Buy the Best Dog Bath Tub for Hassle-Free Dog Bathing

dog bathHas giving your dog a bath become a stressful time for both you and your pet? You might want to take a leaf from the book of other dog owners and buy a dog bath tub, something many of them say has made doggy bath time less of a chore and more of a fun time with their pet. You’ll find quite a few brands of dog baths for sale on the market, and later on we’ll be sharing with you which ones are the top rated and most popular ones among consumers who have purchased them.

Advantages of Using Dog Bath Tubs

It’s true that you can just opt to give your dog a bath in your shower or in your own tub. You might think that it would be foolish to shell out money for a bath tub for your dog when you already have a tub in the bathroom, or that the kitchen sink will suffice for bathing your dog.

But if you’re concerned about your tub or sink getting scratched from your dog’s claws or if you’re tired of removing clumps of dog hair that always clog up your drains, then dog bath tubs can be a great help to you.

Having your dog jump out of the tub or the sink is also something you needn’t worry about when using a dog tub since most models nowadays are equipped with a leash hook or collar system that will ensure your dog stays in the tub and not run around to cause messy mayhem. Another convenient attachment that many canine tub models have is one that can be connected to a garden hose or the valve of a washing machine, which makes drainage easier and less messy.

Some dog tubs come with legs that place the tub at just the right height. Many dog owners love this feature because it means there’s less chance of them straining their back since they don’t have to bend over at an uncomfortable angle for minutes at a time.

Some tub models come with sprayers or nozzles already attached to a hose that’s designed not to twist or get knotted up. They have valves that are easy for the user to turn on or shut off, or to regulate the strength of the water’s flow.

A good dog bathing tub can also save you money; instead of bringing your dog to a professional groomer for her bath, you can do it yourself at home and not have to spend the time and money you normally would traveling to a professional pet salon.

Things to Consider When Choosing Dog Bathing Tubs

It’s important to get a dog bathing tub that’s the right size for your pet. If you get one that’s too small, it’ll be harder for you to give your dog the thorough washing and scrubbing that he or she needs. You should also make sure that the tub you buy is strong enough to handle your dog’s weight, especially if you have a big and heavy dog. The best dog baths will state on their labels or product documentation the weights they can accommodate.

Portability is another factor you might want to consider. You want a dog tub that’s sturdy yet lightweight enough to transport easily if you want to give your dog a bath outdoors when the weather is nice. If it’s portable, you can bring it along if you are going off to a holiday with your dog; it’ll also be easier to put away or store after using it.

Some dog bathing tubs have textured surfaces that discourage your dog from slipping. Some also come equipped with a mat that will help secure your dog’s footing in the tub as well as prevent his or her claws from leaving scratches.

Getting a dog tub that has caddies or attached containers where you can put dog shampoo, dog brushes, and other dog bathing accessories to keep them close at hand is helpful. It will help keep you more organized and maintain your concentration on bathing your dog.

Make sure that the tub’s drainage hole is adequately sized. The smaller it is, the greater the chances of it getting clogged with the hair your dog sheds whenever he or she takes a bath. Some models have a drain hose that permits you to dispose of the used water in the direction you want.

Top-Rated Dog Baths for Sale Based on Buyer Reviews

There are many dog bathing tub brands you can choose from: Scrub-a-Dub, Petlift, and Pet Gear, to name just a few. While these and other brands may have their own excellent qualities, our research shows that the following dog tub models have some of the highest number of rave reviews and rating by consumers on Internet shopping sites such as

1. Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath
This canine bathtub from Booster Bath is made from heavy duty polyethene plastic and can accommodate dogs of all sizes. It has foldable legs for more convenient portability and storage. The rubber grips underneath the legs help keep the tub secure from slipping, and the wastewater drainage system makes disposal hassle-free. The tub weighs 22 pounds and is equipped with knobs, screws and inserts that make assembly and disassembly easy to do. Here are some of the other things that buyers love about this canine tub.


– Buyers who have large dogs and who live in climates where it can be inconvenient for them to haul their pets to get bathed say it’s a very useful bathing tool.
– Dog hair that gets shed during a bath doesn’t clog the tub easily.
– It’s easy to assemble.
– The tub harness helps keep feisty dogs under control.
– It’s very sturdy; at least one reviewer has said that the tub hasn’t weakened from use or from being dragged across the floor.
– The fact that the tub is elevated means you don’t have to kneel when it’s time for Fido to take a bath. It also shortens bathing time because of the washer’s ability to move 360 degrees around the tub.
– It includes a caddy where you can keep things like shampoo nearby.


– It’s quite pricy, though many say it pays for itself after a few uses since they don’t need to bring their dogs to a groomer for a bath anymore.
– A couple of buyers noted that the drain pipe is a bit too rigid, though this was easily remedied.

2. Pet Gear Pup-Tub
This Pet Gear bathing tub is designed for puppies and small dogs weighing up to 20 pounds. Your dog is kept secure during her bath with two tethers, and she can also see through the translucent plastic walls, which may make bathtime less stressful for her. The tub won’t slip even on wet floors since it has a rubberized bottom as well as rubber feet. What else do buyers like about this dog tub?


– The drain at the bottom of the tub makes disposing of used water very easy.
– It’s easy to carry around and fits well on a bathroom vanity. One user reported using it this way, with the plug poised right over the sink for convenient draining.
– Some say it’s bigger than it seems and can fit a dog that weighs about 25 pounds.
– The rubberized grippers on the tub’s bottom prevent it from slipping. – It can be placed safely and securely on a raised surface.
– Your dog won’t slip in the bath since the tub has a rubberized mat.
– It’s easy to clean.

The only disadvantage that some customers cite is that it drains slowly for them. However, those who don’t fill the tub nearly to the brim don’t seem to have this slow draining problem.

Make your dog’s bath time a more enjoyable and less hectic experience for both you and your pet by choosing the right dog bath tub. Check out the tubs described above and see for yourself why they’ve received much more positive reviews than negative ones. One of them just might be the best dog bathing aid for you and your pet.