $3 for a pair of bike hooks to around $300 for an industrial-grade multi-bike free-standing rack. Here are three bike storage racks that enjoy some of the highest consumer reviews and ratings.

1. Racor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand
This vertical bike rack from Racor has earned more than 100 five-star reviews from customers who have purchased it. It has vinyl-coated cradles that will not scratch your bikes. The stand’s arm positions can be adjusted to accommodate women’s bikes. Weighing in at 20 pounds, it can be moved or repositioned without too much effort. No tools are needed for its assembly. Here are some of the things that consumers have observed about this storage bike rack.


– Hardware is included to anchor the rack to a wall.
– Very easy assembly; one said he had it set up in about 30 seconds.
– One reviewer said she uses it with no wall attachments and has no fear of it falling.
– It has a pleasing appearance.
– It’s easy to put the bikes onto the rack and to take them down from it.


– It may sway mildly when a bike is replaced or removed.
– The bolts may pull out of the plastic receivers in the arms after a while.
– It’s pricy.

2. Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand
Another Racor bike storage product, this has also received plenty of excellent reviews from consumers. It is a floor-level bike stand that can accommodate two bicycles facing in the same or opposite directions. It features a tubular steel construction and an epoxy finish for added durability. It weighs 13 pounds and is simple enough for even children to use.


– It’s inexpensive.
– It holds even large-wheeled bikes very firmly.
– It’s quick and easy to assemble, and assembly tools are included in the package.
– Spacing is sufficient for storing two mountain bikes side by side.
– It’s portable and can be used indoors or outdoors.


– The handlebars of bikes of the same height may interfere with each other.
– Some say the Allen wrench provided with the product is made of inferior material.
– The lightweight stand may stick to fat tires, which could make removal of a mountain bike more difficult.

3. Display Stand Willworx, Super Bicycle Stand
This stand-alone floor rack from Willworx enjoys quite a number of fiv-star ratings in the single-bike storage rack category. A bike can be mounted on the stand by either its front or rear wheel. It weighs 20 pounds and can be connected with other Superstands with an optional connector.


– It’s tall enough to accommodate certain bikes with 700c or 26-inch wheels.
– It keeps the bike upright and doesn’t have the bike’s spokes leaning against it.
– It works well with a tandem bike.
– It’s sturdy and stable.
– It’s sleek-looking, with excellent craftsmanship.


– It’s a bit pricy.
– If left outdoors, it can be tipped over by a moderate wind.
– A reviewer doesn’t like having to lift her bike off the stand first if she needs to move her bike.

Finding the best bike storage rack or system depends on your needs, so we recommend you take a few moments to learn more about the bicycle storage solutions presented above. We hope you find the right bike rack to fit your requirements, as many other consumers already have.