Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Do you need to buy an automatic blood pressure monitor you can use at home? You aren’t the only one. More and more people today are being urged by their doctors to monitor and keep a record of their blood pressure levels to prevent or manage hypertension and some other health disorders.

Unsurprisingly, many kinds and brands of self-monitoring devices have emerged to keep up with the demand. So, how do you find the best one for you then? One way is to read automatic blood pressure monitor reviews and ratings.

Reasons for Buying an Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Physicians and other health care professionals tell many of their patients to monitor their blood pressure at home for several reasons. For one thing, some people feel tense or anxious whenever they visit their doctor’s office, and this can cause an artificially high blood pressure reading. For another thing, having your own BP monitor at home gives you the flexibility to take readings several times a day. Having a record of your blood pressure patterns daily will help your doctor better assess your condition and recommend the right treatment.

Many people prefer using a digital or automatic blood pressure monitor over a manual blood pressure monitor. This is because they usually find that manual or aneroid self-monitors have cuffs that are difficult to secure or they may have a hard time squeezing the rubber ball that inflates the cuff.

But this isn’t to say that a digital sphygmomanometer is perfect; even the highest-rated automatic blood pressure monitors get their fair share of gripes. Here are some of the most common complaints that consumers cite in their automatic blood pressure monitor reviews:

* they are more expensive than manual BP monitors
* they need batteries to operate
* some individuals get inaccurate readings
* cuff size availability on some models may be insufficient
* body movements may affect blood pressure readings

However, if you look at reviews and ratings of automatic blood pressure monitors on sites like, you will see that many customers are very satisfied with certain makes and models, given them three, four and five star ratings. There are several brands available both online and offline, including Omron, ReliOn, Welch Allyn, HoMedics, Samsung and Panasonic. Here we will take a look at three of the highest-rated automatic or digital blood pressure monitors for home use and see why users feel they belong in the best buy category.

Top 3 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Devices with the Best Reviews

On, you will see listings for so many brands of digital blood pressure monitors. But the brand with the greatest number of positive feedback from consumers is Omron. Indeed, reviews for the devices in the Omron blood pressure monitor line number in the hundreds and even thousands, most of them positive. Some of the things users find notable about them include automatic blood pressure monitor accuracy, ease of use, and the large, easy-to-read digital displays.

Omron HEM-7801. Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff

This Omron automatic blood pressure monitor outnumbers all the others when it comes to number of consumer reports and reviews. One of the things it has got going for it is the fact that it is an upper arm blood pressure monitor, a type of sphygmomanometer medical experts recommend over wrist or finger blood pressure monitors.

Customer feedback about this automatic blood pressure monitor is mostly positive. One physician said he considers Omron to be the most accurate brand, and he bought one for himself! Here are some more good things those reviewing the Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff had to say about it:

* the cuff is easy to wrap around the arm
* the display is big and easy to read
* the blood pressure readings are accurate
* the included AC adapter means you don’t have to worry about dead batteries
* it can track the blood pressure of two people
* it can store up to 200 readings (100 per user)
* it detects irregular heartbeat
* it detects morning hypertension

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2. Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor)

Omron HEM-650A wrist blood pressure monitor is handy both for home use and for when you are traveling because it is less heavy and more compact. It’s also a good option for those who find it hard to place a cuff on their arm. One of the best things about this device is that the wrist cuff includes a positioning sensor, ensuring it is in the proper position for an accurate reading.

Here are some of the pros of this Omron wrist monitor according to user reviews and ratings:

* the unit works perfectly even after almost a year of use
* it can detect an irregular heartbeat
* it is easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow
* it won’t give a reading unless your arm is in the right position
* it is very portable

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3.  Omron HEM-712C Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense

Omron HEM-712COmron carries several higher-end automatic blood pressure devices, such as the HEM-780 mentioned above. However, the HEM-712C model has quite a high number of positive reviews by consumers too. Like similar products in the line, it includes the IntelliSense feature that automatically inflates the cuff to the right level.

Here are some of the reasons why this Omron automatic blood pressure monitor is a best buy for many customers:

* it is inexpensive but gives accurate readings
* it warns of irregular heartbeat
* it is easy to use, especially for those with arthritis in their hands
* it gives a lot of value for the price
* readings are consistent

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If you are looking for the best automatic blood pressure monitor for your own or a family member’s use, you just might find the answer in an Omron device. We recommend you go read reviews and ratings about these and other products to see why customers think they are the best automatic blood pressure monitors you can purchase today.