What’s The Best Hands Free Leash?

hands free dog leashAre you planning on taking your dog along with you when the weather outside is nice for biking, jogging, or even rollerblading? Then you might want to buy the best hands free leash that will make the experience more enjoyable and safer for both you and your pet. There are numerous options out there and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. To help you select a leash you and your dog will be happy with, we’ll be sharing with you several hands-free leashes that have garnered among the top ratings and best reviews written by people who have actually bought and used them. You’ll find the results below.

How Does It Work?

As you can tell from the name, a hands-free dog leash means you don’t use either of your hands to lead your dog to wherever it is you’re going. A running or jogging leash involves a leash that’s attached to a belt that you wear around your waist. Some models have options for extra fastenings so you can attach several extra leashes. Others even have a space for a water bottle.

A bicycle dog leash, on the other hand, is attached to the pole under a bike seat or the bar at the bike’s rear wheel. Dog leashes for both jogging and biking purposes are available in various lengths for comfort and safety.

Why Using a Normal Dog Leash Isn’t Recommended for Biking or Jogging

Using a hands-free leash when you’re out jogging or cycling with your dog is a lot safer for both you and your dog than using a normal walking leash. With a normal leash, it’s difficult to keep both your hands on your bike’s handlebars since one of them will be holding the leash. If you’re a jogger or a runner, carrying a leash in one hand can cause you to have an off-balance stride and compromise the pumping action of your arm.

Also, your dog may run loose if you drop the leash, and engage in undesirable behavior such as running out into the road where he can get hit by a car or chase smaller animals like squirrels.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Hands-Free Leash for Your Dog

First off, hands-free dog leashes are recommended for dogs that have been properly trained to obey commands. If you use one on an untrained dog that is especially energetic, you can lose your balance and get tipped over if your dog gets distracted and starts chasing something that catches his attention.

Make sure that the leash you are considering is strong enough to accommodate your dog’s size and weight since larger dogs need stronger leashes. It’s also a good idea to consider leashes that come with a shock absorber of sorts that acts as a buffer if your dog is apt to get distracted easily and pull on the leash suddenly.

3 Best Hands Free Leashes According to User Reviews & Ratings

There are a number of running and biking dog leashes you can choose from, and finding out what other people think about them is a good way to learn more information to help you make a better buying decision. We did some research and found that the following have some of the highest ratings and most positive reviews online from buyers.

1. Walky Dog Hands Free Bicycle Leash
This hands-free dog bike leash from Walky enjoys an average rating of 4.5 stars, with more than 150 five-star reviews from customers. It’s a stainless steel leash that weighs a mere 16 ounces and is compatible with virtually any bicycle. It features a rigid arm designed to make riding safer, and a quick lock-and-release function to make switching it between bikes easier. Here are some of the things that buyers have said about this WalkyDog bicycle leash.


– It can be adjusted to accommodate smaller dogs comfortably.
– It keeps a dog just the right distance away from the bike.
– It’s solidly made and simple to use.
– A professional petsitter said he has had plenty of success going on bike rides with different kinds of dogs.
– It’s very easy to mount on the bike.
– It can be used as a normal walking leash.
– It’s competitively priced.


– Some buyers received bicycle dog leashes with a defective locking mechanism.
– The cord could be longer.

2. The Buddy System – Hands Free Leash – Regular Dog System
This hands-free dog leash is popular among runners, walkers, and hikers. It features an adjustable melt measuring one inch wide that you wear around your waist. The collar and leash attachments can be quickly released and refastened. The collar’s swivel hook can be connected to any O-ring or D-ring on dog collars or harnesses. This Buddy System comes in the Regular Dog and Small Dog variants. Separate accessories are also available, such as the Extend-a-Buddy leash extension, Lung Buster shock absorber, and Extra Buddy accessories.


– It can help improve a runner’s balance.
– Several buyers use it for two dogs at a time.
– It’s sturdy and flexible.
– A reviewer said it encourages her dog to run next to her at her pace.
– The leash doesn’t tangle, so there’s no fear about tripping.
– The leash attachment can be unhooked and used as a regular walking leash without the belt.
– It’s inexpensive.


– Some may find the default leash too short.
– A couple of buyers said the leash’s connectors broke while in use.

3. Lets Go Pet Walker, Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash for Medium/Large Dog
One of the more noteworthy things about this bicycle dog leash from Let’s Go is its dual spring/single spring feature that protects the rider from falling over if the dog pulls the leash suddenly if he gets distracted. It’s recommended for medium-sized and large dogs and will fit bike seat posts measuring 25.4-31.8 millimeters. The system is all aluminum and comes in blue or red.


– It’s easy to install.
– You can unscrew the leash bar quickly if you aren’t riding with your dog.
– A normal leash can be used to connect with the leash bar.
– It has a good center of gravity.
– It can be used as an extended leash when you stop your bike for a walk.
– Several buyers said their dogs’ pulling had little or no effect on their control of the bike.
– It’s inexpensive.


– The instructions are not clearly written.
– It does not come with a lead.

So whether you’re jogging, running or biking just for fun or training for a sporting event, you’ll need a canine leash if you plan on taking your pet along with you. Take a closer look at the products described above to find out why they come so highly recommended and why they are seen as the best hands free leash by the people who have purchased them.