How to Pick The Best Steam Iron? Top 3 Rated & Best Reviewed

steam ironIf ironing clothes is a regular chore in your household, you might be looking to buy the best steam iron. There certainly is no shortage of steam generator irons to choose from out there: Black & Decker, Euro Pro, GE, Hamilton Beach and Panasonic, to name just a few. But which one should you purchase? Below you will discover the bestselling and top-rated ones based on buyer-written steam irons reviews.

How a Steam Iron Works

Water from the iron’s built-in water tank is released in tiny amounts through small holes in the bottom or sole plate of the iron. The water is immediately vaporized into steam when it hits the sole plate, and it is this hot steam that’s one of the major factors in helping smooth out wrinkles in your clothing. Of course, the amount of pressure you exert while pressing the iron on fabric is also important.

Steam Iron Features

Clothes irons that utilize steam have plenty of features in common. Practically all of the steam irons for sale on the market today have the all-important auto shut-off feature. What this does is it turns off the iron automatically after a few minutes if you leave it idle or if it falls off the ironing board. This goes a long way towards preventing accidental fires and burnt clothing. However, keep in mind that if you accidentally leave your iron on with its sole plate on a piece of clothing, the fabric can still get burned — even if the iron turns off automatically – because of the residual heat in the appliance.

Another useful feature in most of today’s steam clothes irons is a thermostat that you can set to make sure that the iron’s temperature is suitable for the type of fabric being ironed. If the device isn’t warm enough, you won’t get the wrinkles out of the clothing; too hot and you could end up ruining the fabric. The thermostat settings usually indicate the appropriate temperatures and amounts of steam for particular fabrics. Cotton and linen, for instance, require greater amounts of steam to ensure that wrinkles are smoothed out. Many models also have a steam-on/off function that enables you to turn on or shut off the steam as needed.

You can also choose from among steam irons that are cordless and those that have retractable cords. These models are popular among those who find power cables annoying and unsightly.

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Steam Iron

If you’re planning on buying an iron with a non-stick plate, be sure to protect it from scratches by ironing carefully around objects with sharp edges, such as zippers. You might also consider getting a model that has a stainless-steel or ceramic plate, since such irons are easier to move smoothly on fabric.

The iron’s controls and display, whether digital or not, should be easy to read and understand. Some people also like having a larger water tank in their steam iron, since this enables them to iron larger batches of clothing at one time. A unit with a self-cleaning function, as well as one with a filter that allows the use of tap water, is also a popular choice among many consumers.

3 Top-Rated and Best Steam Iron Models According to User Reviews

Do a quick search on big Internet shopping sites such as and you will see dozens of brands and models of steam irons for sale. To help you see which ones are the most popular among hundreds of consumers, we did some research and culled three of those that have the highest number of positive ratings and reviews.

1. Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron
Black & Decker is a well-known brand in the field of home appliances, and this steam iron model of theirs has more than 1,000 customer reviews and ratings, the majority of which are overwhelmingly positive. Also a top-rated steam iron by “Consumer Reports,” it boasts of a heating power of 1,500 watts, customizable temperature settings for fabrics, a back-lit LCD monitor, a fabric-friendly stainless-steel plate, and a sensitive auto-off safety feature. Here is a sampling of what consumers love about this product:


– The controls are intuitive; just press a button for the right textile fabric setting.
– It can hold a large capacity of water for steaming.
– It heats up quickly and glides easily over fabric.
– At least one reviewer said it does a great job even without starch.
– The cord placement is such that you don’t need to worry about it dragging over your clothes.
– Beeping sounds alert you when the iron is at the appropriate temperature for a particular fabric. No more guesswork!
– It’s very durable; according to one reviewer, the spray function and the steam function still work well even after the iron was dropped heavily twice.


-The main issue for several buyers is that their iron malfunctioned after a few months: either failing to heat up adequately or starting to spit out water.

2. Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron with Stainless-Steel Soleplate
Panasonic is another well-known name in the field of home appliances, and this steam/dry iron of theirs enjoys an impressive number of excellent reviews. It runs on 1,200 watts of power and has a stainless-steel, non-stick soleplate. You can choose from among five settings for various fabrics and you can also detach the water tank for easier refilling. Safety features include a 3-way auto-shutoff function while for convenience, you have the self-cleaning and anti-calcium features. Among the other pros that consumers are raving about are:

– It emits a large amount of steam that gets removes all wrinkles even on clothes that are very creased.
– It can be used vertically in steam mode to eliminate wrinkles from hanging clothes.
– The weight is just right, neither too heavy nor too light.
– Hard water build-up is prevented by the anti-calcium system.
– The water in the iron’s tank heats fast.
– The detachable water tank means you don’t have to get the whole iron wet when refilling water.
– It’s very reasonably priced.


– Several buyers expressed disapproval of the detachable water tank and the retractable power cord, though for the vast majority of reviewers, these are non-issues; many even saw them as advantages.
-Some reviewers seemed to have received defective products that started leaking water after just a few days of use.

3. T-Fal FV4379003 Ultraglide Easycord Iron with Scratch Resistant Nonstick Soleplate & Anti-Scale System
T-Fal is a brand famous for non-stick cookware, and their non-stick steam iron is likewise a hit among numerous consumers. Some of the reasons why it’s one of the top-rated steam irons around are the amount of steam generated through the appliance’s 64 steam holes, the 3-way automatic shut-off safety feature, its self-cleaning function, and its vertical-steam option. Here are several other pros that buyers have described in their steam iron reviews:

-The push-button controls are easy and simple to use.
-A “ready” light alerts you to when the iron has reached the appropriate heat.
-The ergonomic design makes the iron’s handle comfortable to hold.
-The iron’s large heel reduces the risk of the appliance tipping over.
-You can iron hanging clothes or curtains via the vertical-steam option.
-You can fill the iron’s water tank with tap water, unlike some others that require distilled water.
-The iron glides effortlessly over fabric.


-Most complaints revolve around the issue of defective units that either leaked large amounts of water, overheated, or didn’t heat at all after just a few hours, days, or months of use.

Getting wrinkles out of clothes doesn’t have to be such a tiresome chore if you’re working with the best steam iron. We recommend that you check out the steam iron reviews for the products described above, and see for yourself why so many people have rated them as a best-buy.