Get That Perfect Pout with Lip Plumper

lip ExplosionThe quest for the perfect pout has been one that women have been on for years. Using all sorts of hints, tips and techniques to boost the fullness of their lips, many have failed to find an answer that lies outside of plastic surgery. With many models and actresses having their lips boosted and ending up looking more than a little ridiculous though, the answer to fuller, more sensual lips definitely lies in the products that offer a temporary effect. As such, it is time to begin looking for the perfect lip plumper and there is no better place to do so than right here!

What is a Lip Plumper?

A lip plumper is a cosmetic product that gives the impression of fuller and more sensual lips so that you can have the perfect pout when you head out for the evening, to work or anywhere else you so wish. They come in a huge variety of forms, from translucent ones that can be applied over existing lip products to opaque and tinted plumpers that can be used on their own to add a little colour to the lips as well as giving them a fuller appearance.  Although they used to be used by those with thinner lips only, lip plumpers now seem to be used by a wide range of people regardless of lip size and shape.

Of course, even the best lip plumper is not for everyone as a result of the way they work. They typically contain a substance that irritates the very thin, sensitive layer of skin over the lips. Menthol and camphor are just two of the substances and both make the lips swell a little to give them a fuller appearance. Although the results do not last long in many cases, you may feel tingling for a while after application so it is worth bearing that in mind before you buy one. This point might be seen as a negative of the products available but there are benefits too, such as enhancing the production of collagen and moisturising the lips, both of which give them a better appearance over time without the plumper. However, each of the best lip plumpers will have different benefits so it is important to check them out before buying.

The Top Three Lip Plumpers

There are so many lip plumper options available to buy today that it is difficult to know where to start when it comes to actually researching them. This is why we have done the hard work for you and found the best ones by looking at all the lip plumper reviews out there. We have found the following to be the best available. All can be found on Amazon, as can all the reviews so check them out!

1) Body Innoventions Lip Explosion

The 3.5ml Body Innoventions Lip Explosion is one of the more affordable lip plumping options available to you online right now and well worth a look. Said to work in minutes and last for hours, it boasts of increasing collagen production by 339% and increases lip volume by a little over 40%. The main irritant in it is menthol so it is a natural lip plumper and can be used alone or with other lip products. Most of those who have used it and wrote reviews seem to feel strongly that it is well worth the money with the following pros:

  • It is not sticky so it works better than a lip gloss and works well on its own as well as with other lipsticks. As such, you can look good without the awful bits that other products tend to have.
  • It makes lips much softer within just a few uses and can be used up to three times a day. With that in mind, it does increase the natural appearance of your lips in terms of health and plumpness.
  • Although the lip plumping does cause tingling, it does not chafe or burn, two nasty side effects of some of the other products on the market at the moment.

There are a few reviews that state it does not plump the lips so it may not work on everyone but the number of those reviews are far outweighed in number by those that have experienced plumping. As such, the only con in evidence may not apply to everyone.



2) Perricone MD Lip Plumper

The Perricone MD Lip Plumper is sold as an age correct product and is quite expensive compared to some of the other products available to purchase right now. However, it boasts of reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving skin tone and imperfections as a result of the main ingredient – Alpha Lipic Acid. This is an antioxidant so it helps to protect the cells rather than damaging them. It also has the following pros according to lip plumper reviews:

  • The 15ml tube lasts for ages so you need not worry about the price. It definitely offers value for money.
  • It really improves the contours of your lips and makes them appear moist and healthy immediately, which is why it is one of the best lip plumpers available. You will notice a difference with the feel of your lips within a few days.
  • It reduces the look of wrinkles and fine lines, as it is advertised to do. It will not completely remove wrinkles but it does improve their tone, thus helping you to look younger.

Again, there are some reviews questioning just how much it plumps your lips up but many admit that it does so to some degree. As with the previous product, it will therefore not suit everyone. With all the extra stuff it does though, it is worth considering.



3) Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper

The Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper is much more expensive than either of the options above but certainly lives up to the hype behind it to the point at which it offers value for money. The 6ml tube comes with an applicator for ease of use and is said to have an incredible plumping effect from day one. With chilli and menthol on the ingredients list, it certainly irritates your lips enough to plump them and has the following pros:

  • It is not sticky and looks brilliant on its own so you have no need to use any other products with it at all. It does the job and plumps your lips effectively straight away.
  • It encourages the synthesis of collagen so your lips are better off in the long term. As such, it improves their appearance and their health no matter how old or young you are.
  • It improves the blood flow to your lips so they look more defined whether you have it on or not. This does not happen immediately but will over the course of the week.



There are few cons, with some saying the tingle is not nice and, again, others disputing how much it plumps the lips. It will not boost them like surgery or fillers will but gives them a natural appearance that is enhanced by the product so you get what you pay for from this best lip pumper.