What’s The Best Pedal Exerciser? Find Out The Top 3 Best Reviewed!

pedal exerciserThere are numerous products available today that are promoted on the premise that you can improve your health rapidly by using them. Many are large, bulky and unproven but if you are looking for something that is exactly the opposite then the pedal exerciser is the best place to start. It may not be shouted about, it may not be advertised to within an inch of its existence but pedal exercisers are readily available from numerous companies and they all offer incredible benefits that you may not be aware of but are definitely well worth checking out.

What is a Pedal Exerciser?

A pedal exerciser is just what the name suggests – a set of pedals that are attached to a frame and can be used to exercise your legs, or in some cases your arms too. It is effectively a bicycle without the seat. Instead, you simply sit on a favourite chair, place your feet in the pedals and cycle away. Exercise pedals really are that simple to use. They also offer huge benefits as a result of their design, such as being compact enough to put away as and when you want to, having a great degree of stability and giving you the chance to restore muscle strength, coordination and circulation without putting strain on the rest of the body unnecessarily. Of course, these benefits are just a few of those the portable pedal exerciser has for you, now to a more pressing question – can you use one of them?

Who can Use Pedal Exercisers?

Anyone can use a floor pedal exerciser. No matter how old or young you are you can take full advantage of the existence of exercise pedals, although if you have had health problems then you may want to consult your doctor first. Although some medical practitioners advocate their use following injury or to improve existing conditions, it is worth asking whether it would be beneficial for you because it may be unsafe for you to use at this point in time. After all, with any exercise equipment or mobility aid, you need to ensure that it is right for you before you begin to use it.  However, the stationary pedal exerciser is often better for those with balance issues than other exercise equipment. Popular amongst old and young, healthy and recovering alike, this particular equipment may be exactly what you are looking for to get you on the road to fitness.

The Top Three Pedal Exercisers

There are numerous types of this product available, from the motorized pedal exerciser to the seated pedal exerciser, both of which are pretty self explanatory. As such, it can be really difficult to decide between all the options you have. However, we have put in a little of the hard work for you and have found the following three options to be the best according to the pedal exerciser reviews out there right now:

1). Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display

This is easily one of the best rated exercisers according to pedal exerciser reviews, many of which appear on various sites selling the product, including Amazon. Drive Medical is one of the leading manufacturers in this niche and is well known for its quality, but what pros can it offer you?

  • The anti-slip rubber pads means that it is incredibly stable and will not move when in use, no matter what surface you use it on. This means that it is very good for those with injuries.
  • It is easy to set up and adjust, with a tension screw in place to make sure that the resistance is just right for you.
  • The display is excellent, offering exercise time, revolutions and calories burned for you to view as and when you like.
  • It comes fully assembled so you can literally start pedalling and go!

However, there are some mixed reviews out there too, with several suggesting that this floor pedal exerciser has the following cons:

  • If the instructions are not included in the box then it can be really difficult to get up and running, especially if you are not technologically savvy.
  • The pedals can stick from time to time and this makes it more difficult to use.

These two cons have not impacted upon most peoples’ experience of the stationary pedal exerciser though.

2). Isokinetics Inc Brand Pedal Exerciser

The Isokinetics Inc floor pedal exerciser is one of the most reviewed products on the Internet in this particular niche. Offering a portable exerciser that is easy to use as and when you want to, it is very popular amongst people who have invested in it for the following reasons:

  • It has a Dycem anti-slip system so that you can use it on any type of floor and have it remain in the same place throughout your session. The system is excellent for immediate use and has been proven to stand up to wear and tear over an extended period of time too.
  • It can be used as a hand pedal exerciser too so you can work your arms as well as your legs.
  • The resistance is adjustable so that you remain in full control of your workout rather than depending on preset levels.

There have only been two main complaints about this model of exerciser. The first is that it does tend to squeak a little after a while, but a little oil works wonders to stop that in no time. The second is that, if you use it on the highest resistance, it can get quite hot if you use it for an extended period of time. As such, you may need to be careful that you do not burn yourself. Both of these concerns about this portable pedal exerciser are minor though.

3). Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle

The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle is one of those few portable pedal exerciser options that looks very different to the rest. It is not really aesthetically easy on the eye because it is chunky, black and solid rather than sleek, silver and sturdy as so many of the others seem to be. Despite that, though, it has a lot going for it:

  • It is very sturdy so putting in extra effort will reap greater rewards as far as your fitness is concerned.
  • It is ideal for use with the legs and indeed as a hand pedal exerciser too. It can be placed on the floor or on a desk so you can use it whenever it is convenient for you, wherever you like.
  • There is a calorie counter so you can keep track of your progress every time you use it.

There are a couple of issues though – it is best used on carpet because it does have a tendency to slip on other surfaces for a start. There are non-slip mats available to counter this though. The second issue is that there seems to be a general lack of tension when you change the settings, meaning that it remains the same throughout.

No matter which of the above pedal exercisers you choose, you will find that they will help you to improve your fitness. All of the above options and many more besides are available from Amazon so check out what they have to offer you today.