Here Are the Top 3 Best Selling Flat Irons



Flat Iron

Nobody wants to look a mess when they leave the house either in a morning or indeed when they are off on a night out but failing to purchase the right tools to ensure that you look your best could leave you doing just that. One of the many key tools that are amongst the must haves for women and men alike these days is the flat iron.  There are so many to choose from that it is difficult to know where to start so read the rest of this article if you want to know which ones are the best available today.

What is a Flat Iron?

To choose the best iron for you, you have to first know what one is to begin with. It is essentially a hair straightener, as it is just as commonly known. A handheld tool, it features two plates that are heated up when you switch it on. When they reach temperature, you should clamp them onto a section of hair to flatten it, squeezing any frizz or kinks out until it is perfectly straight. As you can see, this process is pretty simple but you should know that not all flat irons are the same. They are not all that good with all hair types so you have to choose from the top rated flat irons out there. There are plenty of them to choose from but, before you do, there are some elements to bear in mind.

Top Tips for Buying the Right Hair Straightener

There are certain factors that you need to consider if you want to get the best iron for you. For example, you need to consider your hair type. Heat works well on all hair types but finer hair will need different irons to thicker hair if it is not to damage it. Also, thicker hair tends to need higher heat settings. In addition, there are different materials used for the plates. A ceramic iron is the most desired because that material has been proven to be better for the hair in terms of straightening the hair and protecting its overall health. There are also other features that you may like to look out for if only for your convenience. For example, you might like to consider the speed at which it heats up, how long it will last and size of the plates. To find out all of this information in advance though, as well as just how good each option is, you need to check out the following 3 recommendations.

The Top Three Choices!

All of the below are considered to be the best products with the highest ratings and reviews. We have done all the hard work for you and read plenty of reviews to find out which are the top options. Of course, you may want to read some reviews yourself and plenty can be found on Amazon. In fact, all of these options can be bought at Amazon so read the descriptions and then head there for more information.


1) HSl 1” Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

HSI The StylerThe HSl 1” Ceramic Tourmaline is easily one of the best flat irons out there. It straightens, flips and curls hair with fabulous ceramic plates that are an inch wide. It is supposed to be ideal for all hair lengths and types and has adjustable heat so you can choose the settings from 120C to 200C to suit you. It has received rave reviews with the following pros:

  • It is highly affordable and worth every single penny as a result of the options it gives you. As it is adjustable, you do not have to worry that it is not suitable for your hair.
  • It does not heat the hair up too much and so protects it. It is easy to use as a result of this because the whole iron does not get that hot that you struggle to hold it.
  • The hair iron gets rid of frizz on all hair types and does not tangle or catch it as you use it. As such, it does not hurt and is suitable for even the most stubborn of hair types.

There are very few cons with this top rated iron.  Those who do have a negative view of it cited one of two reasons – it was too thin for them or it took a long time to heat up. It does not heat up immediately but is well worth the wait.


2) Farouk CHl 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron

Farouk Ceramic Flat Hairstyling IronMore expensive than the HSl option, the Farouk CHl 1 has a streamlined design and can do everything that most other flat irons do – style, straighten, flip and curl for example. It is easy to use and very easy to carry with you wherever you go. However, there are numerous pros to fill you in on, including the following:

  • Well over a thousand reviews state that one of the main advantages of the CHI is that it heats up incredibly quickly. This flash heating feature means that you do not have to wait at all to straighten or style your hair, which is very convenient.
  • It eliminates all frizz quickly and easily so, no matter what your hair type, you can make sure that you look your best before you go out the door.
  • These irons will not damage your hair. They actually leave it feeling soft and silky rather than dehydrated and coarse.

Of course, there are some cons as well, although some are questionable. For example, one or two reviews label the straighteners as fake on Amazon but the site is reputable and would only stock real ones so beware if you are buying from other sources offering them. Others have complained that it breaks easily but please bear in mind that Amazon will replace as per their terms and conditions.



3) Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static 1 Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener

Remington S5500The Remington S5500 is different to the other two in that it is an awful lot cheaper. Far more affordable and incredibly funky with its purple casing, it will appeal to everyone. It offers digital temperature control, 200C maximum heat, a two year warranty and one inch ceramic plates so it really does have it all. Here are the review based pros:

  • This iron gets rid of frizz quickly and easily as a result of the temperature controls. It does not matter what hair type you have because you can choose the heat setting that is best for you.
  • You do not have to wait an age until the straighteners warm up because they reach your chosen heat within a minute. The advertising should say a minute rather than 30 seconds but it is definitely worth waiting a little longer.
  • The Remington option is kind to hair. It has salon quality and leaves your hair shiny, sleek and gorgeous without any adverse effects.

There are cons, although they seem to be few and far between. The major one seems to be that it is no dual voltage so you cannot take it abroad with you but that is it. There is nothing about it being of poor quality at all.