The Best Ovulation Predictor Test Kits of 2017

Clear Blue Ovulation Test

A few decades ago, there was only one way to ensure that you got pregnant as quickly as possible – have a lot of sex!

Deciding that you wanted a baby and trying for one really was that simple. There was, of course, plenty of guesswork as to when you ovulated and you may have used a chart to keep a track of your cycles and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

However, it has never been easier to pinpoint when the best time of the month is to try thanks to the ovulation predictor!

What is an Ovulation Predictor?

An ovulation predictor kit is literally a kit that allows you to find out when do women ovulate. It is a known biological fact that you cannot get pregnant without ovulating, or releasing an egg. As such, it is essential that, if you want to optimise your chances of conceiving, you find out exactly when your best 2 days to have sex are every month.

An ovulation test can help you to find out. You literally urinate on the test, as you would a pregnancy test, but instead of detecting hCG as a pregnancy test would the ovulation prediction kit detects LH, or luteinizing hormone. There is a surge of LH in the body 24 to 48 hours prior to ovulation because it actually stimulates ovulation.

This surge can only be detected for a few hours so using ovulation kits will help you to pinpoint exactly when it is best to have sex in order to conceive.

Ovulation and Pregnancy

Ovulation and pregnancy are important to many women who are trying to conceive but if you want to learn how to know when you are ovulating then you need to choose one of the right ovulation test kits for you.

There are many and they come in all sorts of different forms, from those you dip into urine to those that you insert mid-stream to detect the LH in your urine. However, the main difference in such fertility kits that you should be aware of is the way in which results are revealed.

Digital tests are much easier to read, with a smiley face coming up when you have a LH spike, but there are also those that come up with two lines, with that detecting LH coming up in various strengths as to how much LH is in your system. They are more difficult to read without practice but also tell you how far past the LH surge you are as to whether or not it is still worth trying.

It should also be noted that conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) affects the reliability of these kits, or at least that is what it says on the packaging. However, from personal experience, they can work very well indeed if you have PCOS and are trying to conceive.

Looking for the Best Ovulation Predictor?

Now you know what an ovulation test is, it is time to look at the most popular kits and individual tests out there. We have trawled through numerous ovulation predictor kits reviews for you and found that the following three are the best and indeed most popular ovulation prediction kits out there:

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test

Clear Blue Ovulation Test

The Clearblue digital test is by far and away the most popular on the Internet. Unlike the questions that are being asked of their pregnancy tests at the moment, the digital ovulation test kits available come highly recommended by almost all of the women that have used them. You can see why with the following pros:

  • A smiley face will appear on the digital face when your LH surge is detected. There is no need to interpret the result at all because it does that for you – you either get a blank circle or a smiley face. Easy peasy!
  • Although it is expensive, the kit comes with 20 testing sticks that you put into and then eject from the tester every day. This is a month’s worth of testers so you can literally just relax and focus on your month without being completely preoccupied with charting and so on.
  • They are perfect for women who have no idea when they ovulate as a result of previous contraception use or irregular cycles.

There is one major con that is pointed out by some women, those who give it 5 stars and 1 star alike. This relates to its accuracy but it is not actually an issue with accuracy. Some women report following the instructions and testing first thing in the morning but never getting a smiley face. This is because the window for the LH surge is quite narrow so testing a couple of times a day, morning and afternoon, may be better if you can afford to invest in these sticks.

Wondfo One Step Ovulation (LH) Test Strips

Wondfo One Step Ovulation

The final ovulation predictor in this top three list is by far the cheapest and the one with the fewest frills but is just as good at predicting when do women ovulate. There are 50 strips in these fertility kits and they are literally dipped into a specimen to reveal your LH surge. They have the following pros in addition to the price:

  • The results are very quick, with most being read in just five minutes. It can take less time than that if you are experiencing an LH surge but it will not waste your time either way.
  • They are 99% accurate and are FDA approved, which gives many women peace of mind.
  • These ovulation kits are perfect for those with PCOS and irregular cycles because they will not break the bank and are just as accurate as the others available, most of which cost a fortune.

There are two specific cons. The first is that they are difficult to read if you have had no practice, although a clear positive can be read. They are so sensitive though that it can take time to get to grips with them. The second is that they are really thin and so the distribution of dye may not be the best for enabling you to read them. However, there is a third con and one that should be ignored – many say the strips do not come with instructions. They do. They are on the packaging of each strip and really easy to follow.

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All of these top three ovulation prediction kits are very easy to find on Amazon. There are numerous reviews for these and the other products available so a quick read will enable you to make an informed decision and get trying to conceive. Best of luck!

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