Top 3 Pregnancy Tests – Which one is the Best?

There are few times in a girl’s life, or even in a guy’s life for that matter, that they want accuracy and reliability more than when the former takes a few moments out to pee on a stick.

Of course, peeing on a stick refers directly to taking a pregnancy test. It is one of the moments that could change the course of your life altogether but you have to recognise that there are major differences between all of the options you have.

There are major differences in price, in reliability and in terms of how early you can test. Fear not though – we have done all the hard work for you and reveal the best tests right here.

What is a Pregnancy Test?

This may seem like a ridiculous question because many people know exactly what a pregnancy test is but few people know how they work. The home pregnancy test is essentially a test stick that has an absorbent tip to absorb urine. You can get them in two types – those you pee on directly (mid-stream tests) and those you dip into a specimen that you have already done. They both work the same but look very different and the former is obviously more convenient than the latter. Both options work by detecting hCG in urine, which is produced when a fertilised egg implants in the uterus to enable it to grow. If there is hCG in your urine then you are pregnant and the second line on the test, the first being the control line, will show up to tell you so.

The Differences in Home Tests

The tests come with a whole host of differences as well as brands and you have to be aware of these to see which is best for you. Some are branded as an early pregnancy test and can be used up to six days before your period is due. However, you should be aware of two things before you buy. The first is that not everyone will test positive until after the date of their period has come and gone because it all depends on how much hCG is in your urine, which leads us to the second point – the sensitivity of early pregnancy tests. Some detect 10mlU whereas others do not detect hCG until it reaches a level of 50mlU. The lower the number, the more sensitive the test is and the sooner you will get two lines if you are indeed pregnant.

One point that is worth mentioning is that there are some questions over certain home tests at the moment, with some batches of certain blue dye tests giving false positives. Although no brand will be mentioned here, please rest assured that none of those below are involved in this product fault. For more information on this fault, please Google it.

The top 3 Revealed - By popularity and the number of User Reviews

There are so many pregnancy tests out there to choose from that it is no longer a simple matter of picking one up and paying for it. You have to put some serious thought into it. As such, we have done the hard work for you and compiled the verdicts of hundreds of reviews on the Internet. The verdict is in and the following three are the best tests around according to those who know them best!

1) First Response Early Result

This First Response is easily one of the most popular early tests on the market, offering a result up to five days before you are due on your period. A very well known brand, the result is very easy to use and very easy to read. They also have the following pros:

  • Consumer tests put accuracy at 98.4%, with the 1.6% representing false negatives rather than positives. In addition, 93% apparently test positive the day before a period so it could be considered better than most in terms of how early the result is.
  • It can be taken at any time of day, unlike some that state they should be used with first morning urine. This makes it far more convenient for you.
  • The First Response pregnancy test does not have a very high evaporation line rate, whereas many of the other tests available do. This means that there is little chance of you reading the test wrong.

There are two points to make in terms of cons mentioned. The first is that they will not reveal an early result for everyone and they have received negative reviews for not revealing a pregnancy early considering the claims and the price. However, it states on the packet that it does not work early for everyone because it depends on implantation. The second point is that it has given positive results when a woman is not pregnant, but in these cases many of the women seem to have had a chemical pregnancy (a very early miscarriage) according to their stories. If anything, this proves that they are indeed accurate.

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2) Early Detection Pregnancy Test

The online  sales for this product are through the roof at the moment because they have an incredible reputation. They are said to provide the earliest result possible because they are more sensitive than the branded strips. They also have the following pros:

  • They are over 99% accurate and are really easy to use because they are those that are dipped into urine instead of being held mid-stream. With this in mind, the result given is technically more reliable because it is impossible to over-saturate or under-saturate the stick providing that you following the instructions.
  • They are very cheap and so will not break the bank.
  • This test is very sensitive at 10mlU and so is likely to show up your pregnancy before any other stick.

There are some cons, such as false positives. However, this con is more often than not a chemical pregnancy rather than an outright wrong result. Also, if you buy them on eBay then some sellers only provide them with a short expiration date and that does damage the accuracy. However, if you purchase on Amazon then they all have a couple of years before expiry.

3) Clearblue Easy Digital

The Clearblue brand has come under fire a lot of late but this particular pregnancy test has definitely redeemed the brand to a fantastic degree. The digital home pregnancy test is impossible to read incorrectly. There is no debate as to whether there is a line or not. It is simply “pregnant” or “not pregnant” in plain writing. It also has the following pros:

  • It is very easy to read and leaves no room for interpretation. It also tells you how many weeks pregnant you are so you have an idea as to when you conceived.
  • It is very quick, coming complete with an icon to let you know it is working. The result will come up quicker if you are further along than a few weeks.
  • It is ideal for those with low urine hCG levels because there is no need for interpretation. There is no faint line and no angst. As such, it is far better in terms of your emotional wellbeing during early pregnancy.

There has been some confusion with these tests though – namely that there are two lines when taken apart. As such, it should not be taken apart with the result taken on face value. In addition, all issues have now been ironed out and any issues that were mentioned in earlier reviews are no longer issues.

All of the above tests can be found at Amazon with many consumer reviews. There are also other options but be aware of the negative reviews being personal. You have to read the good and the bad but always decide on balance when it comes to the best pregnancy test for you.