What Are The Best Dog Hammocks for Cars?

dog car hammockDoes your pet dog ride in your car frequently? Or maybe know somebody else with one who does? Then it would be a good idea to look at dog hammocks and buy one for yourself or to give as a gift to your friend. A pet car hammock makes road trips not only more comfortable for your dog, it makes car maintenance easier for you as well. There are a number of pet car hammocks out there, and below we’ll be sharing with you the top-rated and best car dog hammock products based on reviews written by consumers.

What Is a Dog Hammock?

A dog car hammock looks a lot like a dog car seat cover, except that it attaches to both the front and rear headrests of a car. When your dog lies in her hammock in the rear seat of the car, she won’t be able to go down to the car’s floor. The hammock covers the space between the driver and passenger seats, so it won’t allow her to wiggle into the front area of the car through that space also.

Dog hammocks for cars don’t usually come with safety restraints for your pet. However, some models have slits that let you pull your car’s seat belts through them and secure your dog.

Benefits of a Dog Car Hammock

Dog owners love their canine companions to bits, but some of the things dogs do — mostly through no fault of their own — can leave their owners feeling frustrated. For example, many dogs shed their hair, which is normal, but it can be a pain to clean up. Dogs drool and sometimes have a “bathroom accident” in the car. Some dogs like to bite and scratch things, and while they may not intend to destroy your car’s upholstery, that’s precisely what they end up doing. Also, just because a dog travels in your vehicle frequently doesn’t mean your car’s interior has to smell like a dog even when he isn’t in it.

A car hammock for dogs is a great all-in-one solution to resolving the problems caused by certain dog behaviors and characteristics. Any hair that your dog sheds will fall on the hammock and not on the seats and floor. Inadvertent dog peeing, drooling, or vomiting? A waterproof pet hammock will “catch” the problem. Worried about your pooch getting too playful in the car and taking it out on the upholstery? A dog hammock made of a heavy-duty and durable fabric will help protect the seats.

After you get home from a car trip with your pet, all you need to do is to remove the dog hammock from the car and throw it in the washing machine. That takes care of the drool, pee, mud, or anything else your dog left on it. Meanwhile, your car seats and upholstery covers remain clean and intact, and your vehicle doesn’t smell like a dog house.

After washing, you can hook the clean pet hammock up in your car’s back seat again or roll and store it in your car’s trunk or under the seats until it needs to be used again.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Dog Car Hammocks

You will need to determine the hammock size that is appropriate for your vehicle. Take measurements of your backseat’s interior width and the distance from the front seats’ headrests down to the sitting surface of the back seat and up to the back seat’s headrests.

The fabric should be sturdy, but not so stiff or rough that it’s uncomfortable for your dog to sit or lie down in. It should not only protect your car seats, it should also be something that your pet can use as a dog hammock bed in your car. And remember, make sure you buy one that’s machine-washable.

3 Best Dog Hammocks According to User Reviews & Ratings

To learn how a dog hammock measures up to expectations, it’s a good idea to see how it has performed for other people. You can do this by reading consumer-written reviews on the big Internet shopping sites such as Amazon.com. To help save you the time and effort of trawling through hundreds of reviews to find the best products, we did some research and found that the following have among the best reviews and ratings from dog hammock buyers.

1. Outward Hound Back Seat Pet Hammock
This pet car hammock from Outward Bound has almost 120 five-star reviews at the time of this writing, making it one of the most popular dog travel accessories among consumers. It measures 55 inches by 58.5 inches and stretches across the rear and front seats of a car. Here are the highlights of several buyer-written reviews about this product.


– Many dog owners love the fact that it’s so easy to install.
– It has clips for easy removal and replacement.
– It has Velcro slips that permit access to seat belts.
– Another Velcro slit at the seat’s edge allows adjustment of the dog hammock so that a human passenger can sit in the back seat without having to remove the whole cover.
– It is easy to swap from car to car.
– It’s durable; one user said the product is still going strong after two years of use.
– It’s inexpensive.


– The product initially has a strong odor.
– Some say it’s not suitable for heavier dogs.

2. Solvit Sta-Put Deluxe Hammock Pet Seat Cover
This Solvit car hammock for dogs gets high ratings from consumers because of how it mixes luxury and protection. It’s made from 100% cotton twill that’s sturdy yet comfortable. It has multiple attachment points, straps that are adjustable, and two Sta-Put mechanisms to keep it securely in place. It’s stain-resistant, machine washable, and has an attractive quilted and padded construction.


– Many satisfied buyers say it’s worth the price to keep their pets comfortable and safe in the car.
– It can be adjusted to fit in various vehicles.
– It doesn’t slip on leather seats.
– It’s easy to put in or take out quickly.
– It has holes for seatbelts so owners can secure their dog safely.
– It has pockets where leashes and other things can be stored.
– The material on the hammock’s top side acts like a hair magnet so hair that a dog sheds doesn’t float around in the car.


– A couple of buyers expressed concern about how the product may not support the weight of larger dogs.
– Some said they received a product with plastic instead of metal fasteners.

3. Kurgo Wander Hammock Seat Cover
This pet car hammock gets plenty of thumbs-ups from buyers because of its great versatility and numerous features. You can lay it on the back seat to use as a seat cover, and if you connect it to the front seats’ headrests it becomes a dog car hammock. It measures 56 inches wide and 60 inches long, making it suitable even for large vehicles. There are six attachments that keep the product securely in place, as well as Velcro openings that permit the use of the vehicle’s seatbelts. Its washable fabric is waterproof and stain resistant. It also includes a utility bag where toys, a water bottle, and a leash can be stored.


– The strong and heavy fabric is also anti-microbial.
– A lightweight wire sewn into the hem will let you bend the hammock and have it stay in place if needed.
– A zipper between the front two seats will allow air conditioning from the front of the car to reach your dog in the back.
– It can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean or rinsed with a garden hose.
– There’s no bad smell associated with similar, cheaper dog hammocks.
– The stitching seems solid.
– The material’s waterproof backing prevents accidents and spills from ruining the car seats or upholstery.


– Some reviewers complained that the zipper broke easily.
– Installation can be tricky.

If you want to make car rides more enjoyable for your dog as well as more convenient for you to maintain your car’s interior cleanliness, why don’t you get a pet car hammock? Check the reviews above or read even more customer feedback about dog hammocks on the product pages. One of them just might be the best dog car hammock for that your canine friend can use.