Top 3 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors 2017

Makup Mirror with LightMost people who wear makeup have been there and done it – applied their foundation, blusher, concealer and so on in a poorly lit room only to find out that they have done an appalling job when they arrive at work, their night out or wherever else they happen to be at the time. It may be that you have missed a spot, have streaky foundation or put way too much blusher on… Just a few of the many mistakes we have made at the hands of poorly lit rooms and their mirrors. However, if you invest in a lighted makeupmirror then you will find that you can have perfect makeup every single time.

What is a Makeup Mirror?

This may seem like an obvious question to ask but it is really the first one that you should ask before looking for a lighted one. Makeup mirrors are literally those that are designed to be used when you apply makeup. They come in many shapes and sizes, with the most popular often having two faces – a regular one and a magnifying one. However, what regular makeup mirrors do not have they rely upon the environment around them to provide and this is where many of the basic ones fall down. With no source of light, they cannot help you to get your makeup perfect every time. This is also why you need a lightedmirror. This will help you to avoid the issues that come with regular mirrors and ensure that you are able to see exactly what you are doing.

The Benefits of Makeup Mirrors with Lights

There are numerous benefits of havingmakeupmirrors with lights in your home, with the main one being that the light is perfect for excellent application ofmakeupat all times, regardless of what the light is like in your bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else you wish to have it. You have no need to rely on early morning sun or artificial light any longer. You can also adjust many of them so that you get the best possible angle. Although some of themakeupmirrors are undoubtedly expensive, there are some affordable options too. All are worth every single penny you spend on them though so check out the information below to find out which ones are the best.

The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror: Your Top Three Options

If you are looking for the best lighted mirrorfor your home then there are plenty of options for you out there today. In fact, there are more than a hundred options. Take a look on Amazon and you will soon see just how many you could choose from. We have done the hard work for you and found the top three options via reading hundreds of reviews. All of the options can be found at Amazon:

1). Jerdon JGL9W 5X Magnification Tri-Fold Lighted Mirror

The Jedon JGL9W 5X Magnification Tri-Fold LightedMirroris a completely adjustable, foldablemakeupmirrorthat has inbuilt lighting. It is fluorescent but glare free so you can enjoy the effect. It is 19 inches by 12 inches fully extended and actually has four colour correct light sections. With all these specifications in mind, you can get the following benefits as well according to the online reviews written by consumers:

  • It offers 5x magnification as well as your regularmirrorreflection so you can see your face up close and personal if you want to. It gives you the options you need to be able to applymakeupperfectly first time, every time.
  • It is very affordable so you can get it without breaking the bank. It also comes with a one year warranty so in the unlikely event it breaks you can get a refund or replacement.
  • It is one of the brightest mirrors on the market at 18 Watts fluorescent, which is the equivalent of a 100W light bulb. Nobody has been disappointed about the brightness as far as we can tell.

There are a few cons, mainly related to the fact that the bulbs do tend to burn out fairly quickly. However, most reviewers say that this con is worth it simply for the brightness alone and one pointed out that in some cases the bulbs have not burned out but rather require holding the on button for five to ten seconds to light. It is that simple to correct.


2). Conair TM7LX-320 Illumina Three Panel Makeup Mirror

A little more expensive than the previousmirroroption, the Conair TM7LX-320 Illumina Three PanelMakeupMirroroffers numerous light settings and a fully adjustablemirrorto make sure that you get the best possible angle and lighting no matter where you are nor what time of day it is. It also offers wide angle viewing, but the main pros are as follows according to reviews:

  • It lasts for years with plenty of use so will not let you down and is worth every single penny you pay for it. The bulbs do not go quickly so you will not need to replace them in a hurry.
  • The different settings are easily labelled, day, night, evening, office etc so you have no need to guess the setting you need to use. It is all there for you.
  • It gives you an excellent view of your face and neck so you can literally see everything you need to in order to ensure that your face is perfectly made up.

The main con highlighted by the reviewers is that some did not think it bright enough even on the top setting. Many complained that it was not as bright as others on the market but Conair do not boast that it is. Instead, they simply offer functionality and an excellent view for anyone looking to rely on amirrorrather than atmospheric lighting.


3). Floxite 5X Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Completely different in appearance to the othermakeupmirrors with lights, this Floxite 5X Lighted MagnifyingMirroris highly functional and one of the best reviewed mirrors available. It offers a distortion and glare freemirrorwith 5x magnification and two high quality lenses for day and eveningmakeupapplication. It is perfect for travel and can be mounted on the wall but the main pros are as follows:

  • It lasts for years, with one consumer reporting that it was still going after 12 years with no problems at all. As such, every penny spent on thismirroroffers excellent value.
  • The magnification and lighting are amongst the best available, with both coming highly recommended by the majority of reviewers. The magnification is especially high on the list of pros.
  • The travel aspect of themirroras well as the ability to use it at home offers a major benefit, and one that makes it perfect for people who are always on the go but want to look their best.


There are a handful of negative reviews around, although these are indeed few and far between.  The two main ones complain about the magnification not being 7x or 15x but this is a result of reading it incorrectly. It is a 5x magnification only but works wonderfully.