Balance Ball Chair 2017 – Amazing Way To Solve Your Back Problems

ball chairHave you heard of a ball chair? If you have then you may well be up and in tune with the latest exercise craze. Everyone knows that people who sit at their desk for a long time tend to suffer with poor posture but, by choosing this particular product could provide you with the perfect solution if the hype, advertising and recommendations of professionals are to be believed. The question is, what do the real reviews, those written by people like you and me, have to say about them and which options are the best?

What is a Ball Chair?

A ball chair is also known as a Swiss ball but is not to be confused with the egg chairs that are designed solely to be decorative within the home. Balance ball chairs are not decorative but they are highly functional. They are literally huge yoga or exercise balls on a stand so that they become chairs too. Many have a backrest to provide support but the whole idea of the stability ball chair is to challenge the body, ensuring that your posture remains good, your body remains balanced and you use a whole host of muscles on a daily basis while sitting at your desk. No other office chair can do what a stability ball chair does!

Can You Benefit?

Now you know what a yoga ball chair is, the question is whether or not you can benefit from one of them. Well, almost anyone can. Whether you have an exercise ball chair at home or in your office at work, most people can take advantage of it and feel the benefits of it quickly and easily. It is suitable for those of working age but is also suitable for children if you are promoting good posture. It is suitable for pregnant women as many use a stability ball chair to help get the baby in the right position for birth (so in this way it can help). It is also suitable for seniors, although if you have a major back problem, joint issues or have been suffering with ill health then you should consult a doctor before you invest in an exercise ball office chair. So, to answer the question, you can definitely benefit from balance ball chairs but before you do, you need to know which ones are the best available right now.

The Top 3 Ball Chairs

There are plenty of balance ball chairs available today, and most of them can be found on sites like Amazon so you can get all the information you need in advance. However, we have sorted the cream of the crop out for you by checking balance ball chair reviews and have found the following to be the top three.

1). Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is easily one of the most popular exercise ball chairs available and has more than enough real customer reviews to back this up. Gaiam is a leading health and fitness company with a reputation for high quality so what pros can this particular product offer you?

  • There is no difference in the balance ball from those used for workouts, meaning that it is easy to remove and use during your workout.
  • This ergonomic balance ball chair will hold up to 300lbs so most people looking to strengthen their muscles and improve their posture, or even lose weight, can take full advantage of the major benefits it has to offer.
  • The support bar on the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair can be adjusted to make sure that you are completely comfortable and have all the support you need to be able to make the absolute most of the chair. It is also highly functional with casters that glide well over almost any surface.

There are also little negatives found by customers who bought this exercise ball chair but they are few and far between, such as getting off it being problematic for the first few days until you are used to the casters! However, the major moan is that it is only designed for those between 5’5” and 5’11”. If you are shorter or taller than that then it is not the chair for you. However, there are other options.

2). Isokinetics Inc Brand Balance Ball Chair

The Isokinetics Inc Brand Balance Ball Chair is a fantastic product that may initially catch your attention because it comes in a choice of black, purple, red and pearl. However, it is also designed to offer high quality, incredible value and customer satisfaction. The balance ball chair reviews seem to suggest that it succeeds on all three counts and rivals the Gaiam ball chair. This is largely because of the following pros:

  • It has four casters and two lock in place to make sure that everyone using the exercise ball chair can do so safely and without undoing all the hard work done over the course of the day.
  • It is solid and well constructed, meaning that it will definitely last and offers value for money.
  • The backrest offers excellent support and can help you to get used to sitting on a yoga ball chair instead of a regular chair.

However, it also has the following cons according to some of the reviews:

  • It does take some getting used to. Although it is effective in the long term, it can take some time to get used to it so be prepared to slowly ease yourself into using your exercise ball office chair.
  • The pump that comes with the ball is not suitable for use so you should purchase another one.

These points are minor compared to the complaints about some so it is definitely an option worth considering.







3). FitBALL Office Chair

The FitBALL Office Chair is relatively unique in terms of its design because it really is more of a style statement that most other stability ball chairs, but it is also incredibly highly rated by the vast majority of the reviewers out there. According to its admirers, it has the following plus points:

  • The exercise ball chair is totally adjustable, with both the height and backrest being designed for alteration if you so wish. This means that you can get an enhanced level of comfort.
  • The exercise ball office chair is also made of material that has been designed to be burst resistant so that it will not explode on you. Instead, it will deflate like it has a slow puncture, giving you plenty of warning and time to do something about it.
  • The frame is sturdy and designed to last so you can get excellent value for money.

There are very few cons, with the most mentioned being the fact that the wheels do not work well on carpeted surfaces. However, it does have one other major drawback – it is more expensive than most of the other options available. However, those who love it argue that it is worth every penny.

Each of these options is available for purchase at Amazon, along with many others so take a look at the category for yourself.