Best Remote Dog Training Collars

remote dog trainingDo you want to find the best remote dog trainer you can buy that will help you correct undesirable behavior in your dog? Choosing one from the many remote dog training collars available on the market can be confusing. If you’re uncertain about which one to purchase, one of the things you can do is to learn other people’s feedback about several models by reading buyer-written dog remote trainer reviews. To help you with this, we’ll show you some of the bestselling dog training collars that have the highest ratings and the best reviews online.

What Is a Dog Remote Trainer?

Also known as a dog shock collar, the main function of a remote trainer for dogs is to let you help your dog learn whether what he or she is doing is acceptable behavior or not. The word “remote” indicates that you are not limited to training your dog on a leash; you can perform the training even when he is ten feet or even a mile away from you.

It is composed of the same three main parts: a handheld remote transmitter, a collar-receiver, and probes on the collar.

How Does It Work?

When you press a button on the remote transmitter, a radio signal is sent to the collar-receiver. Your dog is then electrically stimulated through the metal prongs on the collar, the intensity of which can usually be controlled. The stimulation has been likened to a static shock, which your dog may find unpleasantly startling, but it won’t harm him. If your dog yips loudly when he feels the stimulation, the level of intensity is too much, so lower it accordingly.

Some dog training collars can be programmed to emit a warning signal or a vibration before giving the shock. Many dog owners find that they don’t even have to give their dog any electrical stimulation anymore since their pet doesn’t continue with the unwanted behavior when he or she hears the alert or feels the vibration.

Certain models have an automatic shut-off feature that turns off continuous electrical stimulation after several seconds. Some remote training collars, on the other hand, provide a very short stimulation time — less than one second — to enable you to catch your dog’s attention or perhaps to signal a warning.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Shock Collar

The first thing to determine is whether your dog is old enough to use a remote dog collar. Dogs younger than five months might not yet possess the basic understanding of what is expected of them. Moreover, a young puppy might not be big enough to comfortably wear an electronic collar. Training experts also recommend that an electronic collar be used only on dogs that already understand the basic commands such as “sit,” “heel,” and “stay.”

Consider the size of the area in which you will be training your dog. If you’ll just be training your dog in a small place such as a yard, you probably won’t need a remote dog trainer that’s capable of sending and receiving signals over a large distance. If you do need a product you can use in a big area, you can choose from among several models that can transmit signals over a mile or more.

If it rains often in the area where you plan on training your dog or if there are bodies of water nearby, such as a swimming pool or a lake, you might want to consider a waterproof remote dog collar. Remember that waterproof and water-resistant are two different things; the latter can’t withstand submersion in water or exposure to heavy rain.

Finally, remember that electronic collars are meant to supplement and not replace proper dog training. If used properly, it will help improve communication between owner and dog and enable the dog to better understand his owner’s commands.

3 Best Remote Dog Training Collars by Owner Reviews & Ratings

Large Internet shopping sites such as include not only product information but also reviews written by consumers who have purchased and used the product. They describe the good and the bad about their purchase, and this is a great source of information to help you make your own purchasing decision. We did some research on the bestselling items in this category and found that the following dog training collars were among the most highly-rated and best-reviewed by customers.

1. Groovypets Rechargeable Remote Control Shock Collar with Separate Shock and Vibration
This dog remote trainer from Groovypets is ideal for those who want to train two dogs simultaneously. Even if you have just one dog, it works great since you have a spare one while recharging the other one. The rechargeable receivers are capable of giving a low level or high level shock. The transmitter features shock buttons for each dog as well as separate vibration commands and two vibration modes. The remote control works to a maximum of 300 meters. Here are some of the things that consumers have said about this product.


– It’s reasonably priced.
– Many buyers said the vibration is enough for their dogs and that they don’t even need to press the shock buttons.
– Charging the collars is easy, quick and convenient with the included wall charger, which also indicates when charging is complete.
– LED lights on the collars are highly visible.
– The woven nylon collars and the receivers are lightweight.
– The buttons on the transmitter are distinctive and adequately spaced to help you avoid pressing the wrong shock or vibration level.
– The charge in the receiver-collars lasts for days at a time.


– Some said the instructions are poorly written.
– Several buyers said the units they bought stopped working after a few days.

2. SportDOG FieldTrainer 400
This high-quality remote dog training system from SportDOG enjoys an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It has a range of 400 yards and is designed to give more stimulation to stubborn or large dogs. It features 16 levels of continuous stimulation and 8 levels of momentary stimulation. The waterproof receiver can withstand submersion up to 25 feet. The system includes a lanyard and rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.


– One extremely detailed review explained how the product helped build greater trust between the owner and his pet dog.
– The transmitter is small and easy to hold.
– The construction is solid.
– The battery provides about 12 hours of use per charge.
– The correction levels are aggressive and many owners say they don’t need to go beyond the low shock levels to correct their pets.
– The included training guide/DVD is superb.
– It has a good operating range.


– Several reviewers said the units they received worked well for a short time before becoming defective.
– The collar-receiver seems bulky to some.

3. PetSafe Yard & Park Remote Dog Trainer, PDT00-12470
This PetSafe dog trainer has a great many more positive than negative feedback, just like the two products described above. It covers a range of up to 400 yards and has a selection of eight correction levels. The transmitter has both positive and negative tone buttons, so you can use it to signal approval and disapproval of your dog’s behavior. It’s fully rechargeable, so there’s no need to worry about having to purchase batteries every so often.


– Buyers highly recommend it for hiking or off-leash walks.
– The rechargeable batteries are significant money-savers.
– The remote control is small and easy to operate.
– It’s priced reasonably.
– The collar is easy to adjust.
– The instructions are easy to understand.
– The collar is big enough for large-breed dogs.


– It’s not meant to be used with 220 volts international voltage.
– Some say there’s a problem involving lost synching between the remote control and the collar.

If you need an instruction aid to supplement your dog training process, a shock collar is invaluable when used properly. To better teach your dog to stop unwanted behavior like digging, chasing other dogs or going to places where they shouldn’t, then check out the models described above and read the reviews. One of them may turn out to be the best remote dog trainer for both your pet and you.