Bed Rails for Toddlers and Children

bed rail childrenIf you are the parent or legal guardian of a toddler then you are probably fully aware of just how many pitfalls there are for letting him or her out of your sight. There are many bumps and scrapes to deal with on an almost hourly basis but there are very few of them you can do anything about because they are just a part of growing up. However, toddlers that go bump in the night, literally, could be a thing of the past with bed rails for toddlers.

What are Toddler Bed Rails?

Toddler bed rails are literally what the name suggests – they are rails that are attached to a child’s bed to prevent them from rolling out onto the floor. Also known as guards, they are always purchased separately from the bed and can be attached and detached as and when necessary. Most of those available also have extra features, such as being able to be folded down during the day, and some in a whole host of colours and designs so that they fit in with your existing decor.

Many of the bed side rails available today do focus on safety and so are suitable for either cribs or beds but it is necessary to read the product information to decide which one is right for you. Make sure that you have the measurements of your child’s bed to hand and that way you can have peace of mind that the baby bed rail you choose perfectly suits your wants and needs.

Are they Specifically Designed for Toddlers Only?

Although they are labelled as toddler bed rails, the reality is that you can use them for children who need them, regardless of their age. Of course, your baby should have cot sides until he or she is at least 18 months old, and most parents wait until they are nearly 3 to take them away. From then on, you may want the peace of mind that childrens bed rails can bring.  Of course, they will not stop your little one getting out of bed in the morning because he or she can just scoot around them but it will stop bumped heads in the middle of the night.

The Top Thee Child Bed Rails

So now all you need to know is which is the best kids bed rail. There are numerous brands and makes available but there are three that particularly stand out as better than the rest thanks to bed rails for toddlers reviews. The top three are as follows:

1). Kidco Convertible Crib Bed Rail

Relatively cheap and offering excellent value for money, numerous consumer reviews offer that the Kidco bed rail is easily one of the best around. It is a rail designed for children between the ages of 1 and 3 as it is specifically for a crib style bed. However, if you have one of these then the bed rails would be perfect for the following reasons:

  • You can install the Kidco bed rails without using any tools at all. It is really easy to do so you need not set aside the hours it takes you to install some of them.
  • The bed rail has straps so that you can adjust its width. This means that it can fit snugly to the bed rather than leaving gaps for your child to fall down as some of the others available do.
  • It works for toddlers up to 30lbs so the vast majority of children will be perfectly safe with this particular rail attached to the bed.

There are very few cons pointed out in the baby bed rail reviews that are available, but there is a major one. This is the only con cited by most parents in most cases but it may compromise the safety of your toddler. If you choose to install it by attaching the rails to the bed itself then the plastic tab designed to be attached is flimsy and will often break. If you use the metal rods instead then this negates the issue.


2). Dex Products Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra

More expensive than the Kidco rail, the Dex Products Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra is also well rated amongst the parents that have used it in the past. Their offering in this category has the following major pros:

  • The childrens bed rail folds down so it is ideal for parents who wish to have it down during the day for whatever reason. It is easy to fold down as well so you need not worry about your fingers remaining whole!
  • It is one of the highest safety rails available so you can have plenty of peace of mind if you choose to have it attached to your child’s bed. It is also really easy to install so you can use it from day one.
  • It looks great. It is easily one of the best looking rails on the market today. It blends in well with existing decor so you have no need to spend a fortune to update it.

There are also certain cons that are associated with the Dex Products Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra though:

  • In the case of some smaller beds it will not fold down completely so you may find that a little of the rail still pokes up and may prove to be a bit of an obstacle. If you have a tall mattress then this will not be a problem.
  • If your toddler is a little older and so heavier or thrashes about a lot at night then it is possible for your little one to roll right through the mesh. One or two reviews have alluded to this happening to them. However, these stories are few and far between and many use the rails with no issues at all.


3). Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail

A mid-priced baby bed rail, the Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail is an excellent option for those who are looking for a bed rail that is both affordable and high quality. It also offers great value for money, so what are the pros?

  • This option is effective twin and queen bed rails rolled into one because it can be used for any sized bed in between. There is no need to use exact measurements if ordering this rail and, at 20” high, they will prevent your toddler rolling out.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to install the child bed rails and virtually no assembly so it is definitely a DIY friendly option.
  • The kids bed rail folds down quickly and easily so it is the perfect option for parents that want something functional at night but inconspicuous in the day.

Of course there are a few cons as well, but the main one relates to how long it lasts. If your toddler does move a lot or push against rails then you may like to look at another option because this one does tend to break after a few months. It is not the best option for heavy duty use.


Each of these three options is available to purchase at Amazon so you can find them at a great price and have them delivered direct to your door. There are numerous other options on there too so have a look and see which one will suit your wants and needs.