What’s The Best Hair Dryer in 2017

hair dryerThere are very few beauty products that can be found in every single home, or pretty much every single home at the very least, in most countries of the world but the hair dryer is definitely one of them. With men now wanting to look after their appearance as much as women even bachelor pads seem to have one as part of the fixtures and fittings. However, there are two types of hair dryer users – those who just want one to do a job and those that want one to style hair, help them to achieve a certain look and provide features that you average simple dryer does not have. If you fall into the latter category then you have come to the best place if you want to know which model is the best hair dryer available right now.

What is a Hair Dryer?

This may seem like a silly question because the vast majority of people know what one is, what it looks like and how to use it without an instruction booklet. It is basically a hand held device that accelerates the drying of hair by blowing cool or hot air on the strands. In addition, the air can be directed so as to style the hair and implement certain features, such as kinks and curls. However, there is a world of difference between those that just offer a solution to a wet hair problem and those that are best used for styling. Professional hair dryers are widely available on the market today and are acknowledged to be better than travel hair dryers and other such basic models. They tend to have extras on them like a cold burst, several speed settings, several heat settings, various nozzles and there are even some ionic hair dryers available too. Ionic technology is an important innovation according to most stylists because it allows the hair to be dried and styled effectively without damaging it.

The vast majority of professional hair dryers out there do come with their own hair dryer holder and nozzles so there is no need to invest any more money in them than the original purchase price. Given that this is not the case for certain other styling products, they can definitely be said to offer excellent value for money. However, you need to have the right one to suit your needs before you can use it to your aesthetic advantage and make the most of every penny you spend on it.

The Top Three Hair Dryers

There are numerous models of dryer out there for you to look at before you decide which one is the right one for you. And going through consumer review after consumer review can be time consuming. As such, we have compiled the reviews, checked the brands and have found the following three to be the best hair dryers out there.

1). Conair 225R Comfort Touch Tourmaline Ceramic 1875 Watt Hair Styler

This Conair hair dryer is amongst the best around according to numerous hair dryer reviews out there. With 3 heat and 2 speed settings as well as a high torque motor for convenient drying, it can provide you with drying or styling as you see fit. It is also a very aesthetically pleasing dryer too so it ticks all boxes. It also has the following pros:

  • It is easy to hold and not too heavy. As such, you can move it around wherever you like. This makes it easier to use for styling purposes as well as to ensure that you get even drying all over your head.
  • It is excellent value for money, with a low price that belies its ability. It really does feel like a professional hair dryer and so is a bargain.
  • It creates little or no frizz when drying so it is suitable for all hair types, taking care of each strand and causing minimal damage. This will also save you time because it means that you need to spend less time on styling with straighteners or curlers afterwards.

The only major con of this Conair hair dryer seems to be its ability to last. Some people report that theirs lasted only a few months and one or two suggest that theirs caught on fire. However, these reports are few and far between so, while you should consider them, it does not seem to be down to manufacturer fault.


2). BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramic Xtreme Dryer

More expensive than the Conair hair dryer, this Babyliss hair dryer is a definite winner, having built up a huge fan base in recent years. It is ceramic and creates infrared heat to help protect hair and ensure that it retains its lustre. It is also easy to use and has a number of features that make it a firm favourite. Check out the following pros:

  • It creates smooth hair with little or no frizz when you dry your hair. This applies even if your hair is fine and flyaway so you do not have to worry about spending hours eliminating frizz after your hair is dry.
  • The dryer is very powerful and so cuts down the amount of time that you need to take to dry your hair. However, you can control the heat as well so it is perfect for styling as much as it is for drying.
  • It incorporates the latest technology so you can rest assured that your hair is indeed in good hands.

The Babyliss hair dryer does have a couple of cons too, such as people using it find that it is too powerful in some instances and so tangles hair rather than drying it so that it is easy to brush. However, there are several power settings to choose from so you can minimise this if you want to. The second con depends on who you talk to. Some say that it is not hot enough whereas others say that it is too hot. It is completely down to personal choice so take this comment with a pinch of salt.

3). Andis RC-2 Ionic 1875W Ceramic Hair Dryer with Folding Handle and Retractable Cord

This Andis travel hair dryer is high up the list of popular hair dryer choices according to hair dryer reviews that can be found online. It has 3 speed and heat options like many of the other dryers out there but it has a retractable cord and folds so it is perfect for carrying everywhere with you. It also has the following pros:

  • It is ionic and so gives you smooth, sleek and shiny hair that is well cared for and sustains very little damage when you are drying it.
  • It reduces the frizz factor so you do not have to worry about styling during or after drying. It works incredibly well and will reduce the time you take to get ready in a morning or before a night out.
  • It is cheap and yet does the same job as a more expensive professional hair dryer.

There are some complaints though and most seem to revolve around the cord, which gets “chewed up” by all accounts following daily use for a couple of months. A few users have reported this but it is worth considering. Others have said that it lasts a few months before failing but the research has seemed to suggest that the vast majority of dryers have such a complaint about them.


These three best hair dryer options can be found at Amazon, along with other options like a Parlux hair dryer, for amazing prices. As such, you should check out hair dryer reviews on the site for yourself and see which one would work best for you.