Bed Rails for the Elderly: Best Buys and Bargains 2017

adult bed railWhen you hear anything about bed rails, you would be forgiven for assuming that the conversation was essentially about cot sides for toddler beds rather than bed rails for elderly. However, the latter has become a more and more popular product over the last 12 months or so as they have reduced in price and become more widely available. It is no wonder when you look at just how many benefits they do offer for the average senior. Before you buy one, though, you need to know exactly what they can offer you and indeed which is the best safety bed rail to buy.

So What is an Adult Bed Rail?

Well, bed rails for the elderly are essentially exactly what they suggest – bed rails that are designed to fit on the beds of adults for any number of reasons. They are virtually the same as toddler bed rails in nature, although the designs are often very different. They also have similar benefits. Some bed rails are designed specifically to stop seniors from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night, which is obviously a hazard. There are numerous stories about people of a certain age rolling out of bed and breaking a hip. However, they also act as a support when an individual wants to get out of bed. They allow people to push or pull themselves up either during the night or in the morning. Of course, there are some rails that offer one benefit or the other and some adult bed rails that offer both so it is important to decide exactly which you want and need.

Where Can a Bed Rail be Used?

A safety first bed rail can be used at home or, in some cases, when you are away from home. Obviously the rail needs to be attached to a bed to have the desired effect and are readily used in hospitals and care homes, as they have been for some years. However, some fold down so that they can be transported in cars and on planes to give you that peace of mind when you are on vacation too.

The Top Three Senior Bed Rails

Now that you know exactly what bed rails for elderly people can offer you, you may want to know which ones are available for you to buy. Well, finding senior bed rails is not the problem anymore because they can be bought from all sorts of stores in person and online. However, there are some that are much higher rated by those who have bought them than others. The following three are by far and away the best I have come across thus far.

1). Standers EZ Adjust Bed Rail

The Standers EZ Adjust Bed Rail has received incredible numbers of positive reviews and likes on social networking sites so it comes highly recommended as an adult bed rail. It is no wonder when you look at the list of pros it has:

  • The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is incredibly easy to use. It has clear instructions, demo videos and plain language available for you. In addition, the mechanism it incorporates is really simple to get to grips with so it is definitely senior friendly.
  • Designed to act as a safety bed rail, it is relatively high and sturdy to prevent rolling out of bed, but it also has various other features that mean you can extend it to suit you. It is 26” in length but can be extended to 42” so it provides exactly what you need.
  • A major plus point is that it folds down 180 degrees so you can  get out of bed easily enough without needing anyone else to give you a hand.

Of course, there are negatives or cons of the EZ Adjust Bed Rail, but they are few and far between, and they always relate to the cost. As this particular bed rail is of hospital grade, it is relatively expensive and you have to buy each rail separately, meaning that if you want one either side of the bed then you have to pay well over $100. However, most would argue that it is worth every penny.

2). Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle

The Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle is completely different to the EZ Adjust Bed Rail in that it is specifically designed to help people to get out of bed rather than keeping them in it, although it will obviously help to stop that too.

  • The first pro is that it comes in three pieces for ease of putting it together so you can use it from day one. In addition, it can be stored easily too should you need to take it anywhere with you.
  • The height of the handle can be adjusted so you have the best possible height for you. It can either be put up at 13.5” or 16.5”, and the handle is foam covered so it literally gives you exactly what you need.
  • It is very sturdy so you can have peace of mind that it will not give way when you are least expecting it, regardless of whether you need it to help you sit up or to help you stand.

As it is much cheaper than the previous one, there are no complaints about the cost or indeed about its use as a bed guard rail as this use is just a bonus. There is only one cause for complaint and that is if you order one for each side of the bed then they will not fit together well. In fact, one has to be placed at waist level and one at shoulder level so consider your needs carefully.

3). Carex Bed Support Rail

The Carex Bed Support Rail is similar to the Drive Medical adult bed rail in that it is designed to help people sit up. The reviews have noted several pros and cons. The pros are:

  • It is a very sturdy bed rail and is suitable for heavier people who need a hand in getting out of bed. It will not give way no matter how much you pull on it.
  • The safety bed rail is very easy to put together and just as easy to transport. As such, it is not difficult to get it up and in use the day it arrives.
  • It is affordable and so will not break the bank when you decide to invest in it.

However, there are two major cons:

  • If you have a thick mattress then there will barely be any of the rail showing above it because it cannot be adjusted, and this can be very awkward for those looking to get out of bed in the dark.
  • There have been some complaints about the mattress lifting when some people grab it so it may not be ideal for less mobile seniors.

All of these bed rails for elderly can be delivered directly to your door. Each one is highly rated and readily available to order from Amazon so you have no need to head out of your home if you want the peace of mind that safety bed rails can bring.